Apply any time

Apply any time

Find here residency programmes that welcome applications all year long. Keep in mind that applying for an artist-in-residence program takes a lot of preparation time: we advise you to check this page on a regular base.

Main & Station Nonesuch (Canada)

Main & Station began as a project to save a derelict building in the seaside community of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. Although the building (an old post office, customs and armoury) is still undergoing some work, in June 2013 Main & Station re-opened the doors that had been closed 43 years earlier and it is now host to a...

Avatar Audio and Electronic Art (Canada)

Avatar is part of the Méduse arts collective at Québec City. Avatar is an association dedicated to research, creation and the broadcast of audio and electronic art. To this end, Avatar offers artists, both professional and those just starting out, the equipment and the skills necessary in order to support their practices. As a self-...

VU PHOTO (Canada)

VU is an artist-run centre which since 1981 has been dedicated to the development of the photographic image. VU provides artists working in every discipline, without the need for submitting a proposal, a professional, archival-quality digital ink-jet printing service and high-definition digitising of...

Engramme (Canada)

Engramme's mission from the beginning has been to encourage its members in their artistic development by offering fine equipment and skilled technical help at the same time promoting printmaking generally.

Struts Gallery (Canada)

Struts is a site for the engagement of contemporary, artist-initiated activities such as exhibitions, performances, demonstrations, workshops, symposia, residencies, screenings and so on.

The Sointula Art Shed Artist Residency Program (Canada)

An artist residency in a small cottage in the remote fishing village of Sointula, BC. The Sointula Art Shed welcomes writers, musicians, visual and performing artists from around the world to apply for this residency.
Sointula has an extremely rich and unique culture and history, as it...

Tofino Workshops for the Arts (Canada)

Tofino Workshops for the Arts is a place to come and experience the joy of art making with nature as an integral part of the process. It is an environment where artists can work at their practice with the ocean and rain forest to rejuvenate them.

Toronto Artscape Inc. (Canada)

To provide affordable living and/or working space for artists for the relief of poverty and the advancement of education, culture, art and other purposes beneficial to the community.

Artscape has earned a reputation as an international leader in the fields of culture-led regeneration and city-building through the arts. Artscape projects...