AiR Platform NL

AiR Platform NL

Artists based in the Netherlands can now apply for a residency through the Mondriaan Fonds at the following artist-in-residence programs.

Deadline for application: August 31

Landgoed Leonardus is located in the middle of Helmond, as a virtual estate, a collective work of art that will become increasingly concrete and collective property. In the Guest House of the Estate (AiR Helmond) international artists are invited to work for a certain period of time.

TransArtists reached out to artists in residence who are stuck. How are they coping with the situation? What’s their story?

Who: Erik Tlaseca, Mexico
Where: Motel Spatie, Arnhem / Rotterdam

While some artists can't leave the country and others can't arrive due to travel restrictions, questions rise how to overcome these issues in a mobility based practice. Have a look at the following artists and AiR programs in the Netherlands and their take on the current situation.

Performing the margins, published in Kunstlicht magazine, is a research by Mariska van den Berg about marginality as a concept, including a closer look into the practices of DeltaWorkers in New Orleans and LeoXIII in Tilburg.

AiR Platform Brabant is an initiative by artist-in-residence organizations in Brabant.

The conference 'Working on the margins – artist-in-residence programs today' took place March 29, 2018 at bkkc, Tilburg.

Act and Connect: Platform Werkplaatsen is a joint venture between Dutch and Flemish workshops and labs for artists and designers.

Platform Werkplaatsen is a joint venture between Dutch and Flemish workshops and labs for artists and designers. This platform is co-founded and supported by AiR Platform NL, platform for artist-in-residence programs in the Netherlands.