Searching & Choosing

Searching & Choosing

Making a choice out of more than 1400 professional opportunities to search for in the database, can be quite a job. The following hints will help you to find your way.

Which region & which discipline?

The most direct way of limiting your choice is to stick to a certain region in combination with a specific discipline, but:

  • Don't be too specific while searching on region: if you can't find what you search for in Paris, there might be an opportunity just nearby.
  • Don't be too specific while searching on discipline: there are a lot of multidisciplinary residency programs.
  • Why going as far away as possible: think about international opportunities nearby too!

Which residency model?

Surfing freely over the database isn't as noncommittent as it sounds. Actually just roaming about might be very useful: it gives you an idea about the diversity of residency models from which you can choose.

  • Check out which residency profile suits you.
  • Do you like to be left alone or do you like to socialize?
  • Which obligations and rules you have to comply with?
  • Check out which freedom you have as a guest artist.

Which art facilities?

Make a list of facilities you need for your art practice.

  • Do the offered facilities match with the ones you need for your art practice?
  • Which tools do you need, which tools are offered?
  • What materials do you need, are they present, can you use them?
  • Where's the nearest art supply store?
  • What kind of studio do you need?
  • Are you sure you'll get the studio you want?
  • Do you want to live and work in the same space or in seperate spaces?

You know already where to go? Lucky you! But...

Imagine you just want to go for this specific residential art center. Because the photos on the website are so wonderful, because you think it's marvelous, because you think no other center can offer the same facilities or program, or because a friend has been there and told you how great it is. But still you can think it over:

  • Check if the program you think is so marvelous, indeed matches with your wishes and expectations.
  • Check if there might be opportunities around that offer comparable facilities that might suite you too, or even much better.

You are invited? Nice! But...

  • You might be flattered, it's a generous offer! But is it what you want?
  • Would you yourself ever have chosen this program?
  • Check and ask why they want you for their program.


Succes or failure of your stay can depend on many different, basic practicalities that might have nothing to do with art. When searching you could think about the following:

  • Can you bring your partner, children, pets?
  • Can you bring your own food, cook your own dinner?
  • What kind of transportation is provided for?
  • Do you need a driving license, is there public transport, do you need to take a car or bike with you?
  • Does the voltage for electricity match with your laptop?
  • Do you need special medical care?