A platform to connect, exchange information and experiences for and about artist-in-residences in the Netherlands and beyond
Presenting best practises and approaches in re-thinking existing art ecologies, with Yasmine Ostendorf, Wapke Feenstra, Fernando Garcia Dori and Milica Ilic.
The mycelium is the network of hyphae that mushrooms, trees and plants use underground to probe, communicate, transport - what exactly happens there?
Imagine you start your own AiR program. Time and space to offer to artists: it seems such a simple concept. But.... what does it really take?
A year into the pandemic and many online exchanges later, AiR Platform NL set out to visit residences in the Netherlands. Hello again, how have you been?
Funding opportunities for arts and culture projects related to environmental sustainability.
Ideas and instruments proposed by artists and art workers to reshape the working models in the field of arts and culture.
In this issue we reflect on how do institutions and artists adapt to (sudden) changes and other alternatives to operating and existing in the (cultural) world.
A hands-on publication on how to create change in and through small art institutions.
From well known institutional programs to small, independent artist-driven initiatives