AiR Platform NL

AiR Platform NL

Levadura seeks a Dutch creator-educator in the field of architecture to be part of a contemporary creative arts project with a focus on education for primary school pupils. 

This summer Motel Spatie (Arnhem) founder and organizer Claudia Schouten goes under in Wroclaw, Poland.

The Mondriaan Fund offers artists, curators and critics who are based in the Netherlands the opportunity to apply for an artist-in-residence from a selection of programs both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Summer 2016

Platform Werkplaatsen is a joint venture between Dutch and Flemish workshops and labs for artists and designers. This platform is co-founded and supported by AiR Platform NL, platform for artist-in-residence programs in the Netherlands.

6 July 2016, Beers, The Netherlands

AiR Platform NL joined a network meeting for AiR programs in Brabant, organized by BKKC (Center for arts and culture Brabant) and hosted by  MIET air; a residency for artists who work in bronze, metal and stone.

5-7 April 2016, New Orleans, USA

The Alliance of Artists Communities organized its 2016 Emerging Program Institute at the Joan Mitchell Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. AiR Platform NL took part in sharing experience for AiR organizers from the artist perspective in small workshops sessions.

Imagine you start your own AiR program. Time and space to offer to artists: it seems such a simple concept. But.... what does it really take?