AiR Platform NL

AiR Platform NL

The Simeon ten Holt Foundation offers an artist in residency space in Bergen, Noord Holland, the Netherlands. Simeon ten Holt (1923-2012) is one of the most reknown Dutch composers.

AiR Platform Brabant is putting together a road trip visiting artist-in-residence programs in Brabant. At November 12 and 14, visits, on-site presentations and workshops make sure to get to know the residency organizations, their different motives, histories and locations.

Since 2002 writers, poets and literary translators based in the Netherlands can rent the A. Roland Holsthuis in Bergen (NH) for one month working period. The Bert Schierbeek Fund offers this opportunity at a reduced rate of 800 Euro per month. Enrollment for 2020 is possible until October 21, 2019 at the latest.

A project and investigation into the cultural exchange between Flanders and the Netherlands by DutchCulture. This project, commisioned by the Ministry of Culture, aims to locate the obstacles faced by artists in all disciplines during cultural exchanges between Flanders and the Netherlands, and their solutions.

The publication centers on how the global, neoliberal, and competitive creative economies influence the role and meaning of artist-in-residence programs today. Questions that are addressed in a range of articles and subjects by editors and writers Taru Elfing, Irmeli Kokko and Pascal Gielen with contributions by (among others) TransArtists’ Bojana Panevska.

Performing the margins, published in Kunstlicht magazine, is a research by Mariska van den Berg about marginality as a concept, including a closer look into the practices of DeltaWorkers in New Orleans and LeoXIII in Tilburg.

On May 24, AiR platform Brabant presented their new website, as part of a program of talks and worksessions at Lochal in Tilburg.

Our colleagues at Kunstenpunt developed an online guide concerning artist-in-residence programs in Flanders and Brussels.

In December 2018, Heidi Vogels - TransArtists coordinator of AiR Platform NL was invited by Catherine Lee, director of Taipei Arts Village and Taiwan Art Space Alliance to visit several artist-in-residence programs in the country.