up to 6 months
Paid by host:

Supported projects are provided with a complete infrastructure which includes accommodation, studio, assistant(s), artistic supervision and support.

IFP has structural collaborations with Mondriaan Foundation in the Netherlands, Iaspis in Sweden and the Danish Arts Council, providing grants for residencies to work at IFP.


Paid by artist:

Money for travel, production and per diem needs to be raised by the artist in collaboration with IFP.

Application guidelines:

Project proposals with the following requirements shall be sent at least 5 months before the intended stay to [email protected].

  • research outline - min 1 and max 3 A4,
  • CV,
  • references of realized projects
  • proposed timing


ongoing basis (sent at least 5 months before the intended stay)

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Institute for Provocation

Institute for Provocation


The Institute for Provocation (IFP) is a Beijing-based workspace and think tank hosting residencies, research projects, workshops and lectures stretching the borders between art, architecture and design.

As a workspace, IFP focuses on the thinking process before or even beyond the actual creation of an artefact: the collection of dramaturgical information, the testing of different architectural scenarios, the summarizing of existing artistic vocabularies and realized projects, experimenting with new media or disciplines, and so on. Cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural interaction serves as the Institute's main facilitator. Rather than similarities, IFP proposes differences (in culture, in vocabulary, in paradigms, in disciplines) as actual provocations of the research and thinking process of artists, architects and designers.

IFP has a specific interest in research that proposes cross-disciplinary strategies to collect information, read or produce work or artistic/architectural experiment. IFP also opens up for research in disciplines other than the arts that can provide the contemporary arts with new insights, modes of thinking and/or research strategies. Residency proposals for China show a link with the local context without being limited to it.

Studio Information

A workspace (85 sqm) shared by the resident and other artists, IFP staff and collaborators, and is equipped with long shared working table, small library,
pantry, bathroom, internet, projector, screen and some basic hand tool.

Accommodation Information

A private bedroom in a furnished 65 square meter house shared by the resident and one other resident. The house is located immediately adjacent to the studio and has a large bathroom and shared living space with kitchen, dining place, sofa and bookshelves.


Located in the heart of Beijing's Dongcheng district in between the touristic nanluoguxiang area. And a very local hutong area, IFP forms a part of a small but growing cluster of non-commercial art spaces within boundaries of the old city.

Contact information

13 Hei Zhi Ma Hu Tong
Dongcheng Qu
11, 100009

sidgulinck [at]
institute [at]