We have made a checklist for artists who are searching, applying and preparing for an international artist-in-residence program. This checklist will help you to match your wishes and expectations with those of the program you want to apply for, in order to save yourself unnecessary trouble and to avoid disappointment.


To think about your motivation seems superfluous, but it is an absolute necessity. Many residential art centers have strong reasons for running their program. Therefore you have to think about the reasons why you want to stay and work somewhere else.
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Searching & Choosing

Making a choice out of more than 800 professional opportunities to search for in the Trans Artists database, can be quite a job. The following hints will help you to find your way.
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Application procedures differ enormously. Each institute has its own policy of adjudication. Participation is planned a long time in advance, usually six months, sometimes years ahead. Therefore think about the following questions.
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Funding Check

Of course a residency costs money. Some residency programs cover all costs, some residency programs don't cover any costs at all. In general, residential art centers will partly cover the costs, which always makes it necessary to find additional funding. Be sure about the budget before you go!
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