Call for Artists

Call for Artists

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Call for artists

24/07/2020 - 19:14
United States

Call For Artists - Survey

Hello! I am an emerging User Experience designer working on a capstone project for my program. For this project, I am researching the way artists interact with their local art communities. If you have five minutes, please fill out the short survey to help share your insights. 


There is no fee or payment involved, I am simply seeking your input. 


Thank you for your time! 


Click here to complete the google forms survey -

email: Morris.jeremy.h [at]
23/07/2020 - 21:08
United States

SOUNDS GOOD: portraits of people enjoying music at home

This is a WIDE OPEN CALL for an upcoming publication by Drum Machine Editions. There are no submission fees. BIPOC, disabled persons, LGBTQ+, undocumented, chronically ill, immunocompromised, & marginalized creators of all ages are highly encouraged to apply.

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: images of people enjoying music at home or wherever they’re spending the pandemic. If you’re unhoused, an essential worker, or don’t have the privilege of remote work, maybe the music you overhear or listen to during your commute or on the job is what keeps you going. Whatever your situation is, we’d like to include your picture.


  1. Before you start your shift at the grocery store, listen to your favorite pump-up jam and take a selfie. Send us that selfie.
  2. Fire up some mood music while you bake your freezer pizza.
  3. Take a blurry picture of your roommate dancing to Solange.
  4. Put on your grandma's favorite record—do you know your grandma’s favorite record?—and photograph her when she begins telling you stories.
  5. Start singing during a Zoom call, then take a series of screenshots.
  6. If you’re quarantined alone, set up a tripod or something, get yourself in the frame, and blast Head Hunters (1973) by Herbie Hancock.
  7. Ask the person delivering your wine what their favorite song is. Tip them generously, then listen to that song.
  8. Stage a portrait of you with your instrument.

IMAGE QUALITY & PRINTING: this book will be risograph printed, so you should expect some loss in image quality. A far cry from traditional photo printing in CMYK, you should expect your images to look more like Xerox copies of themselves by the time they make it to the page. Maybe it’s an aesthetic; maybe it’s a consequence of an open call with no submission fees.


Questions? Send us a line at drummachineeditions [op] gmail [punt] com.

Learn more about Drum Machine Editions and view our whole catalogue at

email: drummachineeditions [at]
22/07/2020 - 06:23
South Korea

Call for Artists: 2021 Spring Artist Studio Program


CICA Museum invites artists worldwide to participate in the Artist Studio Program Spring 2021. The studio space (around 44m2) will be assigned to each artist for three or six months at the CICA Museum. The artists will be featured in the e-book, “ CICA Art Now 2021.” The printed version will be available by order.


*The categories include:
– Painting
– Photography
– Sculpture and Installation Art
– Design
– Performance
– Theater and Film
– Video & New Media Art


August 21, 2020: Close submissions
August 24-31, 2020: Approvals: Selected artists will be notified by email.
January-March/April-June/January-June, 2021: Artist Studio Program
August 1, 2021: Expected publication date of “CICA Art Now 2021″


*For more information, please visit our website: 

We look forward to the participation of creative artists. 

email: cicamuseum [at]
20/07/2020 - 21:47

Wall-to-Wall Mural & Culture Festival / Call for Submissions

Wall-to-Wal Mural & Culture Festival
Call for Submissions


Wall-to-Wall Mural & Culture Festival will be shifting to a digital submission model, which allows artists to submit digital designs to be printed onto panels and installed safely by a professional sign company. By shifting to a digital submission model, Wall-to-Wall is able to keep artists connected to the public at a safe distance.


Synonym Art Consultation and Graffiti Art Programming, the co-creators of the festival, are committed to providing meaningful employment and mentorship opportunities to artists and musicians and to facilitate the celebration of art and culture with unique, inclusive, community-minded events that serve as safer spaces for all.


We at Wall-to-Wall are committed to curation that uplifts artists, mentors, musicians, and performers belonging to under-supported communities, particularly those who identify as Black, Indigenous, Afro-Indigenous, People of Colour, 2SLGBTQIA+, artists with disabilities, and any and all people who fall within these intersections.


All selected artists and artwork must adhere to our Safer Spaces Policy:

August 1, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. CT



- Artists, art collectives, or creatives working in a visual format

- Artists locally (Manitoba), Nationally (Canada), or Internationally

- Artists that can adhere to the Safer Spaces Policy:



- Visual art mediums including, painting, drawing, illustrations, graphic design, photography, digital design, collages, illustrations. (High-resolution scans or photographs of paintings or other hand-rendered artwork are eligible.)



All selected designs will be printed on a vinyl sticker, placed on di-bond panels, and professionally installed within Winnipeg's central neighbourhoods.


Each completed panel will be 8' x 8' OR 4' x 16'.

All panel printing, installation, facilitation, and insurance costs will be covered by Wall-to-Wall.


Submission Details and Form:


email: admin [at]
20/07/2020 - 16:52


The theme Supernatural Women opens up questions of culture, history, legend, politics, femininity and womanhood. Participants may decide to focus only on a tiny segment of the theme for their work. For example, they might focus on just one woman. Or, they might look at a group of supernatural women. They may opt not to focus on specific women, but on a female element of the supernatural that is widely known, or that could be invented by the artist.

The content of discussions during the residency will be determined by the work undertaken by participants. Some participants might plan to produce deeply conceptual work. For others the process will be more practical. Others will work on a mixture of both.

“(of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.””

— Supernatural

The Igbo goddess Ala
The various manifestations of Eve
The women that make up the Hindu Trivedi
The Amazons
Mermaids and sirens 
Fairy godmothers
Mystics, clairvoyants and fortune tellers
A ‘supernatural beauty’
Supernatural women as a concept
The scope of gender

Some of the questions that may arise for those incorporating supernatural women into their art practice:

Where did the stories of these women originate?

Who created supernatural narratives for women, and what was their purpose in doing so?

How do supernatural women relate to real women, in the past, present and future?

What are supernatural women made from? What shape, material, texture, colour and scale do they have? How do they sound and smell?


Prepare and deliver a ten-minute presentation of their work to fellow residents.
/  Commit to attending all meetings.
/  Allocate the majority of the working day outside the meetings to creative practice. 
/  Actively take part in discussion of others work, seek ways to contribute ideas and offer support to fellow residents.
/  Be willing to listen to the ideas and support from fellow residents regarding their own work.
/  Contribute one ‘daily newsletter’ of inspirational content (text or visual) to be sent to residents (a template will be provided).
/ Abide by our community guidelines.
/ Be familiar with and able to use the apps Google Meet and Telegram. Attention to video calling set up is essential.

A virtual program allows those who cannot travel to take part. However, the residency is also a commitment, and shouldn’t be undertaken unless at least four-to-five hours per day can be set aside to attend meetings and move creative work forward. 


Residency fees are by donation. All donations are considered income and we pay tax on them. The reason we ask for donations, rather than charging fees, is because it means that we can attract a more diverse group of artists.

If every participant were to pay €100 we would cover our running costs. But we realise that this will not be possible for every artist and we encourage them to apply regardless.


Those living in countries with lower per-capita GDP, those who are unemployed or those affected by low-incomes should feel comfortable giving less. If the people that can afford to give more choose to do so they will help us continue this model of inclusion into the future.



email: odette [at]
20/07/2020 - 11:36

COMEL Award Contemporary Art: Aluminium Bonds

No man is an island, complete in himself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the whole. If even a sod were washed away from the sea, Europe would have a missing part, as if it lacked a promontory, as if a dwelling of your friends, or your own house, was missing. The death of any man diminishes me, because I am part of the mankind. So never ask who the bell rings for: it rings for you!

From "Meditation XVII", in John Donne, Devotions for emergency occasions (1624)



Never as in this period, the words of John Donne that exhort mankind to a greater solidarity, to a brotherhood especially in the darkest moments, can be a warning. Even more in this period the bonds between people, relationships, exchange and sharing are values to be kept in mind. This is the theme of the eighth edition of the COMEL Vanna Migliorin Contemporary Art Award: Aluminium Bonds.

Despite the period of uncertainty due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the COMEL Prize has opened its registration to provide European artists with a starting point for the future and to elicit a restart of all activities.

Aluminium Bonds has a figurative sense but also a scientific meaning (aluminium is a metal that lends itself to many alloys and in nature is never found alone) and a technical one: the invitation to the artists is to highlight this splendid metal among the other possible materials and through the different possible techniques.

All artists, aged 18 and over, who were born, live and / or work in each of the countries of the European continent are invited to register by October 31, 2020. Registration is free. All works of painting, sculpture, design, photography and installation in which aluminium will be the main material used, will be allowed to participate.

A jury of experts will select 13 finalist works, which will be exhibited in the final phase of the competition at the Spazio COMEL Arte Contemporanea in Latina, presumably in the first months of next year.  The final dates will be established and communicated as soon as the European health situation permits.

Among the 13 finalists, the winner of the COMEL Prize will be decreed according to the judgment of the jury (who will win a prize of 3500 euros and a solo exhibition with dedicated catalog) and the winner of the Audience Award (who will always be the protagonist of a solo at the Spazio COMEL in Latina), chosen by the visitors of the exhibition, called to vote for their favorite works.

To register or receive more information, visit the website

email: info [at]
19/07/2020 - 17:22

Open call for online exhibition curated by Meredith Rosen of Meredith Rosen Gallery



The guest curator for the next online exhibition is Meredith Rosen of Meredith Rosen Gallery


Meredith Rosen is the principal at Meredith Rosen Gallery, NYC.  She studied Art History at The George Washington University and received an MA from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Art Market - Principles and Practices.  She has worked at Exit Art, was the director at BravinLee programs and founded Sargent's Daughters Gallery on the Lower East Side before starting her own gallery space in 2018.  In 2018 she launched her gallery with an exhibition by artist Jennifer Rubell including a pie performance that was performed everyday the exhibition was open. 


Submission Rules:


1) All Artists from any location can apply.

2) Work submitted must be painting, drawing or sculpture.

3) Image uploaded can not be larger than 500KB.

4) The Image must be clear with a clean white background unless the background is part of the work.

5) There is a 10$ submission fee (however due to the present circumstances with Covid we will accept a minimum of 5$).

6) Artists can not submit more than once.

7) Collaborations are welcome.

8) The work will be posted on both the website and the viral Instagram page.

9) The work will remain on the websites archive.

10) By submitting you give consent to the lines 8 and 9.

11) Artists featured in the past 3 online exhibitions can not submit until 1 year from when they were featured.

12) Artists represented by the guest curator’s gallery can not apply.

13) Artists can submit up to 3 images of works.

See link to submit

email: topainters [at]
19/07/2020 - 05:50

Siilk Gallery Solo Show Art Prize

SIILK GALLERY are pleased to announce the first edition of our photography award, with a cash prize, online feature / artist interview, culminating with a 2 week solo show at our gallery in Athens, Greece. The SIILK Gallery Photography Award is available to photographers and photo based artists around the world working in all methods, genres, and styles. We are looking to support photographers whose work is quality, progressive, and contemporary. We promote originality, free expression, and are against banality and the commercialization of human creativity.




1st place: Solo Exhibition at Siilk Gallery, Cash Prize towards flights and printing costs, Online Feature/ Interview

Runner up: Inclusion in a group show at our gallery in Athens & Online Feature / Interview

Finalists 3-5: Finalists will be offered an online feature / interview

A jury of industry professionals from various backgrounds will select and vote on the prize winners.

Info about the gallery:


SIILK is situated in the Exarchia / Neapoli area of Athens, Greece. The center of art and culture in Athens, it has a thriving arts scene and community. Exarchia has an edgy alternative vibe, its streets decorated with politically charged murals and lined with anarchist bookshops and stores selling rare vinyl and vintage antiques. Bars and clubs host live music, including rembetika, jazz and punk acts. For night life and the arts, entertainment and contemporary culture it is the place to be in Athens, Greece. Neapoli is the more affluent, hipster and young professionals place of choice in the city, and our gallery is located right between these two areas.


Exhibition includes:


Solo exhibition at our gallery space in Athens, Greece in December 2020

Private view, press viewings and other publicity organised by SIILK

Design and printing of invitations, mail out and social media invites

Photography of work for catalogue, website, press and online store

Featured work & artist information on and social media


Submitted Work:


After checkout for the SIILK Competition you will be redirected to the media page where you can add you Bio, contact information and 3 selected works to send to the panel. Please attach the images in JPEG format. If you have any queries please contact us at hello [op] siilkgallery [punt] com




The competition is open to all living artists, with no limitations on age, location or experience.

Entry Fee:

The entry fee is €15 for up to 3 images. Submission fees are nonrefundable and go towards the administrative costs of allocating the awards.




Entry Deadline: Sep 1st, 2020

Artists Notified: Sep 30th, 2020




Artists must maintain all copyrights to submitted work. SIILK declines any responsibility to copyright infringement.




Daniel Peace: Daniel Peace is a photographer, curator, and the founder of SIILK gallery from Newcastle, UK.

His debut exhibitions took place at Hoxton Gallery (UK) and the Royal academy of Art (UK). Since 2015, he has exhibited in and curated throughout North America and Europe.

He has photographed designers at Berlin, Paris, and Mexico City Fashion Week, as well as shooting editorials and lookbooks for designers around the globe. His work has been featured in Féroce, Notion, Noctis, Dazed, i-D, Kaltblut, Autré, Vice, Spindle, Crom, Vogue Britain, and many more.


After living in London, Berlin, and Mexico City, he moved to Athens, Greece in 2019 to open SIILK gallery, with the aim of promoting visual artists who are under-represented within the traditional system.


Giselle Fryatt: Born in the United States, Giselle Fryatt is an award winning creative producer, curator, and art advisor at SIILK Gallery.


Having curated exhibitions and art fairs in the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Luxembourg, she has collaborated with artists, independent, galleries, and cultural institutions across Europe and the United States.

With a focus on collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches, her work has been featured at festivals, galleries, and pop-up spaces around the world. She seeks to support creative practitioners whose work contributes to a critical cultural and societal discourse.


She currently lives between the USA and UK.



email: hello [at]
17/07/2020 - 15:09

BiF Prize ‘20 call for entries: Looking for unconventional photographers

The online magazine about photography and visual culture Bird in Flight announces the third call for entries for the Bird in Flight Prize. It is an international photo contest that aims to support authors who think outside the box of traditional standards.
Photographers all over the world are welcomed to participate. The choice of theme and creative methods is unrestricted. To apply, an author should submit a photo series (from 5 to 12 images) and, if needed, add other media attachments. The application fee is €15; the deadline is 30 August 2020.
Jury board 

- Curator, director of photography at Financial Times FT Weekend Magazine Emma Bowkett (the UK)

- Artist, redefining realness in the context of social identity and fashion, professor of photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK) Ari Versluis (the Netherlands)

- Curator, interested in contemporary documentary and original storytelling, artistic director of the international photo festival Cortona On The Move Arianna Rinaldo (Spain)

- Photographer, founder of the Ukrainian Photography Alternative (UPHA) Misha Pedan (from Ukraine, based in Sweden)

- Curator, head of the Dissemination Department of the Museum of Photography in Krakow Agnieszka Olszewska (Poland)

- Photographer, Bird in Flight Prize ‘19 winner Shadman Shahid (from Bangladesh, currently based in the Netherlands)

- Writer, teacher, photographer, focusing on domestic environment Colin Pantall (the UK)




Ten best projects determined by the judges will be published on Bird in Flight. The winner will receive a €2 000 prize. 
In the special nomination of the Samsung Readers’ Choice Award the best project will be chosen by readers. The winner will be determined by open voting through the contest website and will get a smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.


Another 25 applicants will receive a portfolio review by the jury. This year, the portfolio review will be held onli



To learn more about the contest and to apply, please visit the Bird in Flight Prize website.

email: prize [at]
17/07/2020 - 13:21
South Africa

ACT Zines

ACT Zines calls for creative reflections on the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic and the difficulties imposed by the National Lockdown for the inACTivity Zine project.

ACT Zines is a collaborative self publishing project that focuses on individual performativity of race and gender. The concept of ACT is based on an ability to control our actions with an awareness of our entanglement in a history of taxonomic living.


Usually, an action is initiated with a motive. We eat to get something into our system; whether the action is due to boredom or hunger, the result is what matters – food in our stomachs. It seems like every action has a consequence...or does it?

Is the lockdown making inactivity more significant?
Are we evolving into ‘modern day cave humans’?
I mean, when last have you worn your dress-up outfit? Does it still fit?
Do you enjoy being engulfed by the virtual world, as you keep caressing your darling lover-phone all day long? Then, you think about the times you could take a walk through the park and sneak in a non-virtual kiss to that cutie before the ‘Covid Command Council’ declared holding hands and kissing illegal.


We would love to hear from you, our dear couch potato.
Share your creative fun thoughts with us, whether your disputes are in relation to the Arts, Education, Healthcare, and Essential services, or how social media is a bit too serious and depressing like real life.


Give us a shout, we would love to see your experiments and creative expressions. All mediums are welcome to be in the digital multimedia zine.
Contact us with any queries on the email below.

To be a collaborator, send an introductory email to actzines [op] gmail [punt] com. The introduction should include a short biography and an example of your previous work to give us an impression of you, this can span all creative mediums including writing, multimedia playlists, videos, and podcasts. The call ends on 14 August 2020.
Follow us on Instagram @act_zines


email: actzines [at]