Chinese, English
Minimum 7 days (based on the specific project plan)
Paid by host:

The cost of accommodation, and materials for residency program.

Paid by artist:

a. The cost of transportation to and from the residence is applicants’ responsibility.
b. Any personal expenses incurred during the residency, including medical expenses, are of responsibility of the artist.

Application guidelines:

Applicants can go to the NY20+ official website for the application process and detailed information.

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Situated in Chengdu, Sichuan, NY20+ is an art promotion organization supported by Nongyuan Culture, and committed to international art and culture exchanges and overseas projects.

Nongyuan Culture has three themed art Zones covering about 141,000 square meters in total. Based on these three zones, NY20+ conducts international Artist Residency Program, exhibition planning, school-enterprise cooperation, non-for-profit art platform and other programs, and aims at strengthening interaction and cooperation among art institutions and colleges, artists, designers, art teachers and students, as well as art lovers from different countries and regions, so as to promote the dissemination, collision and development of various cultures, and realize the virtuous circle of an international art and culture ecology.

Applicants can refer to Bashu culture and traditional Chinese handicrafts, or choose any kind of Bashu or traditional elements, patterns, historical stories, craftsmanship and etc. for using them in the art creation without limitation of creation forms.


a. NY20+ will build web-pages in both Chinese and English for applicant’s promotion in China.
b. NY20+ has the right to use applicants’ portfolio (including applicants’ portraits and CVs, artworks, audios, videos, images, texts and etc.) for related online and off-line promotion activities.
c. Applicants will have opportunities to open workshops according to the residency plan.
d. Applicants will have chances to participate in annual group exhibition, salons, lectures, seminars, and other related exchanges according to the artworks’ disciplines and styles.

Studio Information

Private or shared studios/workspaces are provided with basic art materials and other materials can be financed according to applicant’s project within a limited budget.

Accommodation Information

a. Private or shared bedrooms are furnished and equipped.
b. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided at a regular time in residence. Any special requirements should be negotiated in advance.
c. NY20+ is only responsible for the accommodation within the residence.

Technical Information

If any kind of technical assistance is needed according to the artist residency project, applicant can negotiate with NY20+ in advance.

Contact information

No. 20, Sanhe Section, Wuhou Avenue

ny20 [at]