Call for Artists

Call for Artists

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Call for artists

07/01/2019 - 13:34
United Kingdom

Call for proposals for the Glass Tank 2019/20 exhibition programme - Deadline 15th April 2019

Oxford Brookes University art gallery, the Glass Tank, first opened its doors in 2012 as part of the redevelopment project Space to Think. Since then the gallery has hosted a range of exhibitions showcasing work intended to disseminate the university's research, shed light on conceptual art, transfer ideas about the abstract and propose questions to the public.


The Glass Tank is now accepting exhibition proposals for the 2019/2020 academic year. The Glass Tank looks to continue developing exhibitions and working with artists to achieve shows which encourage visitors to engage with art and research.


For the coming year, we will focus our efforts on a collection of high quality exhibitions which demonstrate outreach potential. Therefore, we encourage potential exhibitors to specify how they may use the opportunity to engage with a wider audience such as by hosting a talk, workshop or creative use of an online platform. While we encourage students, staff, alumni of Oxford Brookes University to apply, we also welcome proposals from external artists to allow the Glass Tank to continue being an inclusive space.


To find out more, please read the 'Call for Proposals - Information and Guidelines' document on the Glass Tank website, along with the full terms and conditions attached to the proposals form. You can find and download these documents here:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

email: glasstank [at]
07/01/2019 - 13:31

ArtTreasury Collector’s Annual Call For Artists – Early bird Deadline February 28, 2019

ArtTreasury is a brand new magazine that will become an annual treasure box of artist information and artworks. It will feature each visual artist in their own section, complete with their art, artist statement and contact information. Book your space in this special catalogue of talented of artists from around the world.


| Eligible Submissions:

Art can include the full range including paintings, illustration, photography, mixed media, digital, printmaking, installations, ceramics, fabric, jewelry, sculpture, performance art, graphic design, cartooning and graffiti.

Submissions must be the original work of the applicant(s). Apply using the online form.


| About ArtAscent:

The mission of ArtAscent is to promote artists of images and words, and connect them with art lovers. This is accomplished by calls for artists and writers, artist profiling, art magazine publication, and artist and writer online showcasing. This marketing tool is created by artists and writers, for artists and writers. This is our art! ArtAscent provides opportunity for the voice of writers and vision of artists to shared in a professional and accessible platform. We are a bright community of creatives and art lovers.

email: info [at]
05/01/2019 - 06:53
United States

The 2019 West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival

The Electronic Media Area of the School of Art and Design of West Virginia University is accepting entries to the West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival, which will be held on April 26 & 27, 2019. We seek imaginative, well-crafted and compelling works in film, video and animation. Send us your work!


Deadline for entries: March 29, 2019

Works will be considered for eight competitive categories: Experimental, Animation, Documentary Short, Narrative Short, Thematic entry: "Memes, "Student (College) & Young filmmakers (under 18)

Entry Fee

Regular Entry Fee: $8 per entry, up to 3 entries
Student Entry Fee: $5 per entry, up to 3 entries

(Student entries should be accompanied by valid student ID emailed to: wvmsff [op] gmail [punt] com)

Under 18: Free, up to 3 entries


Maximum running time of 20 minutes.
Works must have been completed after January 1, 2017.
Please include English subtitles with all non-English narrative entries.
All submissions must include a completed entry form.
Maximum of 3 entries per person. A separate entry form is required for each entry.



The proliferation of meme culture - accelerated by technology - has had particular social influence. Largely through mimesis, gesture and mutation, memes spread ideas, behaviors and attitudes like viruses while shaping the social interactions of those who carry them. While many recognize the effects of memes in the entertainment realm, their impact is no doubt felt much wider, politically, socially and economically. We invite works that take as their subject the notion of “meme culture,” however widely interpreted, or that reflect on the impact of memes on the way we increasingly think, act and interact with one another.


Modest awards have been established by the festival organizers to recognize work of exceptional accomplishment. They include a $300.00 Best of Festival award, and a $100 award in each of the festival categories: Best Documentary Short, Best Narrative Short, Best Animation, Best Experimental, Best Student Film, Best Young Filmmaker and Best "Memes Culture" Theme.

The 2019 West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival will be held on April 26 & 27 in the Gluck Theater at the West Virginia University Mountainlair in Morgantown.

email: wvmsff [at]
04/01/2019 - 13:52

The Forma Viva International Symposium of Sculptors (SLO)

Božidar Jakac Art Museum, situated in Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenia (EU), is organizing The Forma Viva International Symposium of Sculptors in July 2019. The Symposium represents one of the biggest manifestations in that field of art in Slovenia and is considered to be the oldest still ongoing sculpture symposium in the world.


Organizer: the Božidar Jakac Art Musem Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenia
Participants: three sculptors, selected on the basis of received applications or the organizer’s invitation
Date: 01. - 27. 07. 2019.
Material: mostly oak wood, cca. 3m3 in one or several pieces, ø of 50 – 100 cm.
Location: the Božidar Jakac Art Museum
Exhibition site: the Sculpture Park in the immediate vicinity of the Božidar Jakac Art Museum; place chosen by the organizer on the basis of an expert consultation with the author.

• provides basic tools (chain saws, smaller tools and machines for the transport of materials)
and help for difficult physical tasks, electricity and electrical connection, the base for the
sculpture, help in setting up the sculpture, protective impregnation for the sculpture,
• covers the costs of accommodation and meal expenses for the duration of symposium (full
board) in the town of symposium and provides non-alcoholic beverages at the site,
• ensures the promotion of symposium, press coverage (articles and announcements in the
printed media, TV, social networks and the web page of the Božidar Jakac Art Museum),
public presentation at the end of symposium and the presentation in the catalogues of the
Forma Viva International Symposium of Sculptors,
• ensures the royalties in the sum of € 2,000 (net income) sent to participants’ bank account
after the conclusion of the symposium. In addition to covering the accommodation costs,
the organizer also covers the payment of all related taxes (income tax, social funds).

The applicants for participation are expected to:
• have experience in wood sculpturing,
• work independently in open space,
• ensure independent settlement of the health and accident insurance,
• acquaint themselves with the regulations of the symposium,
• inform the organizer about any special needs, requirements and preferences, which may
sinificantly affect the course of symposium or organizers’ expectations,
• cover their travel costs,
• send their certificate of social insurance coverage (A1 form for EU citizens or a document
that is equivalent of A1 form for residents of Non-EU countires) prior to their arrival to
Kostanjevica na Krki.

The applications for participation, together with the CV, description of the conceptual design
for the sculpture, sketches or photographs of a model of the sculpture, must be submitted
until 17. 03. 2019; either sent to the address: Galerija Božidar Jakac, Grajska cesta 45,
8311 Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenia, EU or sent via e-mail: alja [punt] fir [op] galerija-bj [punt] si.
The selected applicants will be notified about participation not later than 22. 04. 2019.

email: alja.fir [at]
02/01/2019 - 08:10

NTU Global Digital Art Prize 2019

The NTU Global Digital Art Prize (NTU GDAP) is organised by the NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity (NISTH) and the School of Art, Design and Media. Taking the form of a biennial competition, it recognises global artists and technologists with extraordinary creativity in digitally mediated art, design and cultural heritage. 

The theme of the inaugural NTU GDAP is Fourth Industrial Revolution. The key components driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution include big data, the Internet of Things, robotics, artificial intelligence, real-time and deep data generation and analytics, 3D printing, machine learning, personalised healthcare and medicine, and cyber security. Their effectiveness in shaping the human condition in the 21st century will inevitably call for close integration of technological innovations with areas such as social sciences, ethics, policy, and digital arts and humanities. 

The competition is free to enter and open to international artists and local (Singapore) students.

email: info [at]
31/12/2018 - 12:59

Call for visual art

Here we go! The contemporary art review is searching for performers, painters, visual artists, dancers, sculptors, film-makers to submit their artworks for the first edition of the magazine. Share, if you wanna join us on the journey!

email: notrandomart [at]
31/12/2018 - 02:16
United Kingdom

Call for Artists - Wotisart #24 (March 2019)

Wotisart is a portfolio magazine. Our goal is to allow unknown artists an avenue to show their work and gain some recognition in the industry and also to answer the question... What is art? We are now taking entries for the March issue of Wotisart?

Brief: send us a large digital image of your work (the bigger the better). Also send us any information you think is relevant. 

Deadline: 28 February 2019

Entries can be emailed to us at march [op] wotisart [punt] co [punt] uk (subject: Submission)

Instagram: @wotisart
Twitter: @wotisart

email: march [at]
30/12/2018 - 20:52
United States

Arte Natura

ARTE NATURA is a thematic exhibition based on art inspired from the natural world. The exhibition will be held at the Limner Gallery, May 9 - June 1, 2019 and is open to all artists working in any media. All interpretations of the theme are acceptable, including landscape, fruits, vegetables, flowers and fauna and to human figuration as part of the natural environment. Deadline February 28, 2019. On-line entry form at

email: slowart [at]
30/12/2018 - 01:23
United Kingdom

Call for Artists - Average Art 32 (March 2019)

Average Art is an industry focused art magazine. Our goal is to draw attention to self representing artists. We are now taking entries for the March edition of Average Art Magazine.

Brief: send us a large digital image of your work. Also send us any information you think is relevant. Any text needs to be kept brief as we get hundreds of submissions.

DEADLINE: 22nd February 2019

Entries can be emailed to us at march [op] averageart [punt] co [punt] uk (subject: Submission)

Instagram: @averagearts

Twitter: @averagearts



email: march [at]
29/12/2018 - 22:56


Arts Feminism Queer (CUNTemporary) is now accepting proposals for ‘Deep Trash: Eco Trash’ &‘Queer-feminist Ecocriticism in Live Art & Visual Cultures’, which will be part of the larger programme ‘EcoFutures’, taking place in (London, UK) in April 2019.


The programme will explore urgent topics ranging from ecological disasters and their impact on climate refugees; plastic/toxic waste and the contamination of aquatic and human bodies; the relationship between increasing air toxicity and human and animal diseases; high-speed capitalist consumption and the ungovernable production of trash and techno-waste; from neo-colonialist soil exploitations to indigenous land reclamations and green economies; the rise of temperature and sea levels and their direct effects on the environment, with a focus on the Global South / Majority World.


Artists, activists and theorists are invited to engage with these topics through feminist, queer and decolonial approaches to provide alternatives that draw from situated knowledges, eco-sustainable modes of living, non-exploitative human and animal relations within ecosystems, as well as speculative scenarios of imagined futures, nature-based spirituality, earth magick, feminine powers and ecosexuality.


For more information:

email: press [at]