An exploration of the needs, challenges and practices of welcoming and hosting forcibly displaced artists and art workers.
The first call for residency hosts under the Culture Moves Europe mobility scheme opens on 15 March. Deadline: June 15, 2023.
A platform to connect, exchange information and experiences for and about artist-in-residences in the Netherlands and beyond
Imagine you start your own AiR program. Time and space to offer to artists: it seems such a simple concept. But.... what does it really take?
We are exploring new forms of hospitality through cross-sectoral exchanges on 16 june 2023 in Amsterdam.
DutchCulture | TransArtists invited Artists at Risk Connection to give (online) safety training for residencies and cultural organisations on 23 May
TransArtists interviews artist residencies who offer refuge in times of crisis.
AiR Platform NL meeting for artist-in-residence organisations at Gemaal op Zuid in Rotterdam, 25 February 2022
The seven guest authors in this edition are advocating for structural change and are taking steps to create a more sustainable, inclusive and fair art world.
Kim van Kaam visited various organisations in the US, Canada and Europe
Two years into the pandemic and many online exchanges later, AiR Platform NL set out to visit residences in the Netherlands. Hello again, how have you been?
Funding opportunities for arts and culture projects related to environmental sustainability.