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Call for Artists

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Call for artists

23/05/2018 - 18:14
United States

The Cabins Retreat -- collaborative, low-cost interdisciplinary retreat

THE CABINS is a four-day, low cost retreat founded by novelist Courtney Maum in 2016 that is both interdisciplinary (open to applicants across all the creative arts) and collaborative. The goal is to get people out of their creative and intellectual silos by encouraging knowledge and skill sharing across various disciplines. At The Cabins, the students are the teachers—each participant leads the group in a one-hour master class in the subject of their choice (past classes have included “Translation as Resistance”, “Cyanotype” [a natural photography process], Storyboarding, Songwriting…), and the rest of the retreat is structured around free time for creative work and outdoor activities.


More information and photos on our website:


Applications open until July 1, 2018 for our fall session!

email: thecabinsretreat [at]
23/05/2018 - 16:56

International Light Art Award 2019 (ILAA)


The International Light Art Award (ILAA) is entering its third round. The Centre for International Light Art in Unna and the innogy Stiftung are calling for applications for the first and only award for international light art worldwide. Participants are invited to submit their concepts by 16 September 2018. The award ceremony will take place in Unna on 7 June 2019.



The biennial award honours emerging artists who contribute to the development of light art in an innovative and creative way. Artists are sought who use light as a primary material and provide an insight into the future of light art. The goal of the International Light Art Award is to inspire the development of new forms of light art.



An international jury of renowned artists and curators will select three finalists out of the full list of applicants. The finalists will realise their installations and be part of the exhibition “The Future of Light Art” at the Centre for International Light Art Unna over several months. For each installation production costs will be covered up to a maximum of 10,000 EUR. The winner of the International Light Art Award will receive additional prize money to the amount of 10,000 EUR.



The 3rd edition of the International Light Art Award is the first to be accompanied by a parallel exhibition inviting students to reflect on light art. This parallel exhibition provides a platform for students to advance the interdisciplinary discourse of light art. Professors and teachers from art colleges in Germany, Austria and the Benelux countries will recommend 10 students, who are asked to submit concepts by 16 September 2018. The 10 nominated students will be financially supported with a budget of 1,000 EUR each. All entries should (re-)search, experimentalise and debate under the leitmotif: The Future of Light Art.



The Centre for International Light Art Unna hosts the International Light Art Award in cooperation with the innogy Stiftung.


For further information about ILAA as well as detailed conditions of participation please visit

For further information about the Centre for International Light Art in Unna please visit


Press contact:

ARTPRESS – Ute Weingarten

Danziger Str. 2 – 10435 Berlin

+49 30 48 49 63 50

artpress [op] uteweingarten [punt] de

email: ilaa [at]
23/05/2018 - 15:15

Open Call for visual artists

Here we go! The contemporary art review is searching for performers, painters, visual artists, dancers, sculptors, film-makers to submit their artworks for the first edition of the magazine. Share, if you wanna join us on the journey!


You can submit your artworks via notrandomart [op] gmail [punt] com

email: notrandomart [at]
23/05/2018 - 12:23


MUTE festival is a silent body arts festival that will take place in Ghent on 24 of November 2018. For this second edition we are looking for artists who are interested to contribute with a silent performance.


There are no formal requirements for the performance: it can be a short intervention or a durational piece, but keep in mind that the performances will take place in a historic building, not equipped with state-of-the-art technical set-up and possibly different acts going on at the same time. You find included the pictures of some of the spaces available, so you have an idea of what to expect.


The selected artists/projects will be invited to a common preparation week from 17 to 21 of september 2018 to explore the site and possible overlaps and links between the different projects. 


Please reply with a proposal (max. 2 A4 pages) to liesbet [op] posthuman [punt] be by

the first of July, including curriculum and documentation of previous work. You will receive an answer by mid july. We offer a fee and a refund of the transportation costs for the performance day.










Mission statement MUTE


MUTE festival is a silent artfestival that focuses on performances that involve the human body in silence. It opens the senses, the curiosity and the attention to the present moment and to what is (or not is). Not only the performances but also the architecture, the movement through the space, the presence of the spectator and artist -which are often not distinguishable from each other- turns this festival into a unique experience. At a time when so much emphasis is placed on accumulation, accelaration, multi-tasking and technology, the silent bodies create a counterweight and appeal us to stop and to be where (and who) we are.


MUTE festival plays an emerging role in the arts sector and the broader society by (re)creating stillness and contemplation in a sober setting. It is an open and inuitive, experimental festival and always in transformation, depending on the specific location and the different artists involved.


MUTE festival combines the characteristics of a museum, a theater and a street performance. It is rather on the cross lines between reflection, art, urban exploration and art happening and opens the doors to a wider group of interested public than only the hard core art lover.


MUTE festival is not defined by clear starting and ending hours, neither by the identity of the artist or by the schedule of the program, but rather unfolds as a living dialogue between spaces, bodies and the experience of time. The emphasis of the programmation is not so much on big names or already produced performances, but more on the interaction with the location, the possibility of improvising in the moment and the creation of a ‘living landsape’, a performative setting in which everything that happens gains in intensity.


For more information about the Mutefestival and Liesbet Hermans







email: info [at]
22/05/2018 - 17:33
United States

Art Call To Artist: The Human Condition 2018

Art Call To Artist: The Human Condition 2018


Submission Opens: May 30, 2018

Deadline: Month July 16, 2018 (Midnight EST)

Jury Selection:  July 20, 2018

Artist Notification: July 27, 2018


Title: “The Human Condition 2018” is proud to announce the Art Call “The Human Condition 2018.” There will be 7 Winners and 10 Honorable Mentions. This competition is open to all artists and photographers worldwide. The participant must be 18 years of age or older working in any still art medium, including: painting, drawing, collage, photography, digital art, and fiber art.

Total Awards in Cash and Art Marketing Prize Value: $8,125.00.

Theme: “The Human Condition 2018” – The judges for this art call welcome artists and photographers whose works provide viewers with unique interpretations of the human condition. The visual narrative of the artist’s work should speak to the human condition:  from joy to despondence, kind fortune to adversity, liberating freedom of expression to agonies of suppression. These myriad strongholds of energies, which hopefully inspire your works, should speak to us as they represent your brightest or darkest experiments and enlightening realizations in your life and should be represented as such here in your fine artwork for us to absorb and potentially integrate into our own lives.  So, your submitted creations should express the subject as felt through the artist’s empathy or subjective eye of experience.  The message is meant for us, the viewer.


Cash Awards and Prizes:

First Place: $500.00 in Cash and the artist is presented as a “Featured Artist” in the “” that is marketed to over 26,100 art buyers = Value $1,500.00. The winner's artwork will also be marketed in an email marketing campaign “Art Market NewsTM” and website with over 26,100 subscribers = Value $3,500.00. The artist and their work will be marketed through our social media-marketing network through LinkedIn, Tumblr, Tweeter, FaceBook, GooglePlus, Instagram, etc.
Total first place prize value = $5,500.00*


Second Place: $400.00 in Cash and the artist will be featured as a "Notable Artist" in the “” that is marketed to over 26,100 art buyers = Value $1,500.00.

Total second place prize value = $1,900.00*

Third Place: $300.00 in Cash*

Fourth Place: $200.00 in Cash*

Fifth Place: $100.00 in Cash*

Sixth Place: $75.00 in Cash*

Seventh Place: $50.00 in Cash*


*All winning artworks will be featured in “Winners Showcase” with links to their websites.


Up to 10 Honorable Mentions – The artists and their artwork will be displayed in the “Honorable Mentions” Section of


Entry Fees: $20.00 for the first image, $10.00 each additional image.

email: support [at]
22/05/2018 - 13:40

Open to Art - ceramics award


Third edition


Ceramics Award

Competition form on:


Milan, March 2018. The subscriptions for the third edition of Open to Art, Ceramics Award are open until September 21st 2018.


Open to Art, is organized by Officine Saffi with the aim of enhancing and promoting the use of ceramics in contemporary art and design. The competition offers € 10,000 plus several collateral awards in collaboration with prestigious international residency centers.


Open to Art is open to all contemporary artists of any nationality, individuals or groups. There are no age limitations and no thematic constraint. Works can be made in any ceramic technique. Works that include other materials are accepted as long as clay is the principal material used. The competition is divided in two sections: Art and Design. The complete Terms and Condition form will be available on Subscription will be open until 21 September 2018.



An international jury will evaluate the works received according to the different criteria depending on the section. For the Art section, basic criteria will be technical quality, originality and conceptual research. The Design section has as fundamental criteria as well as technical quality and originality also functionality and reproducibility. Jurors involved are:


- Felicity Aylieff, Artist, head of programme RCA
- Laura Borghi, Officine Saffi
- Flaminio Gualdoni, Journalist, art critic and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts
- Tom Morris, Editor and consultant specialized in design, interiors and architecture
- Isabelle Naef Galuba, director of Museo Ariana
- Elisa Ossino, Architect, stylist
- Ranti Tjan, EKWC director

- Matteo Zauli, Curator, director of Museo Carlo Zauli

The winner works will become part of the Officine Saffi collection. All selected works will be exhibited in the gallery. First prize for the Art Ceramic category will be € 5.000*, first prize for Design Ceramic category will be € 5.000*

Over the two category prizes there will be 5 other collateral awards that will be given to the selected artists by many important national and international realities: **

• Artist's residency at Sundaymorning@ekwc in The Netherlands
• Artist's residency during the International Ceramic Art Festival in Sasama, Japan
• Artist's residency at Amfora in Seinäjoki, Finland
• Artist's residency at the International Ceramic Research Center Guldagergaard, Denmark
• Artist's residency at Museo Carlo Zauli, Faenza
• Cover Prize and focus of the artist on Fragile Magazine

** further prizes are being defined and will be announced shortly

Japanese residency will be held during the International Ceramic Art Festival in Sasama, Shizuoka. The residence in Finland will take place in the city of Seinäjoki, sponsor of the initiative. The city, famous for its prestigious administrative and cultural center designed by Alvar Aalto, will host the winning artist who will be selected in collaboration with the company Amfora. The Danish two-month residence will take place at the International Ceramic Research Center Guldagergaard in Denmark.

The Carlo Zauli Museum will offer a Production Prize of a limited-edition ceramic object that will be a dialogue between art and design. It will be realized in the laboratories that belonged to the famous Faenza artist.

* As per law, a 25% withholding tax will be charged on all the money prizes.

All the works admitted to the second level of selection will be exhibited in a show at Officine Saffi in March 2019. The winners will be announced on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition.

Officine Saffi was founded in 2011 with the aim of promoting contemporary ceramics. 

The gallery is mainly focused on highlighting young and contemporary artists from all over the world but also 20th century masters. Alongside the gallery, the laboratory runs workshops, talks, lectures, in addition to the artists in residencies programs and the biennial award Open to Art dedicated to contemporary ceramics and design.


Award: Ceramic Art and Design Award

Opening subscription: 31 March 2018

Deadline: 21 September 2018

Award ceremony and exhibition opening: March 2019

Office: Officine Saffi, Via Aurelio Saffi 7, 20123 Milan.

Tel: +39 02 36 68 56 96

Mail: concorso [op] officinesaffi [punt] com


email: concorso [at]
21/05/2018 - 22:11
United States

The Van Der Plas Gallery has an open call for artists

The Van Der Plas Gallery has an open call for artists to participate in our upcoming All Art + Exhibition from June 18-23. 2018. Opening Reception Wednesday, June 20.
For more information, please see our website at:

email: adovanderplas [at]
20/05/2018 - 15:59


In Situ Art Fair singles out by being the leading Macedonian event to showcase and present a 360° array of novelties in art, design, architecture and the creative industries by fusing the distinctive capacities of the local milieu with those of the global scene. Today’s In Situ Art Fair is the result of what used to be the International Fair of Contemporary Art - Paratissima Skopje throughout the past four years (2014-2017).

We have hosted over 450 independent authors originating from 39 countries and have achieved a fast-growing audience with the purpose of providing a backbone for the growth and development of contemporary and (un)conventional formats of expression, seeking to be both inclusive in our approach and exclusive in our output.

In Situ Art Fair will take place from 13 – 15 of September at the Youth Cultural Center, Skopje – Macedonia.

The call for applications is open from 15th of May to 15th July. The call is open for everyone from everywhere.

There are no pre-qualifications in terms of gender, nationality, geo-location, academic background or field of work.

To register and apply or access additional information about In Situ Art Fair please refer to our media channels:

Official website:

Link to the application:




email: contact [at]
20/05/2018 - 01:19

open call, prize contest, montenegro



We  kindly ask to forward the information to visual artists who might be interested in applying for International bienninal of fine art nude small format that will be held in Petrovac, Montenegro in September 2018 under the organization of Public institution Museums and Galleries of Budva.


Please not deadline of 25th June 2018.

Information and application:

e-mail:  biennialofnude [op] gmail [punt] com


we are happy to send application form in word.doc. to your e-mail after the request.




Founder and organizer of Fourth International Biennial of Fine Art Nude “Marko Gregović” in Petrovac, Montenegro is Memorial Home “Crvena komuna”, organizational unit of Public Institution Museums and Galleries of Budva, Biennale is an award winning artistic competition. 
Only original art work, in all techniques and materials, which do not exceed format dimensions of 40 x 30 cm (drawing, painting, graphics, and photography) and for sculpture 40 x 30 x 40 cm, can be displayed in the Biennale. Artist can apply with up to 3 (three) pieces of work maximum. Competition is opened for all the artists from the country and from abroad who accept the conditions of participation. Only original works, which the Selection Committee evaluates as the works of high artistic and professional achievement, will be accepted. Participation is free of charge. During technical selection all the art work that deviate from theme and format dimensions will not be taken into consideration. 
Artists that wish to apply for participation can do so by filling out the Application form plus reproduction of the art work (JPG format) they wish to display and also with information about the author (short professional biography and Curriculum Vitae). Application form must be sent by June 25, 2018, on the following address biennialofnude [op] gmail [punt] com.  Applications that are sent after the deadline will not be taken into consideration. After the selection process is completed, chosen artists will be notified in writing, via e-mail by July 9, 2018. Artists are obliged to notify the organizer about any potential changes that can affect realization of the exhibition. 
Artists whose work has been selected for the Biennale are obliged to deliver the selected art work in by August 20, 2018 in person or by mail on the following address and with a remark: 
IV International Biennale of the Fine Art Nude “Marko Gregović“ Spomen dom “Crvena komuna” Obala 111 85300 Petrovac Montenegro 
Artist bears the cost and is responsible for delivery of his or hers work to the organizer. 
Art work that arrives in the determined time frame will be judged and selected by professional jury consisting of distinguished painters, art historians and art critics. Decisions of the jury is final and irrevocable. 
Exhibition of the IV International Biennale of the Fine Art Nude will be organized in gallery “Marko K. Gregović”, in the Memorial Home “Crvena komuna” in Petrovac. Exhibition will be opened on September 1, 2018. 
Organizer will edit and publish representative catalogue of the exhibition of the IV International Biennale of the Fine Art Nude “Marko Gregovic“ with catalogue information and one colored reproduction of the exhibited work. Catalogue information will be taken from the Application form. Author renounces all compensation rights for the reproduction of the art work in the catalogue. 
Biennale is of a prize-winning character and four awards and commendations will be granted. - for sculpture in material 1.500,00 €; - for painting 750,00 €; - for drawing, 500, 00 €; - graphics or photography 200,00 € 
Furthermore, three more awards will be granted, consisting of solo exhibitions in gallery “Marko K. Gregović” (Memorial Home “Crvena komuna”) in Petrovac. Awarded pieces remain in the property of the organizer. 
Author can donate his or hers art work to the Biennale fund aka to Memorial Home “Crvena komuna”, if he or she wishes to. Gift is irrevocable and unconditional. Organizer is obliged to properly document the art work in the documentation of the Institution and to take proper care of it in the future. 
Organizer is responsible for the art work from the moment the artist hands over the art work in person or from the moment it is delivered by the post office to the moment it is handed over in the post office and sent back to the author or when the artists takes it over in person, at the end of the exhibition. In case of any damage while it is under the responsibility of the organizer, author will be financially compensated for the value of the art work, which will be determined by internal agreement between author and the organizer.  After the exhibition ends, art work will be returned to the participant in the same condition it was in when it was delivered to the organizer. Organizer is not responsible for any potential damage of the art work during the transport. Record of any potential damage will be immediately sent to the author by the organizer. 



Public Institution Museums and Galleries of Budva

Memorial home “Crvena komuna”








Name and surname of the artist __________________________________________


Adress and city_______________________________________________________


Postal code ________________________


E-mail address ____________________________


Telephone number __________________




Work 1


Tittle __________________________________________________________




Dimensions ____________________________________________________


Year __________________________________________________________



Work 2



Tittle __________________________________________________________


Technique _____________________________________________________


Dimensions ____________________________________________________


Year __________________________________________________________



Work 3





Technique _____________________________________________________


Dimensions ____________________________________________________


Year __________________________________________________________


email: biennialofnude [at]
19/05/2018 - 09:08

Perennial Institute

The Perennial Institute is excited to announce a summer education program in Berlin from August 19-25, 2018. We are currently accepting applications to participate in a program that will bring  together creatives, cooks, scientists, foragers, herbalists and more in the pursuit of experiences, knowledge, experimental practices and new awareness.


The program is aimed at artists, designers and those interested in plants. Each day participants will explore plants in new ways from sensory perception to ethnobotany, arrangement, scent, pigment production, Berlin community gardening, and more. It will culminate in individual experiments around the city of Berlin.


Online application:




email: hello [at]