Individual advice

Individual advice

The amount of data on can be overwhelming. There are currently more than 1.700 residency programmes open for international artists in our database, and when you start looking into it you might get lost or overwhelmed!

Our advice to help you out:

  • Have a look at our checklists to get started
  • Look through the database by using all available filters to get an idea of the offer out there
  • Research funding opportunities by regions of the world
  • You can also e-mail the TransArtist staff if you have questions about how to apply or to request an individual 30-min advisory meeting (see below)

Advisory meeting

The TransArtists team will help you navigate through the large offer of artist-in-residence programs worldwide. Due to the Covid pandemic, we currently offer individual advice over the telephone, Skype or Teams only. These meetings with one of our staff members take 30 minutes (maximum) and are free of charge.

Please see our Contact page to make an appointment.

If you have specific questions about mobility to and/or from The Netherlands, please get in touch with our colleagues from the DutchCulture Mobility Info Point.