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2 weeks - 2 months
Paid by host:

Pick up from the airport on arrival, welcome dinner, all bills for using the studio as electricity, gas, water bills. Also the organisation offers guidance and connection to the art scene in Cairo.

Paid by artist:

The residency fee is $150 per week, however, they will be happy to write you an invitation to apply for a fund if you will be selected.The artist is responsible to pay their food, transportations within Cairo, flights to and from Egypt. All transportations or expenses related to the research/art project of the artist will be the responsibility of the artist.

Application guidelines:

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Out Of The Circle

Out Of The Circle

Digital Art Residency

Out Of The Circle is a visual arts organisation based in Cairo, Egypt. Their mission is to support, connect and promote young visual and new media artists in Egypt with their peers in North Africa and abroad to let their stories be heard through their art. Besides, they open an art residency space for international artists to learn and connect through new media/digital art in Cairo.

They are glad to open the call for new artists, researchers and curators to apply for our Out Of The Circle ongoing residency in Cairo between September 2023 to May 2024. They accept applications and proposals for our residency for a duration from a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of two months between September 2023 to May 2024.

The ongoing residency started in 2018 and it aims to build connections between international artists, researchers and curators with their peers in Egypt, as well as to introduce them to the arts and the cultural scene in Cairo for future collaborations.

They accept applications and proposals for Out Of The Circle Cairo residency for a duration from minimum of two weeks to maximum of two months between September 2023 to May 2024.


Out Of The Circle ongoing art residency is for international visual and digital artists, curators and researchers, who would like to explore a unique blend of contemporary Egyptian life, as well as its traditions, arts and culture. It offers an opportunity for artists working with visual, or digital mediums to explore connections and find relevance between technology, society, and art.
Residents are invited to first conceptualise and then realise a specific project during their stay – be it a visual art project, research, or conducting a workshop – for a selected duration from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Their team and network will offer support for developing any project throughout the duration of the stay, and guidance through the vibrant cultural scene and the different areas of Cairo. Out Of The Circle will also help the resident establish connections with other local artists or arts and culture organizations based on individual interests.

In case of agreeing on workshops or other forms of public programming, activities should be planned in advance before the artist arrives to the residency.

Studio Information

There are two places as working spaces for the artists in residence. One is private and one is shared. Both are quiet spaces.

Accommodation Information

Accommodation is hosted by Out Of The Circle’s curator in a shared two-room studio in the Mohandessin area. This location is in central Cairo and is a quick 15 – 20-minute cab ride from Zamalek or Downtown, two art-hub neighbourhoods. The resident will have a private double room with a key, a quiet co-working space while sharing a communal living room, the kitchen, and a bathroom.

Technical Information

A small library that contains different books about art, curating, Egyptian History and Art.

Contact information

11 El-Reyad street

Cairo Governorate

elham [at]