Join the database and update your listing

Join the database and update your listing

DutchCulture | TransArtists aims to provide an overview of all artist-in-residence programmes worldwide that host international artists on a regular basis. This overview is provided based on a large database of organisations, listing currently more than 1.500 artist-in-residence opportunities.

We welcome new residencies in the database on an ongoing basis. Would you like to list your artist-in-residence program in the database? Here is how to do it!

The main criteria are:

  • offering a residency opportunity that is not only a one-time opportunity. For one-time opportunity, there is another process to get published on our website – read more about it here.
  • to be a professional opportunity (no B&B, resort,…), and not intending to make profit out of the residency programme. We understand that there are costs related to running a residency programme, but we also consider a residency not to be a hotel/hostel facility.
  • if the artists need to cover (partially or completely) the costs of their stay in the residency, that fee to be reasonable and realistic to the place where the residency is located
  • to accept applications from artists (not per invitation only and preferably not only through bilateral exchanges).
  • to accept international artists (not only from the country in which you are based, and to be open for more than few nationalities).

Furthermore we usually only list programmes where accommodation is provided, or where the hosts provide concrete help to find accommodation facilities, as our target audience is mostly international. Therefore, we rarely list studio-only opportunities. If you have a studio-only programme next to your residency programme, we can mention it in your listing.

Finally, you can list a residency programme focusing on any discipline (visual arts, performing arts, applied arts, curating, research, literature, and also multi-disciplinary…) and on any theme. Please give us precise information about the focus and discipline you host so we understand how to list you best in the database.

There are no cost linked to these services, but please note that we are a small team and that publishing a profile in our database might take around twelve weeks. We are checking the information you send us and we will contact you if we have any doubts.  

To be added onto our website, please click here to fill in the submission form. Note that it takes time to fill in the form entirely! You will get a confirmation of your submission right after you have completed and sent the form.

If you don’t hear from us within twelve weeks after submitting the information, please get in touch with Arda van Tiggelen - main editor of

Update your listing

Once your residency is added in the database, it will automatically appear in the deadlines section if your open call has a fixed deadline – if you work with an ongoing deadline, your residency will be listed under Apply any time.

Moreover, once you have a profile in our database it can always be edited: update the description, costs, technical information, deadlines or add pictures (up to 5,  maximum file size 600 MB). You can also choose to remove your profile from the database at any time.

Have a look in the left column of your listing for the "Update your listing" entry. There you will find a link to an online form where you can tell us what should be updated on the page. 

If you have an open call or new pictures for us, please send us an e-mail with the relevant information and we will take care of the update so as soon as possible. We ask you not to wait until the last minute to send us your updates, as it takes always a bit of time for us to edit your listing properly.

Remove your listing

As stated above, you can always email us to have your listing removed from the database. Please explain shortly why you don’t want to be listed anymore.

Furthermore, note that we reserve ourselves the right to remove a listed programme if we receive at least three similar complaints about your programme or in case of a legitimate doubt about the activities of the residency programmes. Get in touch with us at [email protected] if you want to know more about this procedure.