Curious about the artist-in-residence phenomenon? Want to get to know the different voices of the field? Together with our partners and other organizations, we collect and promote researches and publications into the AiR and cultural mobility sectors worldwide.

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      • Key publications and research¬†done by us or our partners
      • Articles, debates and conferences: one-off articles, research papers, reports of conferences, symposia, and debates, publications and other sources of knowledge and experience.
      • Books, researches and theses: in-depth researches, longer publications, and bachelor/master/PhD theses focusing on residencies in one way or another.
      • Policy documents: Here you can find an overview of some key documents to keep in mind. Note that arguments made in these policy documents can be useful for funding applications - for instance the Policy Handbook for the European Commission lists benefit factors of residency programs for all actors involved, being artist, host, local community, or local/national policy makers.
      • Cultural mobility in general: here you will find sources on cultural mobility, meaning international travelling by artists and cultural professionals for professional purposes, with a wider scope that is not limited to artist-in-residencies.

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