AiR Platform NL

AiR Platform NL

Artist-in-residencies exist as open and reflective spaces for research and experiment in the arts for production and presentation, with an extensive network of relations: from visiting artists, curators and

Who do we want to become, how can we live, what can we learn in regards to push forward to a more sustainable future? 

What can we learn from international residences and workshops? Kunstenpunt, our colleagues in Flanders, made inquiries in the residency and arts sector in Belgium: There are many inspiring initiatives in the arts, and we can take many of these ideas with us after the lockdown.

A year into the pandemic and many online exchanges later, TransArtists AiR Platform NL set out to visit residences in the Netherlands. Hello again, how have you been?

The GALA Funding and Resources Guide – Second edition is listing funding opportunities for arts and culture projects related to environmental sustainability (support schemes, transnational supports, European projects, residencies, festivals etc.) and links to sources of inspiration

Reshape is a collaborative, bottom-up research and development project that proposes instruments for transition towards an alternative, fairer, and unified arts ecosystem across Europe and the Southern Mediterranean.

It’s been exactly 4 years since DutchCulture|TransArtists published the last issue of Station to Station, and more or less a year since the world went into a lockdown. This lockdown made us realize a new, reflective, issue would be needed.

AiR Platform NL together with Hotel Mariakapel and Kunsthuis Syb, organized in December 2020 and January 2021 a three-day online symposium to explore common challenges aiming to strengthen the Dutch - and international - residency network and art community.

Now times are changing and it is more complicated to come together, we like to take this opportunity to connect with colleagues from afar online. AiR Platform NL proposes a series of online meetings to learn what is happening in other regions in the world, to share best practices and to imagine possible futures together.