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Call for Artists

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Call for artists

16/02/2020 - 21:05

Employment or internship in arts centre in France


This is a front-of-house role in a busy gallery/shop/café in an arts centre in a medieval village in France. The candidate should be energetic, proactive and highly organised, and have a keen interest in hospitality and be passionate about art, craft and design. He, she or they will spend most of their time interacting with the public in the gallery/shop/café, so French language proficiency is essential. They will serve artisanal tea and coffee and speak with international clients about the art and craft works that are on sale. The individual will also assist with the residency programme, helping artists in residence in various ways and participating in the life of La Porte Peinte. Someone who wishes to enter the field of arts administration, management or residency programmes will be able to learn much. There will also be an opportunity to collaborate on creative aspects of running the gallery. A designer, artist or maker in the position will be  mentored and invited to create work that may be shown and sold in the gallery/shop. The ideal candidate will be a people person who is enthusiastic, engaged, efficient and autonomous. Longer term employment is a possibility.


La Porte Peinte is an international arts centre located in Noyers sur Serein, a medieval village in Burgundy that is recognized as one of the 100 most beautiful villages in France. Based in a rambling medieval half-timbered building that leans out over the village square like something from a fairy tale, La Porte Peinte offers artists, makers, musicians and writers in residence the opportunity to engage in creative exploration and exchange in an unusually inspiring and supportive environment. 


This position can be structured as an internship or as salaried employment. Candidates for the internship must be enrolled in higher education or recently graduated. Candidates for either position must be EU citizens or have permission to work in France.



Duration: 6-9 months beginning 1 April 2020



Art • Design • Café • Shop • Gallery • Craft • Artist residencies • Medieval village  • France  • Hospitality • Tourism  


Language requirements:

English: Independent User B1

French: Independent User B2



    Organisational skills
    Human interaction
    Sales ability
    Cultural awareness
    Art and design knowledge
    Leadership ability


How to Apply:

To apply, send motivation letter, CV, and email addresses for two references to info [op] laportepeinte [punt] com


Application deadline 1 March 2020

email: info [at]
15/02/2020 - 11:27

Odesa Photo Days 2020 Open Call


Odesa Photo Days International Festival 2020 will be held from April 23 to 26 in Odesa, Ukraine. The theme of the sixth festival is «Who Is Next To You». By March 1st, 2020, a series of works are accepted in the framework of an open call for participation in the main exhibition of the festival.



How often do we pay attention to the people around us? What do we know about our sexual partners, people living under the same roof with us, our children, our friends, or strangers that we run into in a supermarket or in a bus? Entertaining illusions that we know how people in the neighboring countries live, we only know, in fact, that what hits the news. What is more, sometimes we cannot name the bordering states, and different tastes and opinions still take us aback. Finally, finding ourselves near OTHERS who hold different opinions than we do, we feel discomfort and aggression rather than willingness to listen to them and to understand them.


The contemporary world is open thanks to the Internet — and closed because of our social interaction bubbles. The information flow is massive — and, at the same time, controlled and limited in every given country. Smartphone apps help us meet new people — but meeting them, we get embarrassed, having no idea how to spend more than half an hour in their company. We call on you to turn your attention to people around you, to try to understand the OTHER, to learn about people who are geographically distant but live in the same hemisphere as you do. We would like to see and show you stories about other, unfamiliar traditions, values, and passions. This will help us understand what unites all of us — so different from each other — and whether it unites us at all.


Terms of participation

Each author can only submit one photo series for the contest.

1. PDF format, maximum pages – 10, number of pictures – unlimited, short text describing the series. Installation proposal & tech requirements — optional. PDF should be named: Name_LastName_Project title.
2. E-mail subject: “Open call Last name_First name_Country”
3. Fill in online application
4. Registration fee — 15 euro

You can make a bank transfer through PayPal (euro) (it is necessary to fill in purpose of payment field: «Open call Last name_First name_Country»)


Works and payment confirmation send to thephotodays [op] gmail [punt] com


The deadline for accepting applications is March 1, 2020.
The results will be announced in the end of March 2020.

email: thephotodays [at]
13/02/2020 - 16:30

Call for artists - Love Sharing Festival 6th Edition - Madness and Revolution

Organized by Theandric, a drama company taking an innovative and experimental approach to political theatre, “Love Sharing” is the first International Festival dedicated to the culture of peace and non- violence.

Contemporary art, scientific research, social and political innovation get in touch with each other, with the territory, with the social and political institutions, with residents and citizens by challenging their views and engaging in debates in order to build an expanding net.

Will a world without violence ever exist?

The 6th edition will be held in 2020 in Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy). It will focus on Madness and Revolution.

How many meanings does the word “madness” have?

Which is the relationship between madness and social, political and scientific revolution?

Madness means being unconventional, breaking the rules, changing perspective.

In this 6th Edition, Love Sharing Festival analyses madness and its limits through the lens of Nonviolence.

There are more ways than one to be crazy.

Which types of collective madness are there? War, environmental degradation, consumerism?

Is it legitimate to consider people insane if they don’t respect social norms? If so, what’s their fate as individuals?

What defines a person as crazy, talking about mental illness?

Is there a link between madness and political dissent?

Very often, foolish people are pioneers, the ones who can find in a closed system a gateway to change and improvement. This is true for scientists and artists. But are we foolish enough?

And what about love, the sweetest madness? Is there a force as capable as love to give our lives a twist?

The boundaries between craziness and normality, sense, freedom and power are constantly redrawn as human sensitivity changes, in historical, social and cultural terms.

Madness is like a creature that can’t be tamed.

If you are an artist (theatre, dance, music, circus, performing arts, visual arts) and you want to give your contribution to this exciting topic, we are ready to receive your proposals.

Fill in the online form in the "Open Call 2020" section of our website:


email: organizzazione [at]
13/02/2020 - 16:03
United Kingdom

The Mothership - artist retreats in South West Dorset

Applications open: 17.02.20 - 01.03.20

The Mothership is run by artist Anna Best and offers time and space to artists, without an external agenda or pressure to produce. It began as a social art project, exploring exchange between host, community and guest, and an experiment in how to operate a residency with minimum means. 

Residents have access to pasture and ancient woodland, designated as sites of Special Scientific Interest, and a geologically famous coast a few miles away. There is potential for collaboration and exchange with artists based in the Bridport area and locally in the South West region.

Since 2016, The Mothership has invited over 60 contemporary artists. For more information please see the Mothership blog -

In 2020, there are 3 residency opportunities – each of which will be a minimum of 3 weeks  – which are offered without cost and will be awarded by a selection panel in March.

Interested artists are invited to explore the provocation  – ‘RETREAT!

Why do we need to retreat and what are we retreating from? From battle? Taking a break? Are we exploring the borders of individualism/self sufficiency and if so what might we then encounter?’

Residencies take place between the following periods:
April 20th - May 20th
June 1st - July 15th
September 7th - October 21st
Nov 2nd - Dec 16th
For a period of at least 3 weeks.

For more information and how to apply, please visit the website:
Applications accepted Feb 17th - March 1st 2020.

email: anna [at]
13/02/2020 - 11:09

2nd International Contemporary Art Bienalle NO standART

International Association & Foundation


together with associated partner VSI 'Gabrieles Meno Galerija'
and partners
Kaunas Cultural Centre, Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations, Kaunas Museum of Education and Science, Gallery Balta/White, Remis Tattoo Gallery, Art Magazine FAKfulness and Business Park AUŠRA




2nd International Contemporary Art BIENALLE
'NO standART.The Nomads'

and invite
artists, musicians, researchers, educational and scietific inovators
to join an interdisciplinary program.

for more information apply to: iaf [punt] animamundi [op] gmail [punt] com


email: iaf.animamundi [at]
13/02/2020 - 07:27
South Korea

Call for Artists: CICA Young Korean Artists Solo Show Series Fall 2020

CICA Museum invites Korean artists worldwide and international artists based in Korea to participate in the Young Korean Artists Show Series Fall 2020 and the publication. Each selected artist will have a solo exhibition for a week in the gallery space (around 44m2) at the CICA Museum. The artists will be also featured in the the e-book, “CICA Art Now 2021,” which will be available via Amazon. The printed version will be available by order.

*The categories include:
– Painting
– Photography
– Sculpture and Installation Art
– Performance
– Video & New Media Art

March 6, 2020: Close submissions
March 9-20, 2020: Approvals: Selected artists will be notified by email.
Between June and December 2020: Young Korean Artists Show Series
August 1, 2021: Expected publication date of “CICA Art Now 2021″

*How to submit your work:
–For more information, please visit our website:

If your work is selected, you will be required to pay the show maintenance fee: $500 (USD). The artist is responsible for the installation, shipment and delivery of his/her work to and from CICA Museum, as well as all related expenses.

We look forward to the participation of creative artists. If you have any questions, please visit our “Contact Us” page ( and leave a message.

email: cicamuseum [at]
12/02/2020 - 20:01
United States

Wish You Were Here: The Postcard Show


In 1921 when the Pacific Art League was first formed, our Mission Statement was to ‘encourage friendship among artists”. Now almost 100 years later, in May of 2020,  PAL will once again be all about promoting friendship and connections between creatives. What better way to stay connected than through POSTCARDS!! For this open and unjuried exhibition we will ask artists to create artwork - framed or unframed - that is 4 x 6”. Any medium and any subject matter will be allowed as long as the artwork strictly fits a 4 x 6” format. Of course, themes including “wish you were here…” or “from the great state of…” will be most appreciated and humor will be considered an asset.

This show will be a great opportunity for emerging artists to exhibit along-side well known and established artists. It is also a great chance for artists outside California to exhibit their work to a new audience.  Artists can submit up to 15 postcards to this exciting show. This is the perfect time to start that limited edition series you’ve been wanting to start for the past few years.



May 1st – May 28th



Open to both PAL members and non-members in all mediums (except video)



Members: $20 and $5 each additional submission
Non-Members: $30 and $5 each additional submission
(Limit to 15 submissions total)



Directions to submit are at the bottom of this page



Thursday April 2nd, 2020



Thursday April 9th, 2020



First Friday, May 1st, 2020 from 5:30pm-8:00pm



Accepted works must be hand delivered to PAL on Thursday, April 23rd or Friday April 24th (10am-4pm) ONLY. If you are sending your work through post, please send them to:


Pacific Art League
Gallery Manager
668 Ramona Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Please provide a prepaid return label for any unsold works.



Exhibited works must be picked up at PAL at the end of the exhibit on Thursday, May 28th or Friday May 29th (10am-4pm) ONLY.



Share of sales price for members = 60% (in favor of the artist). Share of sales price non-members = 50% (in favor of the artist)



All artwork submitted will be accepted unless the subject matter is deemed inappropriate.



All work must be original and not previously exhibited at PAL
-All work must be ready to hang
-Size of work is limited to 4” by 6”, including frame. No exceptions. Anything larger or smaller (even by an inch) will not be exhibited and returned at the cost of the artist.
-All work must be labeled on the back with Name, Price, and Medium
-Please contact the gallery manager if you have questions

email: donny [at]
12/02/2020 - 14:59

Open Call for Artists | Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival

TQAF 2020 | “τι είναι φόβος; what is fear?”


Through a series of online interventions, TQAF 2020 aims to offer the opportunity for underrepresented LBGTQIA artists, writers and activists from across the Balkans and other selected regions to reveal their practice to a spectating audience from 20-28 June, 2020. This year, TQAF will be showcasing selected works, performances and workshops digitally.


We welcome proposals across disciplines, such as, visual artworks, poetry and writing, workshops, performances, video and film presentations, community interventions and talks or lectures that investigate the question: what is fear? These will be presented through a curated series of social media, blog and website posts and live streamings, according to the needs of each selected project.


While climate emergencies are posing greater threats to survival; economic and political responses have been slow. International trade is expanding markets whilst capitalism continues to thrive. Balancing our finite resources with the ongoing pressure we impose on ourselves is one of the main challenges we face as a global community and through our individual queerness. What is fear? invites cultural practitioners to investigate what fear is to them on a personal and communal level. 


Queerness itself seems to be an outcome of and an exercise in alternate temporalities, creative life plans, and eccentric financial strategies that stand against the structures that led us to today’s increasing conservationism and environmental crises. Being queer encapsulates the potential of a liberatory relationship with time, space and society. We aspire that the lack of topospecificity in this year’s edition of TQAF will not only help us share the work of queer artists with a wider audience, but will subsequently open new pathways for connecting and collaborating with LGBTQIA organisations across the Balkans and internationally. We are therefore inviting artists, performers, writers and academics to design proposals that can be displayed, shared and distributed online.




Deadline for submission: 13 March, 2020.


  • - Name, contact details and artist statement (150 words maximum).

- Submission of up to 3 works (please send WeTransfer link in submission email for completed works).
- Supporting statements for each artwork or project proposal outlining the media you are working in (100 words maximum, including any guidelines that you would like us to adhere to in terms of the work’s online presentation).
- All materials should be provided in Greek or English.
- Link to your website, Instagram or other social media accounts (optional).
- We welcome applications regardless of ethnicity, race, age, sexual orientation or gender identity.


Please email your submission to the following address: submissions [punt] tqaf [op] gmail [punt] com  


The organising committee will review the submitted proposals, select the projects that will be presented and notify selected artists by email. Entries that do not meet the specifications will not be considered.

email: submissions.tqaf [at]
12/02/2020 - 04:02

Girl Museum Contemporary Art Series - Call for Submissions

Girl Museum is seeking submissions of original artwork from female artists who explore girlhood and the experience of displacement - those who have had to redefine and re-examine identity in light of new environments. Whether it is missing the country in which you were born, a longing for new surroundings, or a desire to connect with a sense of ‘home’, we want to hear about your experience. 


We are particularly interested in how perceptions and expressions of the female experience, particularly girlhood, can differ depending on social norms and contexts, but any work under this broad umbrella is welcome.  


All forms of artistic media (including video, audio, images, and text) are included in this call. Since we are a virtual museum, all work must be submitted in digital formats - either digitally created or photographed/scanned. 


Please send the following to Scarlett at scarlett [op] girlmuseum [punt] org:

Up to 5 artworks (no more than 8 files) in .jpg or .png format (max 200 dpi). 

Please include title, date, and alt-descriptions of the works.

A link to relevant works in an online portfolio (if applicable).

If your work is video, let us know and we can discuss the best way to send large files. 

Please note that in order to present on our website, we will request the video be uploaded to Girl Museum’s YouTube channel. 

Your name, CV, and a short (100-word) biography.

An artist statement about the works, maximum 500 words.


Please note that ALL files will be deleted after the selection process. If your work is chosen, we will request high-resolution images for the exhibition.


The deadline for submissions is April 15th. The exhibition launches on March 1, 2021.


If you have any queries, please send them to Scarlett (scarlett [op] girlmuseum [punt] org). We look forward to seeing your work.


Scarlett Evans

-Manager, Contemporary Art


email: scarlett [at]
11/02/2020 - 21:17

The Performer

THE PERFORMER Call for Exhibition


Accepted media: Photography, Digital Visual Design

Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city. October 2020


In the next exhibition the figure of the performer will be our gaze's protagonist .

The gathered works will once again make explicit the role of the photographic medium, already highlighted with the experiences of the performing arts since the 1960s, in the process of creation and diffusion, as well as documentation, analysis and interpretation of the performative act.

The key element is the "gesture", as in any type of performative performance: artistic, theatrical, choreographic, musical, etc., understood as a set of signs of a corporeal and primitive language, as cultural codes that concern behavior, through which the performer seeks contact, involvement and often active participation.

The figure of the performer is thus recalled as the author of the artistic performance but also of the athletic one, where aesthetics, balance of form, harmony of gesture become visual stimuli that involves the emotional sphere of the observer.


Submissions at

Deadline 7th June 2020

email: info [at]