Apply any time

Apply any time

Find here residency programmes that welcome applications all year long. Keep in mind that applying for an artist-in-residence program takes a lot of preparation time: we advise you to check this page on a regular base.

Atelier Presse Papier (Canada)

To provide working and living space for visual artists, and create in that way a collaboration with his own members.

Dragon Dance Artist Residency (Canada)

For people intersted in working away from their daily environment, Dragon Dance residency offers a residency opportunity where artists can come and work on their own projects for a period of 1 to 3 months at a time.

International Writers' and Artists' Residency - Val-David (Canada)

The Residency is a non for profit organization geared to support international writers and artists in their creative endeavors. The biannual International Festivals held at the Residence in May and October of each year provide a meeting place for artists and...

Western Front Society (Canada)

The residency program at the Western Front offers artists the opportunity to produce new work, collaborate with like minded individuals, and to promote their work and ideology within the Vancouver arts community. Artists have access to our facilities for periods ranging from one month to one year. The program is aimed at...

Malaspina Printmakers Society (Canada)

The aims of the Society are to facilitate greater communication among artist-printmakers, to provide them with a fully equipped studio and to increase public awareness of interest in fine art prints and printmaking. Malaspina acts as a major resource centre to artist-printmakers and to the public at large.

Vancouver Board of Parks AIR (Canada)

The Artist in Residence Program is based on principles of community cultural development . Its purpose is to support artists working with communities on issues of joint interest or concern. During the residencies, each artist establishes a presence at the sponsoring Community Centre. Depending on the nature of the residency,...

PROGR_Zentrum für Kulturproduktion (Switzerland)

The PROGR_centre of cultural production is a working and project space: a multidisciplinary laboratory that offers 80 studios at moderate rates for visual artists, musicians, dancers and theater makers, fashion designers, photographers, journalists etc. Additionally, the PROGR rents out space for...

AKKU Artist Atelier Uster (Switzerland)

The Artist Atelier Uster Association promotes artists by offering the use of the AKKU Atelier in the former 'Spinnerei Kunz' (textile mill Kunz). The space occupies some 80 m2. The AKKU atelier is awarded to a freelance artist who concentrates primarily on his or her own work. Artists living in Switzerland or...

Translation House Looren (Switzerland)

The Translation House Looren opened its doors in 2005 and offers literary translators from around the world residencies of varying length. The House is open year-round, and translators working in all language combinations are welcome. 
In the past, the House - built in the 1950s - has served both as a private residence...