TransArtists Checklists

TransArtists Checklists


Checklist for Artists

We have made a checklist for artists who are searching, applying and preparing for an international artist-in-residence program. This checklist will help you to match your wishes and expectations with those of the program you want to apply for, in order to save yourself unnecessary trouble and to avoid disappointment.

The checklist is divided in four parts:

Checklist for Residency Hosts: how to start your own AiR program?

Imagine you start your own AiR program. To help your plans take form we composed a checklist that will set you on your way. This Checklist to start your AiR program provides an overview of the questions and issues at stake while (thinking about) starting an AiR program. The list is the result of research carried out by TransArtists and AiR organizations in the Netherlands. The checklist can help each one thinking of setting up an artist in residence program about how to get it on the road. It is divided in two parts:

  • #1 Profile: about your motivation, situation and what role and position you want for your residency
  • #2 Practical matters: about how to organise and finance your residency, contracts and regulations