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Call for Artists

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Call for artists

18/12/2020 - 12:07

Ocean Fellowship 2021

The Ocean Fellowship Program is a funded research opportunity offered by TBA21–Academy and held at Ocean Space in Venice, Italy. The 2021 edition is closely affiliated with the exhibition The Soul Expanding Ocean #1: Taloi Havini, to be held at Ocean Space from March 20 to October 17, 2021. The fellowship also forms an integral part of The Current III (working title: The Mediterraneans: “Thus waves, come in pairs,” after Etel Adnan), a transdisciplinary and transregional exercise in sensing, listening, thinking, and learning with—by connecting and supporting situated projects, collective pedagogies, and voices along the Mediterranean shores across the fields of art, culture, science, conservation, and activism.


The program supports six fellows and two mentors to conduct individual and collaborative research as well as investigations with an awareness of oceanic worldviews and marine histories; an understanding of the changes in ocean management and recognition of indigenous marine governance and leadership; non-binarism as a philosophy; equality and social justice. This year, the Fellowship brings attention to story-telling as a method, as an "action" to portray and convey a territory, a mindset, and a substance, encouraging intergenerational exchange, building resilience in communities, and strengthening citizenship.


The fellowship is aimed at undergraduate, master or PhD level students, and at recent graduates, while the mentorship is asking for scholars with a graduate or postgraduate degree with some relevant experience in teaching or mentoring, specialized in various fields of research (eg. Postcolonial and Feminist Studies, Indigenous Studies, Anthropology, Political Science, Accessibility and Educational Sciences, engineering, material sciences, medicine, humanities, social sciences, Curatorial Studies, and Critical Theory). Artists from all fields are encouraged to apply both as Fellows and Mentors. Applicants should engage critically with the oceanic and explore new forms of research. 


For the 2021 edition of the Ocean Fellowship, we are proudly partnering with Artis, who is supporting one fellow artist or researcher from Israel whose work addresses aesthetic, social, and political questions that inspire reflection and debate around oceans with an emphasis on the Mediterranean.


Budget and duration
The Ocean Fellowship Program will offer a total allowance of 5,500 EUR per fellow for the 4-month duration of the program and a total allowance of 8,000 EUR per mentor for the full duration. The allowance may be subject to tax, status will be determined on a case by case basis. Fellows and mentors are expected to finance their own travel, accommodation, and visa costs; we will support each successful applicant individually in the process of securing additional support. 


March 1–5, 2021: Introductory Group Session (online) for all Fellows
March 8–June 30, 2021: First Ocean Fellows Group (three Fellows)
June 21–October 17, 2021: Second Ocean Fellows Group (three Fellows)


Mentors are expected to engage digitally throughout the whole term of March 8–October 17, 2021. A meaningful presence of the Mentors in Venice is required to accompany their group of Fellows (to be determined on a case-by-case basis).


Application procedure
To apply, please visit the application page here. Documents required:

–A letter of motivation in English (maximum 700 words), or your application as Research Mentor; indicating your preferred period for joining the Ocean Fellowship, or for the Mentorship Program, indicating the preferred period of presence on-site (March–June or June–October);

-CV in English (maximum 4 pages); 

-Names and contact details of two professionals or academic referees familiar with your research;

-A research proposal (for fellows only).


Please send the material in one single pdf file by January 10, 2021, to oceanfellows [op] tba21-academy [punt] org.


Selection procedure
An international jury of professionals from diverse backgrounds will be formed to select the most suitable candidates in accordance with the TBA21–Academy and Ocean Space team and the upcoming program by January 30, 2021. The selected candidates will be informed of the jury’s decision by email.


Questions? Contact us at oceanfellows [op] tba21-academy [punt] org

Read more about the 2020 edition of Ocean Fellowship at or at 

email: oceanfellows [at]
website: http://www.ocean-space-org/fellowship
17/12/2020 - 20:12

Project Lazaretta: A call to the Stories of isolation and pandemic from the old and the new world

Eye’s Walk Digital Festival is an innovative festival that combines digital technology, video installation, performing art and experiential design with the unique cultural and architectural background of a city. We are happy to announce an Open Call for our upcoming project: Project Lazaretta: Digital Stories from the Old and New World.


Lazarets used to be quarantine stations, built to prevent plagues from entering the city through people on the ships.


Eye's Walk Digital Festival returns to the Lazarets of Syros and Corfu islands. We visit places that have been quarantine stations for travelers, prisons, places of execution or asylums and aim to explore the search for a better life and hope, which can flourish in the most adverse conditions.


What do spaces tell us about the human condition? What unites us with the thousands of people who passed through the Lazarets of the world? We make this call to keep our tracks alive, to identify traces that make human experience unique and universal.


"Project Lazaretta: Digital Stories from the Old and New World" is supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture and will be completed in two parts:


Part A
Digital culture platform of art work that draws inspiration from the lazarets of Syros and Corfu, focusing on the modern historical context of pandemic. Digital artists are encouraged to study and approach the history of Lazarets and especially those of Syros and Corfu. (Feel free to contact us for suggested study material.)


Form: Digital & Video Art, Screen Dance, Video Performances – maximum duration of 8 minutes.

Entry fee: No entry fee is required

Prize: Each selected artist will be awarded a compensation of 150 euros.

Deadline: Submission of digital and audio projects by 15 January 2021 to info [op] eyeswalk [punt] gr

Part B
Audio documentary from selected thoughts, words and sounds from people living today's Pandemic and Isolation. The audio documentary will lead to the production of Soundscape-Storytelling in conjunction with Video Art Installation in the two Lazarettas.

This call is open to anyone who wants to participate and does not require participation in Part A or previous artistic activity.


Form: Participants are invited to send us an mp4 audio with their voice answering the following questions: • What do you see? • What are you listening to? • What do you feel?
Entry fee: No entry fee is required
Prize: No compensation for participants
Deadline: Submission of digital and audio projects by 15 January 2021 to info [op] eyeswalk [punt] gr


The full text of Open Call can be found here in Greek and in English

email: info [at]
16/12/2020 - 16:14

Biennale College Musica Calls 2021 Composers/Performers

Biennale College is La Biennale’s project dedicated to the training of young artists in its different art sectors. It offers participants the opportunity of working side-by-side with international teachers, for the realisation of “creations” that will be part of the Festival programmes.

Calls are dedicated to young composers interested in writing for vocal ensemble a cappella (max 5 voices); to young composers who are interested in site-specific sound installations; to young experimental performers, DJ’s, turntablists, controllerists, and live electronics performers, interested in experimenting with pre-recorded voices and vocal ensembles.


- Call 1: Composers for vocal ensemble, the workshop is dedicated to young composers interested in writing for a cappella vocal ensemble (max. 5 voices).


- Call 2: Composers working at sound installations, the workshop is dedicated to young composers interested in site-specific sound installations. The selected composers will have the opportunity to create a new site-specific sound installation.

- Call 3: Performers and Experimental Performance, the workshop is open to young experimental performers, DJs, turntablists, controllerists and live electronics performers interested in experimenting with pre-recorded voice. The selected performers will have the opportunity to realize an experimental performance.


DEADLINE: 18 February 2021.


email: promozione [at]
16/12/2020 - 16:00

Biennale College Musica Calls 2021 Composers/Performers


Biennale College is La Biennale’s project dedicated to the training of young artists in its different art sectors. It offers participants the opportunity of working side-by-side with international teachers, for the realisation of “creations” that will be part of the Festival programmes. 

Calls are dedicated to young composers interested in writing for vocal ensemble a cappella (max 5 voices); to young composers who are interested in site-specific sound installations; to young experimental performers, DJ’s, turntablists, controllerists, and live electronics performers, interested in experimenting with pre-recorded voices and vocal ensembles.



email: college-musica [at]
16/12/2020 - 12:02

Puchi Award 2021

La Casa Encendida and Fulgencio Pimentel are pleased to present the fifth Puchi award.


The competition is open to books in any genre or form: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, novels, comics, picture books, essays, cookbooks, geography books, combinations of the above or any other type imaginable. We’re looking for one-of-a-kind book, or even a whole new kind of book.


Puchi Award seeks for the most innovative, groundbreaking, vibrant book proposals in any genre, focusing on their boldness and their links with present-day art languages.


Prize: 8.000 € + publication


Submisions: 15/12/2020 – 18/02/2021


More info and submision at


email: puchi [at]
15/12/2020 - 23:44
United States

CURRENTS New Media 2021: Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: CURRENTS New Media 2021

Submission Deadline: February 1, 2021

Notified by: March 15, 2021

Festival Dates: June 18 - 27, 2021


CURRENTS New Media is now accepting digital media art submissions in the fields of:

-Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Environments 

-Multimedia Performance 

-Desktop Experiences 




Every summer since 2010, CURRENTS New Media has been putting on one of the leading art and technology festivals in the United States.  Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, CURRENTS brings together the work of established and emerging new media artists from the USA and around the world. In August 2020, we presented our first entirely-online festival with great success.  


After a year of global change, adjustment and learning new ways to connect, we are planning an online festival with a smaller, onsite festival if COVID permits.


Submission Fee: $25 for single submission, $20 per submission for multiple submissions


To apply, please read our submission guidelines and fill out the submission form on our website.


CURRENTS New Media champions new media arts and supports artists in creating innovative work. Our annual festival, educational programs, and exhibition space give the public year-round access to immersive and expansive art experiences.


The Festival is the result of a collaboration between Parallel Studios, its partners throughout the city and the many volunteers who invest their time to support this project. 




email: connect [at]
15/12/2020 - 22:35
Russian Federation

V International Bad Video Art Festival



The fifth edition of BAD VIDEO ART FESTIVAL will take place in Moscow, Russia, in 2021.


Open to artists worldwide. NO fees.


submission link:


We are looking for videos which are at the intersection of bad art, bad painting and bad cinema. We propose to study extreme forms of video art and single out certain video art works as bad videos or "B-videos". Join us if you are interested in the issues of quality and boundaries of art, or just love video art. 


The International Bad Video Art Festival (BVAF) is an independent artist-run initiative. Video artists and bad movie fans Natalia Monakhova and Andrey Slaschilin have once decided to find out whether there is something like bad video art. It is well known that bad movies have long ago formed a special cultural field with its own heroes and fans. In other arts sectors the issue of the bad has not been problematized so actively. 


There is no competition, no hype. Just bad video art from all over the world because it really exists in this world. And there are artists fearless enough to take part in the Festival without being afraid of labels or disrepute.Bad Video Art Festival is a good example of successful international communication beyond any geographical, social or cultural limits, or fictional ranking.




email: badvideoart [at]
15/12/2020 - 22:34
United States

Arte Natura

Arte Natura is a thematic exhibition based on art inspired by the natural world. The exhibition will be held at the Limner Gallery, May 13 - June 5, 2021 and is open to all artists working in any media. All interpretations of the theme are acceptable, including landscape, fruits, vegetables, flowers and fauna and human figuration as part of the natural environment. $500 cash award. On-line entry form at

email: slowart [at]
15/12/2020 - 14:08

OPEN CALL: solo show at Sol Nexoe

Deadline: January 3rd 2021, 23:59 CET

Response: January 11th 2021

Period of exhibition: September 10th – October 3rd 2021


About Sol:

Sol is an artist-run exhibition space of contemporary art located at the old industrial harbour in Nexø on Bornholm (Denmark). Since 2019 Sol has established itself as a local center of visual art and has hosted a number of solo exhibitions with both Danish and international artists. In 2021 the exhibition programme consists of six exhibitions – among these one is announced as an Open Call. The focus of the 2021 programme  is to expand the framework of innovative collaborations between artists and business life and civil society local to Bornholm.


Open Call:

Our open call is directed towards solo projects made by visual artists. It is not possible to apply as a group. There is no thematic framework but we expect that a proposal for an exhibition will consider the specific location and context of Sol and contain a suggestion of a collaboration relevant for the exhibition. This does not need to be concretised regarding which person or institution to work with but rather sketched as an idea. E.g. a collaboration with a local astrologist in artist talk in darkness, or a collaboration with the local historical archive. Sol will assist finding the right collaboration partner. We encourage applicants to be creative in their imagining what a collaboration could be and to look at it as an opportunity to expand the artistic gesture.


Applicants fee:

All applications are charged with a fee of 100 DKK (with Danish bank transfer) or 15 € (with international bank transfer with shared bank transfer costs). Transfer to the following account in Arbejdernes Landsbank: Reg: 5340 Konto: 0000240446. For international bank transfer use: IBAN: DK7053400000240446 / SWIFT: ALBADKKK . Name your transfer OPEN_last name (e.g. OPEN_abramovic).


Sol is offering:

  • Salary for building the exhibition and participating in related activities: 5000 DKK
  • Viewing fee: 5000 DKK
  • Travel costs (Denmark): max 1000 DKK
  • Travel costs (internationally): max 2000 DKK

Transport of works (both ways): max 2000 DKK

Sol will also offer professional documentation of the exhibition, PR, a printed publication, transport insurance and guarding of the exhibition for the whole duration. Sol will assist within the process of applying for production funds.


The application must include:

Completed application form

CV (max 1 page)

5 A4 pages with documentation of artworks (video- and sound files must be send as link)

Receipt/screenshot documenting completed bank transfer


Save the document as one single PDF, named Open_lastname.pdf (e.g. OPEN_abramovic.pdf) and send it to

curator [op] solnexoe [punt] com with the subject: OPEN . We accept applications written in Danish, English, Swedish and Norwegian.


The applications will be assessed by Sofie Amalie Andersen, director at Sol and Signe Boe, curator of the 2021 programme.

Applications that do not fit the criteria or are received after the deadline on January 3rd will not be taken into consideration.

The exhibition programme of 2021 is made possible with support from the Danish Art Foundation, Øernes Kunstfond and Det Obelske Familiefond.


If you have questions or doubts regarding the Open Call please contact us by email at info [op] solnexoe [punt] com

email: curator [at]
15/12/2020 - 09:11

ArtConnect's Open call: Artists to Watch 2021

This past year has challenged us in ways we didn't know were possible, and the art sector has been put under extreme pressure. Despite this, artists have risen to meet the challenge and continuously brought their creativity, innovation, and strength to the world.


To celebrate this and highlight the talent in our community, we are calling to find the Artists to Watch 2021!

The winners will be featured in ArtConnect Magazine, promoted extensively worldwide and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects of ArtConnect. The selected works will be seen by more than 90,000 monthly unique visitors around the world.



Disciplines: All disciplines
Location: Worldwide



  • - Selected artists will be featured in a digital showcase published in January 2021 and kept on display for future reference.

- The artists will be promoted extensively on ArtConnect and prominently displayed on the Discover page, where collectors, curators, and art lovers alike come to find new talents.

- A dedicated newsletter announcing the winners and linking their profiles will be sent to our audience of devoted art professionals and enthusiastic art lovers.

- Each artist will have one of their projects shared on ArtConnect’s Instagram & Facebook, reaching an international community of people interested in and inspired by art.

- The artists will be automatically considered for future projects by ArtConnect’s curatorial team, including the first to know about possible opportunities to exhibit, publish, or sell their artworks in cooperation with ArtConnect.


Application Fee: €8

This fee helps us support ArtConnect's curators and continue our mission to empower artists.

January 10, 2021, 23:59 CET

Learn more and apply here

email: hello [at]