AiR Platform NL

AiR Platform NL

A short list of Dutch residency programmes that welcome applications all year long.

Imagine you start your own AiR program. Time and space to offer to artists: it seems such a simple concept. But.... what does it really take?

A top 10 of Dutch art initiatives dedicated to building a more aware, balanced, artistic, fossil-free and sustainable future.

Destination Unkown offers a working period for young artists in locations in the Netherlands which are temporarily vacant; waiting to be reclaimed by new owners or waiting to be demolished.

An international practice in the arts is often taken for granted. Searching for new 'markets' to showcase work, engage with new audiences, tap into other sources of income or inspiration are legitimate motivations for art professionals to travel and work elsewhere.

The conference 'Working on the margins – artist-in-residence programs today' will happen March 29 at bkkc, Tilburg.

Kristien van den Oever, director Aga Lab, and Sofie van Dederen, director Frans Masereel Center (FMC), changed desks for a week.

AiR Platform NL is invited by Kamiyama AiR to attend a symposium about artist-in-residence programs 2 & 3 September in Tokushima in Japan.

EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam recently launched an In-Residence program. As of 2017, this initiative welcomes invited artists and scholars to explore and creatively reuse archival material within the EYE collection.