Call for Artists

Call for Artists

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Call for artists

21/09/2020 - 03:13

Award-Winning Into the Void Seeks Art for Issue #17

Award-winning Vancouver-based print and online literature and arts magazine Into the Void seeks visual art for the cover and inside pages of Issue #17. No theme or submission fees. Send up to 12 images in any style or medium to art [op] intothevoidmagazine [punt] com. Low-res. images are OK but if accepted for publication high-res. images will be required. Payment is a token $10 (or $20 for the cover), a contributor copy, and a free one-year online subscription. Deadline: October 15.



email: art [at]
18/09/2020 - 15:58


DAILE GALERIE is now inviting visual surrealist artists working with paint on canvas, mixed media on canvas, or fine art paper to consider for an online exhibition in 2021 titled “NEW SURREALISM”. We are open to all subject matter and points of inspiration.


Dailë Galerie is a galvanization of ideas into a physical art space, envisioned by artist and art director Rodshir Dailë. The collective specializes in physical and digital immersive exhibition experiences. Curating exhibitions and special projects from various art collectives, and international artists. Donating percentages from sales and the GALE®IE store to local and global charities. Our core mission is to establish multicultural unification through the arts, social value impact, and philanthropy.


EXHIBITION DATES| January 7 - April 7, 2021


SUBMISSION DEADLINE| Sunday, November 8, 2020


SCOPE OF SUBMISSION| NEW SURREALISM will be comprised of the works by 4 selected artists.


The works will be curated and exhibited in the online gallery space of Dailë Galerie. Information pertaining to the exhibition will be corresponded to press outlets, writers, and critics by our Public Relations team. All participating artists will be promoted on all of our social media channels and will be highlighted in the exhibition catalog.


Please include a short statement describing your work and include an artist bio. There is no limit on the size, year of production, or nationality, but the submitted works should respond to the exhibition theme.




Artist retains the sole copyright for the images; submitted images can be available for public viewing on our website and social media, including in relation to promotional activities for the exhibition; All works/images will be credited with their artist name.




€30 up to 6 works; Submission fees are non-refundable.


email: info [op] dailegalerie [punt] com (subject: CALL%20FOR%20ARTISTS%3A%20SURREALISM%20EXHIBITION)





email: info [at]
website: http://WWW.DAILEGALERIE.COM
18/09/2020 - 13:09

CoLab Techart Fellowship

This CoLab TechArt Fellowship is inspired by Jaaga &’s resolve to grow the community of techartists and foster creative engagement in leading digital technologies. The Fellowship is offered online and is directed to aspiring techart practitioners from any discipline of art and design. In the challenges of the times, we present the CoLab Fellowship as online program that opens the doors to exciting possibilities in international collaborations.

Supported by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore and British Council’s Architecture and Design Festivals and Biennales grant, this edition of the CoLab Fellowship creates a bridge between Germany, South Asia, UK & India. It is a unique  opportunity for a community of hand-picked international fellows to use the limitations of the current moment to explore and showcase collaborative learning and making with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. Over a two week period we will spend time synchronously four hours daily, working and dialoging with peers and experts who come in as trainers, provocateurs and facilitators. 


email: navya [at]
17/09/2020 - 20:37

Calling at LGBTQIA+ Musicians!

Calling all LGBTQIA+ artists! First come, first serve for our weekly music video showcase run by Kisos (@itskisos) and streamed live Sundays at 3pm ET from


*Videos must be "PG-13", as Twitch doesn't allow the nude form, or outlines of it. Feel free to submit or DM me if you are unsure and we can evaluate on a case by case basis!


Get a feel for the show HERE:

Read more about Queerantine in Paper Mag:

Submit your video here:

email: ashforrest39 [at]
16/09/2020 - 22:14

the Incurable Caravan's Online Car Show



The Incurable Caravan’s Online Car Show is an indefinite online exhibit. All works accepted should expect to be a single element on a larger, scrolling page. The online aspect of the exhibition is deliberate.

The Car Show seeks to intersect traditional, popular, experimental, and outsider styles with an enthusiasm towards all approaches to art-making. We welcome all interpretations of media and automotive transportation.




Works submitted should include, allude to, or represent some elements of a car (doors, windows, wheels, engines, memories, etc.), but how you choose to present these elements is up to you. Not all internal spaces with windows are cars, and not all cars have doors. Your car can be literal, abstract, heartfelt, playful, technical, emotional, or all of the above, to any degree of detail.


Any media capable of existing online is encouraged, especially media that are normally challenging to program or format in other contexts. This includes:


  • literary: poetry, short prose (< 500 words), haiku, interviews, interactive fiction
  • static visual: all traditional visual media: drawing, painting, photography, graphic/product design. For sculpture, 3D photoscans or multiple photos are acceptable.
  • moving visual: short film (< 3m), silent animations (gif/mp4), filmed choreography
  • 3D: any 3D model or scene below 50k polygons
  • audio: short pieces or songs (< 3m, loopable or not), interactive web audio, original sound design haikus (< 10s)
  • multimedia: any combination of the above
  • web: any self-contained webapps, games, data viz, generative art, net art, or CSS/SVG/Canvas animations, size restrictions TBD


Proposals for categories not included in this list and works-in-progress are allowed, as long as evidence of progress can be demonstrated on submission. Older works are also allowed, as long as they relate to a car in some form.


For more information on formatting, hosting, and other policies, and to view the submission form, view the full call.

email: becky.brown [at]
15/09/2020 - 15:20
United Kingdom

Call for Entries! (November 2020)

Art Hole is an independent artist-run and ad-free international print and online publication dedicated to showcasing and promoting experimental and progressive contemporary art, which reflects modern society and its environment, provokes conversation and action; fosters innovation and diversity of mediums which make today’s art scene so intriguing and versatile.


ELIGIBILITY: Artists are welcome to submit works in any medium.


Artists or any art organisations on behalf of artists from all countries are welcome to submit their works for consideration.


DEADLINE: 25 October 2020 




Submit images by email (high quality images)


A brief bio about the artist / artwork (120 words max, preferably written in the 3rd person)


Entries should be emailed to us at november [op] ahole [punt] co [punt] uk (subject: Submission)


Free to enter.

email: november [at]
14/09/2020 - 16:39

Genius Loci Weimar Festival 2020 // Call for Walk Acts

Call for submissions for walk acts and performances


We are looking for ideas and concepts for the realization of walk acts, installations or performances during our festival from 27-29 November 2020.


Genius Loci Weimar provides a platform for your projects in the fields of multimedia, performance, light art or similar with the walk acts along the festival route.

In an evening walk, festival guests can visit all festival stations from 6 pm till midnight. The stations link this year‘s main locations Marstall, Goethe- and Schiller-Archiv and Altenburg and the entire festival route, which this year is being walked in a guided direction.




Your project can be set at the following locations: 01 Kegelplatz, 02 Parking bay , 03 Grassland on the Riverside Ilm , 04 Passage along the Ilm, 05 Mirror Skulpture, 06 Kegelbrücke, 07 Über dem Kegeltor, 08 Grassland Jenaer Straße. For more information about the locations see below.


Conditions for your submission:

  • The project must be weather-resistant.
  • The project must be available during the whole weekend from 27 to 29 November 2020, daily between 6pm and midnight.
  • During the day, the installation may have to be dismantled or secured (road traffic and public access).
  • The project must work with many people in the streets, it must be possible for the spectators to keep this year's distance rules.
  • We offer a budget for project realization; accommodation will be paid for.
  • The duration of the performance should be 5 minutes.

email: info [at]
10/09/2020 - 02:01
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

2021 International Artists Grand Prize Competition (Call for Entry)

The International Artist Grand Prize Competition (I.A.G.P.C.), one of Asia’s top art contests, is looking for worldwide masterpiece to exhibit in the 11th Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) scheduled in 2021 through the competition.

There has no entry fee for the submission and selected artists don't need to come (your presence will be highly welcomed); the only thing you need to do is submitting the entry form on-line with two images and a statement. All medium are acceptable except video and installation. After the juror’s selection, all accepted entries would be exhibited for sale in the A.R.T. 2021 fair. Furthermore, the winners among finalists will be awarded free space in A.R.T. 2022!

Please submit application online at:

Please send all requirements to : competition [op] arts [punt] org [punt] tw

Live video of 2019 and 2020 Art Revolution Taipei:

email: competition [at]
09/09/2020 - 21:26
United States

Alive Inside: Remembering the Body as Earth

Alive Inside: Remembering the Body as Earth


Online Exhibition Opening: October 20

Submission Deadline: October 10


Hearth Studio


For this exhibition we are seeking art in a variety of media that conveys the inseparability of the human body and the earth, reimagines the self AS nature/earth, conveys the relationship of self/body/anatomy to animal/earth/landscape, or explores the barriers or forces of destruction/oppression that prohibit self-care/earth-care.


Inherited or imposed stories tell us we are separate from our bodies, each other, and the earth. We receive messaging that values logic over intuition, thoughts over feelings, and mind over body. These stories can become beliefs and these beliefs can become behaviors that lead to isolation, depression and anxiety. But now, more than ever, we have an opportunity for change.  


Turning towards our feeling and sensual selves, our animal selves, and nature, reminds us of our humanness. Discovering home not just in our environment but in our bodies reminds us of our capacities to live in a web of interconnection, finding support in the generative and reciprocal forces of nature. Our inhabited bodies are our first environment and our access point to all that's outside of us. As a species, we are being called to remember this so that we can begin to make new choices that will sustain life on this planet.


Join us in this inquiry and exploration.



Media Accepted:

Works will be displayed in virtual galleries and can include pictures of visual art, videos of movement/dance, music videos or sound recordings, photography, digital art, writing.

Up to 3 pieces of artwork may be submitted for consideration. Email work to hello [op] hearthstudio [punt] org. ?subject=Alive%20Inside" rel="nofollow">hello [op] hearthstudio [punt] org.  

ALL files must be named as follows: LastName_FirstName_Title

For 2-D Media:

Maximum one image per piece. Up to three pieces of work may be submitted. Image files not to exceed 5MB each. Accepted formats include: .jpg, .jpeg, .png

For 3-D Media:

Maximum two images per piece. Up to three pieces of work may be submitted. Image files not to exceed 5MB each. Accepted formats include: .jpg, .jpeg, .png

For Audio and Video:

Maximum one file per piece. Up to three pieces may be submitted. Audio/video files not to exceed 10MB each. Accepted format include: .mp4

For Written Work:

Maximum one file per piece up to 1,000 word count. Up to three pieces may be submitted. Document files not to exceed 5MB each. Accepted formats include: .doc, .docx



$10 submission fee. Up to 3 pieces of artwork may be submitted for consideration.
Artists can choose to sell works, and agree to complete shipping/delivery themselves.
Artist retains 60% of the sale price. Of the remaining portion, 30% will be donated by Hearth to the Indigenous Environmental Network, and 10% will go towards supporting Hearth.
There will be one gallery of ALL submissions, and one gallery of juried works based on emergent themes (chosen by curators).
On opening night, October 20th, there will be a virtual event to celebrate the show's opening and give artists the opportunity to speak about their work.


By submitting work, artists agree that photographic images and/or video of the artist and/or their artwork, in whole or in part, may be used by Hearth in various forms including but not limited to print, online and social media for the purpose of sharing details of this exhibition, and its participants, with the community. All rights remain with the artist.




Questions to spark inspiration for works:


If you imagined your insides as a landscape what would it look like? If your insides needed a particular landscape for healing what would it be?

What is it like to imagine and consider that you ARE the earth?

How do you relate to the elemental experiences of your body (earth, fire, air, water, metal)? “The Fluid Self” by Emilee Conrad from Life on Land

In what ways do you feel disconnected from nature?  What do you attribute that to? Is it at all a reflection of feeling disconnected from your sensory experience?

Was there an experience in nature that awoke you to take care of your health physical, mental, emotional as an extension of planetary health?

Is there an earth-based ritual that you incorporate into your health and wellness routine and how is this interrelationship meaningful to you? or is there an experience you are performing out in nature to maintain health and wellness, or as an act of environmental activism

What is the relationship between physical harm to bodies/health and pollution/destruction of land? How does this relate to privilege and race?

How does the work of James Lovelock ( Gaia Theory ) resonate with you and why?

Does the work of Johanna Macy resonate with you and why?

email: hello [at]
09/09/2020 - 21:20
United States

New Orleans Exhibitions, Residencies, and Publishing, with $$, Travel, and More!

New Orleans Exhibitions, Residencies, and Publishing, with $$, Travel, and More!


Antenna is excited to announce its annual open call for creator driven projects taking place in 2021. You can apply for the opportunity to exhibit at Antenna Gallery, have a book published by Antenna’s Paper Machine, or have a month long residency at the Paper Machine publishing center. All opportunities provide creators with both financial and logistical support! DEADLINE to apply is October 22, 11:59pm CST! Visit for full details and guidelines on all applications, and and see all of the programming created at Antenna through open call opportunities at:


email: info [at]