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Depending on the residency (please see description)
Paid by host:


´ace provides pick up from the airport (only for residents staying with them), studio space, access to equipment, selected workshop materials (depending on each project), reviews from a professional team permanently available, pre-production and production assistance, lunch-fruits-snacks-beverages at studio hours, studio accident insurance, guidance through the city and cultural events, public transportation card, professional networking and a profile on ´ace's website.

Paid by artist:

Residents fund the costs of transportation to and from Buenos Aires, traveler's health insurance (must include COVID assistance), meals, shipping expenses and any other third-party resources that may be needed for each resident's project and are not available in-house.

Application guidelines:

As a first step in the application process, interested candidates receive all necessary information about ´ace's programs by filling out an online form. Once they received the overview documents and selected the program that best suits their needs, candidates have to start the application process by filling out the respective online form according to the type of requested residency. This includes the description of a project or research subject for their stay plus the submission of the accompanying materials: full CV and images or video links documenting previous works.
They do not accept physical applications. CVs are to be sent by email in .pdf format and works in .jpg format, or a link to video hosting sites. The selection process considers the proposed project or research subject and its relevance to local and international art standards, its feasibility, the availability of the selected dates and how artists from different parts of the world and different backgrounds or mediums may interact with each other enriching each other's processes.

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4 deadlines per year for the general open call; ongoing for the microresidency.

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´ace stands for "arte contemporáneo en expansión", which is an acronym in Spanish for "expanding contemporary art". Its main mission is to promote contemporary artistic practices and the exploration of their mutual interfaces through Exploration and Production residencies. ´ace's programs are aimed at artists, curators, and researchers and promote collaborative work, exchange, debate, and experimentation.

The acePIRAR | Artist-in-Residency International Program provides its participants with time, space and guidance to explore different mediums, while it connects the residents with the art and cultural scene of Buenos Aires. To be in residence at ´ace means to work collaboratively, receive technical and artistic assistance, and be immersed in a vibrant city's cultural life. While at ´ace, residents will benefit from an intense production time enhanced by the exchange of ideas and experiences with peers.

The residencies vary in duration: Exploration and Production Residencies: 4 weeks; Micro-residencies: 1 week; Mural Painting Residencies—Palimpsest Project: 10 days.


Residents at ´ace are expected to work on a specific project and present results (Production Residency) or to do their own research without a specific outcome in mind (Exploration Residency). In both cases, presented projects for residency periods are plausible for evolving through experiences acquired within the residency periods, and residents are encouraged to embrace these experiences with an open heart and mind. Residency periods can end with an exhibition (though it is not mandatory), artist talks are encouraged if residents want to give them and we hold open studio instances in which our residents can receive the visit of curators, artists, colleagues, and the local public in order to be able to share their work and process with members of the local artistic community.

Studio Information
  • Production residency artists make use of the ´ace workshop: a large, quiet space with lots of natural light and equipment to facilitate a variety of traditional and new printing processes, works on papers, monotypes and artists books. In addition, the Poliglota Room is a perfect space for performance art, audio-visual installations, lectures, video projections, etc. There are also many tools available and a photo lab for photographic print media techniques, as well as video and sound equipments already installed for video projections or audio-visual experimentations.
  • Exploration residency residents work in The Tower: a silent and luminous studio located on the second floor with an open view, accessible by a spiral staircase. It is ideal to do research, study, write and create in an independent atmosphere. Other studios can be setup according to the project proposal and each resident's needs.
Accommodation Information

Residents may choose to stay at one of Fundación´ace's apartment or choose their own accommodation.


Buenos Aires is a multicultural city, one of Latin America’s cultural centres, and has a wide offer of visual arts, theatre, cinema and music to experience. The ´ace team will guide you through all sorts of cultural and artistic activities happening in this pulsating Latin American city that hosts great events such as ArteBA (contemporary art fair), FIBA (theatre), BAFICI (cinema), Performance Biennial (performance art), FILBA (literature), BAPhoto (photography) and many other exhibitions, conferences, festivals and more.

Contact information

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