Find here upcoming deadlines to apply for residency programmes listed in our database. Keep in mind that applying for an artist-in-residence program takes a lot of preparation time: we advise you to check this page on a regular base.

Jan 15

chaNorth, chashama (United States)

ChaNorth, Chashama's upstate artist residency has been located in the Hudson Valley since 2006. Chashama supports artists by giving them space to create and present their work while fostering community development through the arts.

ChaNorth (Chashama North) accepts applications in all...

Jan 15

Good Hart Artist Residency (United States)

The mission of the Good Hart Artist Residency is to connect artists and writers from around the world with the local community to inform, educate and empower people through art in the natural beauty of Northern Michigan. The residency offers 2-3 week residencies to...

Jan 15

Chulitna Lodge Wilderness Retreat (United States)

  • Organization Mission: To share a love for responsible exploration of our worlds most remote locations, with the intent of passing forward the value of maintaining such places wild, and to personally reap the benefits of life a world apart.
  • Program...
Sep 15, Jan 15, Apr 15

MacDowell Colony (United States)

The MacDowell Colony provides a place where creative artists can find freedom to concentrate on their work without distraction.

Jan 15, May 15, Sep 15

Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (United States)

The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA) with locations in Amherst, Virginia and Auvillar, France, advances the arts by providing...

Sep 15, Jan 15, Apr 15

Hambidge Center for Creative Arts & Sciences (United States)

The Hambidge Residency Program provides setting, solitude and time for creative individuals working in a wide variety of...

Jan 15, Apr 15

The Bogliasco Foundation (Italy)

Twice per year, the Foundation accepts online applications in English, Italian, French, and Spanish. Approximately 50 Fellowships are awarded per year, and since 1996, the Foundation has welcomed more than 900 Fellows who have traveled from...

Jan 20

DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] (United States)

DE-CONSTRUKT develops projects with local and international artists that support the cross-pollination of ideas and experimentation among culturally diverse artists and audiences. Artists have the opportunity to produce new works individually or collaboratively, with a focus on...

Jan 24

Yvy Maraey Institute (Brazil)

The Yvy Maraey Institute (Land Without Evil in Tupi-Guarani) is a non-profit organization that promotes experimental, ecological and sustainable art practices. Located in an 25 acres area in the extreme South of Porto Alegre, the Institute has as its mission the experience of art with nature...

Jan 30

Dentro La Terra (Italy)

Dentro La Terra is the colloquial expression used to refer to the historic center of the small village of Arielli, situated in the Italian region of Abruzzo. At Dentro La Terra they believe that it makes more sense than ever to plug local communities in global conversations and that - even if...