Find here upcoming deadlines to apply for residency programmes listed in our database. Keep in mind that applying for an artist-in-residence program takes a lot of preparation time: we advise you to check this page on a regular base.

Apr 10

Tao Hua Tan International Artists Retreat and Residency (China)

A non-profit public program, to foster greater interactions between Chinas' and the international art communities. Through the programme, international and Chinese emerging, mid-career and the artists of senior achievement...

Apr 10

Art Center Ongoing (Japan)

Ongoing AIR is a residency program launched in April, 2013. Artists and curators are all welcome to join the 2-month residency program that includes offers an exhibition opportunity. The center has a large artists network and is a well known art spots where young artists get together. The...

Apr 12

Arts Letters & Numbers (United States)

Arts Letters & Numbers is a place of creative urgency, a place to create new linkages and pathways of understanding in an interdisciplinary environment. It is a place where people come together to co-construct questions and works, of empathy, of ethics, of imagination. The...

Apr 13

A Studio In The Woods (United States)

A Studio in the Woods, located on the Mississippi River bank within the city limits of New Orleans, is located on bottomland hardwood forest that was clear-cut in the late 1700s to make way for a sugar cane plantation. One of the few remaining pieces of forest in the area, it is lush...

Apr 13

Despina (Brazil)

Despina Residency Programme is designed for artists and curators wishing to immerse themselves in their work and/or research. They provide the space to explore practices, concepts, new ideas and materials, and to develop a project while receiving feedback and support. The selected artists/curators have the chance to...

Apr 13

AIR 3331 (Japan)

Based in a repurposed school, the former classrooms house 4 floors of exhibition space, independent galleries, workshop facilities, creative offices and more - with organic rooftop gardening, a cafe, gymnasium, select shop and ample community space. This is 3331 Arts Chiyoda, an accessible artist-run center...

Apr 15, Aug 15

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (United States)

Located in downtown Omaha’s historic Old Market, the Bemis Center's 110,000 square foot facility accommodates a broad range of artistic activity. Selected artists-in-residence enjoy generous sized, private live/...

Apr 15

TUO TUO (Finland)

Things that are valued, but are being progressively lost – from soil to silence, from biodiversity to a sense of purpose, from affinity to (un)connectedness – have all served as inspiration for TUO TUO’s Kulttuuri Tila [space for cultural cultivation] & Residency. TUO TUO aims to function as an incubator for...

Mar 10, Apr 15, Jun 20

Villa R (Italy)

Villa R is a new private residency for artists. It is the first international point of reference for contemporary art in the city of Messina, Sicily. It was designed in 1990 by the two owners, Iolanda Vacalebre and Nicola...

Apr 15

M4gastatelier (Netherlands)

The M4 Foundation offers a guest studio in the centre of Amsterdam. It is part of a large studio and apartment building, squatted in the eighties and since almost 35 years gave home to over 200 residents. Besides an Artist in Residence, M4gastatelier is a platform for the production, presentation and...