AiR Platform NL

AiR Platform NL

In these uncertain times and in almost complete lockdown where we are all facing unprecedented challenges, both on professional and personal level, the need to share our stories is bigger than ever.

1646 residency for international artists and curators aims to support innovative practices, develop global networks, and engage the local art community in The Netherlands.

The 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair took place in Marrakech in February 2020, hosting a series of artist talks and discussions on issues regarding working across geographies and context driven practices. Issues we consider closely connected to artist-in-residence programs today.

The Summer Sessions are short-term international art and technology residencies for emerging artists and designers. A network of cultural organizations all over the world sponsors and hosts the residencies.

AiR Platform Brabant organized a road trip in November 2019 to generate more insight how workplaces, spaces for presentation and artist-in-residence programs work together.

Artists have always played a crucial role in the cultural dynamics of Rotterdam. The Kaus Australis collective and artist-in-residence program developed a model for DIY studios in 1993 - a striking example of the way in which artists literally make room for art. The exploding real estate market is now putting this place under pressure.

Tilt and Tilburg University are joining forces to build a bridge between literature and scientific research with a new writer in residence program.

Finland offers a vibrant cultural infrastructure with currently over 60 artist residencies. Together they form a diverse network connecting large institutional residencies and smaller self-funded micro residencies tucked away in the woods.

The Simeon ten Holt Foundation offers an artist in residency space in Bergen, Noord Holland, the Netherlands. Simeon ten Holt (1923-2012) is one of the most reknown Dutch composers.