English, German, Russian
Depends on short-term or long-term
Paid by host:

• 1,5 months residency in November – December 2021
or January – February 2022 in AIR InSilo
Opportunity to choose from different forms of participation and involvement:
- be it an accomplished project which one wants to test or present,
- be it an idea which demands field research,
- be it a pile of drafts that need time and space for conceptualization,
- or a hypothesis that can turn into a bigger project in future.
• A fee of 975 euro (regardless, individual or collective)
• Production costs up to 525 euro
(regardless, individual or collective)
• Coverage of travel costs up to 600 euro
(regardless, individual or collective)
• Coverage of transport costs up to 150 euro
(regardless, individual or collective)
• The possibility to make an exhibition/ presentation/ public talk in one of our partnering institutions in Vienna or in Lower Austria (not obligatory/ discussed additionally)
• Opportunity to stay with a partner and/or 1-2 children
(travel and per diem for the guests are not covered)

Application guidelines:

A submission proposal should be put in one PDF file (10 MB). It should contain:
• A proposal letter with a conceptual direction and envision of a proposed open call topic. It should be submitted in two versions: short – up to 1000 characters and long – up to 4000 characters
• BIO – up to 1000 characters
• Portrait – b/w, vertical, 1500 px on a longer side
• CV – 2 pages maximum
• Portfolio of realised projects – up to 10 pages
• A presentation of the main proposal with illustrations, drafts, sketches, links, etc.
For IMAGES: artist name, artwork title, year, medium, dimensions, additional description. For VIDEO/AUDIO: URL links for video and time-based work. Vimeo is better for video. Soundcloud is preferred for audio + password, artist name, artwork title, year, duration, additional description.

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AIR InSILo is an artist-run independent initiative, located near the city of Vienna in the town of Hollabrunn (Lower Austria). It offers the hosted artists independent separate rooms for stay and work with media projects or conceptual art projects; it is equipped with wood and metal workshops; inside and outside spaces for an undisturbed creative process.

The Research Program of AIR InSILo is focused on the work with the local context. It offers a model and seeks for new methodologies of critical work with the concept of non-place which particularly here, in Hollabrunn, manifests itself as an average European agricultural settlement without special historical, cultural and political features. The uniqueness of such places is their invisibility. Economic, political and cultural life doesn't reveal itself explicitly; it can become challenging to open up hidden conflicts and struggles concealed under the familiar surface of everyday life. The goal of the program is to create a research platform (in form of a physical residency as well as a digital magazine) that can function as a template of methodologies of artistic research to be further applied to other realms, conditions, and territories. The research process focuses on the principles of localism and aims to create a critical map bearing in mind topography, ecology, economic division, layers of history, groups of interest, population, anthropology, cultural influences, etc. This approach appears to be important since the urban Umwelt is not representative of the exhaustive understanding of social dynamics. The city areas contain headquarters, but representative outlets of actual processes are embedded in featureless non-places called periphery where underprivileged and deprived of cultural and political subjectivity are trapped in affirmative, conservative and populist cogitation. To decolonize the own thinking, artistic endeavours aim to recontextualize the obsolete hierarchical concept and make a proposition a decentralized local hub, existing in a horizontal plane towards alike entities of the network.

Open Call Long-Term Residency

Understanding artistic creation as a basic need, artists, curators, and researchers are invited to contribute their thoughts and energy to conceptualise the takes on the sustainability of individuum’s lives and ethical challenges and boundaries of sustainability of artistic production; to think of artistic production as non-commodity; to imagine alternative economic systems to sustain artistic production; to define boundaries of living space and workspace, leisure time and work time; to meditate on open-source appropriate technologies and open-design; to find the ways of collaborations of disjoint decentralized communities.

Studio Information

Basement with: storage rooms and workshops

Barn 50 m2 with: metal/wood workshops with tools

* Equipment to hire
* Spacious courtyard 100 m2
* Garden 300 m2

Accommodation Information

The residency encompasses an entire floor (70 m2) with a separate entrance in an alone standing house, and shared workshops (60 m2), a spacious courtyard (120 m2), and a garden (300 m2); it can host up to 2 artists with their partners or children (3+ y.o.) simultaneously.

A separate floor with
- two bedrooms 12 m2 and 16 m2
- kitchen/ dining room 16 m2
- office room 14 m2
- bathroom 4,5 m2

Contact information

Mitterweg, 30
2020 Hollabrunn

in.silo.air [at]