Call for Artists

Call for Artists

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Call for artists

20/09/2019 - 21:11

We are looking for 4 street art artists!

Call for artists!
We are looking for 4 street art artists!
Nomadak “El Trenico” or “The little train” - bike & street art is an artistic creation and cultural management project. It is a nomadic artistic residence that will be developed by bicycle. The four selected artists will join adventure and street art: there will be exclusive days to be inspired and lost in the nature of the Basque Country by bicycle and there will be days to develop artistic works - participatory artistic activities, muralism, paper, graffiti, signage, workshops ...-. At the same time, meetings with artists and different cultural associations of the territory are planned so that the immersion in the Basque artistic and cultural ecosystem is complete.

email: artgiada [at]
18/09/2019 - 21:04

Concert in the 21st Century


Concert in the 21st Century is designed for classical musicians or ensembles to have an opportunity to work with highly experienced professionals who are engaged in presenting classical music today.


Take a closer look at the existing concert format and explore new ways to present classical and contemporary music. If you are a musician who wants to go beyond the traditional concert experience, this program is an ideal fit.


Visiting faculty in previous years have included performing artists such as conductor Robert Spano; violinist and director of chamber music at Spoleto Festival USA, Geoff Nuttall; and actor Daniel Pettrow. Faculty have also included arts administrators such as president and CEO of Washington Performing Arts, Jenny Bilfield; director of Verbier Festival Academy, Stephen McHolm; and New York Times music critic Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim.


What does the program offer?

Gain the the time to think and create, the opportunity to consult one-on-one with faculty members and participate in lively discussions, and be immersed in concert in the 21st century. The residency will offer workshops on pitching projects to presenters and funders, and marketing concert programs. You will also have the opportunity to work with Banff Centre’s Media + Production department on a short promotional videoabout yourself and your work. 

Building on previous innovative residencies with Pedja Muzijevic, Concert in the 21st Century offers an informal, nurturing though intense, learning environment for participants to gain skills in concert curation and making important performance decisions. These decisions include:

  • concert lengths
  • performer placements
  • lighting
  • overall concert experience
  • video documentation

In addition, space and technical support will be available for a limited number of classical music collectives coming with interdisciplinary artists such as dancers, actors, lighting designers, or video artists.


Who should apply?

We welcome applications from musicians who want to learn about concert presentation and curation, as well as musicians in the process of developing new innovative presentations for the stage. Chamber music groups are also welcome to apply.


Application Deadline: October 30, 2019
Dates: February 10 - February 21, 2020


Apply Online


Fees & Financial Assistance

  • Program Fee (shared room) $1 680.21+GST
  • Program Fee (single room) $2 054.74+GST
  • Program Fee with Financial Aid (shared room)* $1 130.31+GST
  • Program Fee with Financial Aid (single room)* $1 504.84 +GST

Application fee: $65 for individuals or groups. Individual group members must pay an additional registration fee of $35 on acceptance.


*Financial Aid up to 65% may be available to cover tuition (meal plans and accommodation are not eligible)


email: arts_info [at]
18/09/2019 - 20:53

Banff Puppet Theatre Intensive

Program Overview

In this workshop, the Old Trouts will share their techniques and experiences gained from working in a collaborative consensus-based ensemble, and participants will apply these strategies throughout.


What does the program offer?

This workshop explores the creation and performance modalities connected to the work of the Old Trout Puppet Workshop, as well as additional, abstract approaches to the art of puppet and mask-orientated performance through collaborative consensus-based ensemble practice.


Participants will build, create, and collectively explore new facets of their work with the focus on discovery, rather than definite results. Participants will also work through exercises based in physical theatre theory and mask work, among others. These exercises will support the foundation of original theatrical puppet performances. 


Participants will create individual puppets, engage in small ensembles, and collaboratively create short experimental projects for public presentation. Please see the itinerary section below for more information on the intensive’s themes and activities.


Who should apply?

The workshop is open to puppeteers, actors, dancers, directors, designers, teachers, visual artists, writers, and anyone with a willing spirit.


Application Deadline: October 30, 2019
Dates: January 02 - January 16, 2020


Apply Online


Fees & Financial Assistance

  • Program Fee (shared room): $2 251.58+GST
  • Workshop Fee Only: $1 057.50+GST

Banff Centre application fee: $35 


A non-refundable deposit of $100 towards the workshop fee will be charged upon registration.

email: arts_info [at]
18/09/2019 - 20:22
United States

Call for Art - 98th Anniversary

This November Pacific Art League celebrates its birthday with the 98th Anniversary Exhibition. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your work displayed at this milestone celebration in our historic downtown Palo Alto location. The 98th Anniversary Exhibition is open to all artists and proceeds from this year’s exhibition supports PAL’s mission to bring kids’ art education to the underserved local community. 


The exhibition is free to submit but for every work accepted we ask for $100 (tax-deductible) donation that goes directly to supporting PAL's mission.  

PAL is also accepting artwork from young artists (under 18) for special display in the print room. Please see details below 



November 1 – 27, 2019



Open to all artistic works. Limits on video and installation (contact us with questions). Open to PAL members and non-members.



The exhibition is free to submit but for every work accepted we ask for $100 (tax-deductible) donation for both members and non-members. Your generous donation goes directly to supporting kids’ arts education in the local under-served community.



Directions to submit are at the bottom of this page. 

Submissions by young artists (under 18) are welcome. Parents, grandparents, or friends may submit work on behalf of young artists (under 18) under the same guidelines as above. Please indicate is the artwork was created by a young artist.



Thursday, October 10, 2019



Wednesday, October 16, 2019 (by email)



Pacific Art League Committee



First Friday, November 1, 2019, 5:30pm-8:00pm



Accepted works must be hand delivered to PAL on Thursday, October 24 (10am-4pm) or Friday, October 25 (10am-4pm).



Exhibited works must be picked up at PAL at the end of the exhibit on Monday, December 2 (10am-4pm) or Tuesday, December 3 (10am-4pm).



60% for Members (in favor of the artists) / 50% for Non-Members



● All work must be original and not previously exhibited at PAL

● All 2D work must be ready to hang on a wire.

● All 2D work must be framed or on gallery -wrapped canvas with finished edges.

● Size of work is limited to 36” wide by 36” tall, including frame (contact below for inquiry)

● All work must be labeled on the front with title and artist’s name.

● Please contact the gallery manager if you have questions on pricing artwork.



Please contact Donny Foley, Gallery Manager at donny [op] pacificartleague [punt] org with any questions relating to submissions, opportunities for artists, exhibition, or sales.

Please contact Jon Graves, PAL Executive Director at Jon [op] pacificartleague [punt] org for corporate sponsorships, artist sponsorship, partnerships or to make a charitable contribution 

email: donny [at]
18/09/2019 - 15:32

Welcome to apply for the 35th edition of Kiruna International Snow Sculpture Competition

Welcome all artist to apply for participation to Kiruna International Snow Sculpting Competition! The snow sculpture cometion is a part of Kiruna Snow Festival, wich will be held for the 35th time on january 22/1-26/1 2020


"When the light returns and the cold is biting the skin the people of Kiruna celebrate the snow and the winter with the Kiruna Snow Festival. This winter festival is held during the last weekend of january in the middle of the Kiruna city center, and as always the festival is full of activities for all ages."


During the Snowfestival you will be able to take part in the rich culture Kiruna has to offer. With everything from snow-sculptures, painting exhibitions, dog sledding, figure skating, live music preformances and a kid’s playground designed by snow. But the main event of the festival is undoubtedly the Kiruna International Snow Sculpture Competition. A world class competition which attracts some of the best artist from all over the world.

The Snow festival is organized annually in central Kiruna by the local music organisation Tusen Toner.


The Kiruna International Snow Sculpting Competition is an annual art event in the town centre of Kiruna in Swedish Lapland. You can watch the artists at work, sculpting the most fantastic shapes in snow, on january 22-25 2019. The award ceremony takes place in the town centre, on january 25 at 13.30. The sculptures will be available for public display in the town centre until they melt during the spring.


And each participating team will have the opportunity to work with a snow block of highest quality of natural snow measuring 3x3x3m (27m³).
The Kiruna International Snow Sculpting Competition and Kiruna Snow Festival celebrates 35 years as an annual art event in the town centre of Kiruna, located in the far north of Swedish Lapland. The competition follows established international guidelines for snow sculpture competitions (for more information please visit or website).

You will have until the 30th of november 2019 to send in your application, after that the admission committee will start the process of selecting the teams.



If you're an artist and interested in participating in the snow sculpting contest, please check out the application info for Kiruna International Snow Sculpting Competition 2020 here.

email: alex [at]
18/09/2019 - 00:49
United Kingdom

Call for Artists - A5 Portfolio #32 (November 2019)

A5 magazine wants to try and shine a light on some of the amazing artists working today. We are now taking entries for the November edition of the zine.


Brief: send us a large digital image of your work. Also send us any information you think is relevant. Any text needs to be kept brief as we get hundreds of submissions.


Deadline: 5th November 2019


Entries can be emailed to us at november [op] afive [punt] co [punt] uk


Instagram: @a5zine

Twitter: @a5zine


email: november [at]
18/09/2019 - 00:05

Open Call for Submissions: 10” x 10” Artwork

Calling all Canadian Artists! This is an open submission call for a lightly screened exhibition in Vancouver, BC.

“Ten Squared” is the annual fundraising exhibition for the Federation of Canadian Artists. In this non-juried exhibition artists are invited to submit pieces that are exactly 10″ x 10″, unframed, and up to $500 in value.

This exhibition is perfectly timed for the holiday rush when buyers are looking for a little something special for a loved one. Ten by ten artworks will tantalize holiday shoppers in the final exhibition before the winter break.

Let’s raise funds and spirits before the New Year!


Submissions Deadline
November 20, 2019

Exhibition Dates
December 16-22, 2019


Who are we?

The Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) is the largest arts service organization in Canada, 2800 members strong. The FCA is a registered charity founded in 1941 by professional Canadian working artists including Group of Seven luminaries Lawren Harris, Arthur Lismer, and A.Y. Jackson. Today we exist to provide exhibition opportunities and education to artists, furthering Canada's commitment to arts and culture.


email: fcagallery [at]
18/09/2019 - 00:04

Open Submission Call for Artists – “Spotlight Exhibition”

The Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) is having an open exhibition for members and non-members across Canada.

Stepping into the spotlight is our new, exclusive, four-day exhibition. The exhibition opens with a private gallery viewing and Client Appreciation Night for our gallery's patrons. Your artwork is aligned with the VIP experience, where motivated artists can sell their artwork directly to our serious buyers. Clients can purchase artwork no sooner than the opening night. The Federation will collect a commission of 50% for sales.

Open to any theme or subject matter, this exhibition puts your artwork in front of buyers.


Learn more or submit online here:

Submission deadline is October 23rd by 11:59PM

Exhibition runs: November 21 - 24


Who are we?

The Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) is the largest arts service organization in Canada, 2800 members strong. The FCA is a registered charity founded in 1941 by professional Canadian working artists including Group of Seven luminaries Lawren Harris, Arthur Lismer, and A.Y. Jackson. Today we exist to provide exhibition opportunities and education to artists, furthering Canada's commitment to arts and culture.

email: fcagallery [at]
16/09/2019 - 22:25

Anni and Heinrich Sussmann Open Call 2019 - Living in a Surveillance Society

Every two to three years (depending on the foundation’s financial situation) an open call will be sent out searching for new or existing projects of individual artist and artist groups. The Anni and Heinrich Sussman Foundation will support the chosen project with an award of 5000 euro for this particular call. The Sussmann Foundation will pose a new topic that connects the founding idea with the current global political and social situation. The winner of all received submissions will be the one, which according to a panel will be best suitable to be actually realized.


For 2019 the Anni and Heinrich Sussman foundation will emphasis the following issue:


Living in a Surveillance Society


We live in a Surveillance Society in which surveillance technology is widely used to monitor people’s everyday activities. Today, surveillance -“The focused systematic and routine attention to personal details for purposes of influence, management, protection or direction” (David Lyon) -penetrates almost every sphere of our existence, as individuals and communities are observed by authorities, institutions and corporations.

We are becoming more aware of how broadly surveillance is embedded in our lives, how our right to privacy faces growing threats from a growing surveillance apparatus, and how both our private and public spaces are subject to indiscriminate monitoring. Living in this surveillance society means that surveillance has become part of the everyday operation of our world. Surveillance technology today enables states and corporations to record, collect, process, and analyze data collected from the public in groundbreaking scale. The latest NSA revelations due to leaks by Edward Snowden, the use of surveillance to obstruct elections (e.g., Cambridge Analytica) shows us the need for awareness and understanding of the use of surveillance and efforts used to keep it hidden.

Surveillance systems can be used in the name of security and provide safety to the public, as well as comfort and convenience –there are can be many positive benefits from surveillance technology. However, these systems can also be easily abused, manipulated, and used for control, power, and plain profit. Surveillance society may be different from one society to another, But in every cultural context you look at it, there are consequences regarding questions ethics, human rights, social exclusion, discrimination, choice, power and empowerment, transparency and accountability. The uses of surveillance can threaten democratic citizenship itself, doing away with the basic idea principles of self-determination.

This ambivalence towards surveillance is expressed by scientists, artists, designers, and engineers who have created many projects that use, question, and counter-surveillance. Some expose the way it works and functions, while others have designed tools to protect, camouflage, hide from the act of surveillance by reusing, manipulating, or distorting these systems. We are interested in supporting art projects that address this current situation –living in the Surveillance Society. Art has the potential and the ability to change perspectives, and raise questions and maybe even make a change. We invite Artists taking a stand, provoking, creating a dialog, annoying, interpreting, making space, telling stories, shedding light on hidden spaces, in order to resist powers that try to limit freedom, equality, and democracy. They are the ones that seldom get support both financially and institutionally, and we would like to support with our award one project modestly.

We are accepting applications for the support for projects that address “Living in a Surveillance Society” till the 29th of September 2019 15th of October to this Link:


If you don’t want to use google products please send a pdf to office [op] sussmannfoundation [punt] org  with the following information:

Name,  Email address, Phone, Website;  Short biography (max 350 words); Short description of project (Max 250 words); Long description of project (Max 800 words); Text on how the project meets the ideas of the call: (Max 350 words); C.V.; Visuals (maximum 10); Movies please send links; Relevant links: (maximum 5) Estimated Project budget

email: office [at]
14/09/2019 - 05:30
South Korea

The 6th International Exhibition and Publication on New Media Art

Call for Artists: The 6th International Exhibition and Publication on New Media Art

CICA Museum invites new media artists worldwide to participate in the 6th International Exhibition and Publication on New Media Art. The selected artists will be featured in the 6th International Exhibition on New Media Art at the CICA Museum and in the book “New Media Art 2021.”


-Single Channel Video & Animation
-2D Digital Art
-Virtual Reality Art / Augmented Reality / Extended Reality Art
-AI-generated Art
-New Media Installations
-Interactive Art
-Game Art
-Web Art
-New Media Art utilizing Mobile Apps or Devices
-Art and Social Media
-Art and Mass Media
-Data Visualization
-3D Printing
-Robotic Art
-New Media Culture
-Bio Art
-Performance (Addressing Media Related Issues)

-Photographs & 2D Digital Art
Selected works will be printed in 10×15 inches, framed, and installed by our curators & assistants. If requested by the artist, works can be printed and framed in larger sizes. Additional fees may apply.

-Video & Interactive Art
We will provide projectors and DVD/DIVX players for the show. Multiple single-channel works will be screen through a projector. Our curators & assistants will install your work(s) according to your installation guidelines. If the work is required to be screened through a projector exclusively, or more than two projectors/monitors are needed, please indicate the special requirements in the submission email. Additional fees may apply.

-Physical Work & Installation Art
The artist is responsible for the shipment and delivery of his/her physical work to and from CICA Museum, as well as all related expenses. The two-dimensional work should be no larger than 39 inch (1 m) on the longest side, and the installation piece should be no larger than 39x39x79 inches (1 x 1 x 2 m, w x l x h). The work that needs to be mounted on the wall should not exceed 10 kg. Please indicate in the submission email if you are interested in exhibiting works exceeding the size/weight limit.

[Publication] “New Media Art 2021”
The book “New Media Art 2021” will be released in the United States and Korea in December 2020 featuring participating artists. The publication will include both Korean and English text and the full-color paperback version and the e-book version will be released. The article may include any form of text (e.g., interview, essay, poetry), drawings, and pictures that introduces the artists’ works.

October 11, 2019 Submission Deadline
October  20 – November 10, 2019 Approvals: Selected artists will be notified by email.
March 25 – April 12, 2020 Exhibition dates
December 1, 2020 Expected publication date of “New Media Art 2021”
*The dates are subject to change.

*How to submit your work:
For more information, please visit our website:

If your work is selected, you will be required to pay the show processing & maintenance fee: $60 (USD) per work.

We look forward to the participation of creative artists. Please send us a message on our Contact Us page if you have any questions:

email: cicamuseum [at]