Finnish, English
1-2 months
Paid by host:

For working and career: (Arteles Creative Residency Program)

For everyday life:

  • Private/double bedroom (incl. towels and bedlinen)
  • fully equipped kitchen facilities
  • 24 h access to traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna
  • 24 h access to residency car and bikes for getting around the region
  • pick-up service for arrivals and departures read more
  • Wi-Fi connection in all spaces
  • residency cell phone for regional phone calls
  • laundry facilities
  • Pure nature and silence

Extra note: All program participation is voluntary.

Paid by artist:

Varies per program. Financial assistance is available for residents selected to join the program. The current support provided by Arteles is 40 % of the residency fee.
Residency fees including support:

  • 1170 € / month for 1 person: single room + studio space 
  • 1790 € / month for 2 persons: double room + studio space 

The fees include the registration fee (120 € / month / person - non-refundable)
Contributor's fees (fees without support):

  • 1950 € / month for 1 person: single room + studio space
  • 2980 € / month for 2 persons: double room + studio space

Additionally, the residents need to cover their own travel and material costs.

Application guidelines:

Check tehir website for their currently open calls.

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Arteles Creative Center

Arteles Creative Center


Arteles Creative Center in Finland is one of the largest and most international residency centers in Scandinavia. Arteles runs annually 4 residency programs, welcoming over 140 selected artists per year. The residency programs bring together creative minds & professionals from all over the world, from all fields of creativity. They host 11–14 artists per month, in carefully selected multidisciplinary groups. The residency periods last 1 or 2 months. Program details vary depending on the program.

Freedom for Creativity — The main value of Arteles is to give freedom for creativity. They provide artists with an inspiring and supportive environment, with no stress or pressure coming from the outside. They embrace long-term progress, personal growth and mindfulness, and therefore the focus is in the artist and their individual aims and being, not only in production and career. Their facilities, staff and wide selection of creative equipment & gear support the artists' individual ways of working. 

The center is located in the middle of the extraordinary nature of Hämeenkyrö (European Union Landscape Award in 2009), far from city life distractions. Here, you can soak in the fresh air, enjoy the silence, go for wandering walks in the forests and swimming in the many lakes nearby, do hiking and trekking trips in the nature and have daily relaxing in a traditional sauna. 

Studio Information
Accommodation Information
  • Private bedrooms, incl. towels and bedlinen
  • Meditation space, incl. cushions and mattresses
  • Fully equipped kitchen facilities
  • Traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna
  • Residency car (with automatic gears)
  • Internet
  • Laundry facilities
Technical Information
Contact information

Hahmajärventie 26
38490 Haukijärvi

info [at]