Artist-in-Residence History 

Artist-in-residence programs have a history that is much older than is often thought.
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Artist-in-residence in the Netherlands: History and Recent Developments 

What's special about artist-in-residence programs in the Netherlands? Read all about history and development of the Dutch international guest studios.
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Residencies for writers and translators

Writers and translators have specific questions concerning choosing, matching, applying and funding their residency opportunity. TransArtists collected characteristic features of writer-in-residence programs, as well as related experiences, networks and further information.
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What are residencies ?

What are residencies ?

Artists and other creative professionals can stay and work elsewhere temporarily by participating in artist-in-residence programs and other residency opportunities. These opportunities offer conditions that are conducive to creativity and provide their guests with context, such as working facilities, connections, audience, etc..

Residency Profiles
No artist-in-residence programme is the same. Each programme or guest studio, large or small, established or experimental, has its own background and atmosphere. Working periods differ enormously: from two weeks to six months or sometimes even a year. Some specialize in one discipline, others are open to a great number of disciplines. There are also a lot of differences in financial resources, housing and studio facilities, application and selection procedures, coaching, exhibiting, networking.

Conditions and Selections
Many residential art centers lay down the terms guest artists have to comply with, such as an exhibition at the end of the period or a project, achieved by collaboration with other artists or cooperation with the public. However, many centers offer free space and time: the artist can use the residency for his or her own purposes, without any obligation towards the host. But even in those circumstances, total unconditional hospitality does not exist, although some residential art centers come close to it.

Most artist-in-residence opportunities on the website offer an application procedure which is open to artists from all nations, with or without deadlines. Usually artists are requested to send in documentation, a curriculum vitae, a motivation and if necessary a project proposal. Each institute has its own policy of adjudication. Participation is planned a long time in advance, usually six months, sometimes years ahead.

Getting there
Artist-in-residence programs are not handed to you on a silver platter. Application procedures take time, you need perseverance. To avoid unnecessary disappointment, carefully study the information on this website and always check the information at the center itself.

Making a choice: check the checklist!

When making a choice our advice is straightforward:

  • get the information
  • check the information
  • match wishes and expectations.

Naturally DutchCulture|TransArtists cannot be held responsible for any outcome of applications.