Find here upcoming deadlines to apply for residency programmes listed in our database. Keep in mind that applying for an artist-in-residence program takes a lot of preparation time: we advise you to check this page on a regular base.

Dec 24

Cultureland (Netherlands)

Cultureland is a foundation that organizes creative work periods, projects and activities at the cutting edge of culture and nature. Cultureland began an Artist In Residence program in January 2017, giving artists time and space to develop work relating to the landscape and natural environment.


Dec 26

Proceso Abierto (Mexico)

Proceso A Art Residency program is for production, research, and curatorial development. The program is directed to artists, cultural affairs managers, designers and researchers to work and live in Oaxaca or Puebla, Mexico, for a short term of a month or two. The residency program is thought to...

Dec 30

Arts Letters & Numbers (United States)

Arts Letters & Numbers is a place of creative urgency, a place to create new linkages and pathways of understanding in an interdisciplinary environment. It is a place where people come together to co-construct questions and works, of empathy, of ethics, of imagination. The...

Dec 31

La Casa Del Herrero (Spain)

La Casa del Herrero (LCDH) a former ironman's workshop, is home to a local ethnographic collection, an LGBT library, an artistic residence, and an informal social club amidst vineyards and reddish plateaux. LCDH is also a founding member of the Petrolio network. Although it is one of the most...

Jan 1

BARTR (Hungary)

BARTR is an independent, non profit organisation made up of Budapest-based artists, curators, cultural managers, local businesses and cooperatives. The annual artist-in-residence hosts 10-15 artists from varying fields from around the world for a period of 11 weeks. The program is characterized by an open structure that...

Jan 1, Feb 1, Mar 1, Apr 1, May 1

Open Wabi (United States)

Open Wabi’s Artist Residency Program, located in a 100-year-old factory building in rural Ohio, offers emerging and...

Jan 1, Aug 1

The Corporation of Yaddo (United States)

Yaddo offers residencies to professional creative artists from all nations and backgrounds working in one or more of the following media: choreography, film, literature, musical composition, painting, performance art,...

Jan 1

Heima Art Residency (Iceland)

Heima Art Residency is an independent nonprofit organisation founded in 2013. Heima offer residencies of 50 - 90 days accommodating 6 artists at a time. The residency program is self-organised and applications are accepted twice a year. They encourage applications from a wide range of artists of different...

Jan 1

Van Abbemuseum (Netherlands)

The Van Abbemuseum and the GGzE (Mental Health Care Institute Eindhoven) invite national and international artists or artist groups working in the fields of socially engaged art, community art, participatory art, art & science, social design or other related fields to apply for the Artist in...

Jan 5

Queens Collective (Morocco)

Queens Collective aims to provide arts and cultural opportunities to artists worldwide and the local community through skill development, idea exchanges, exhibitions, screenings, performances and creation. Queens Collective hosts a residency programme where the artists in residence work, experiment...