Studio Spaces

Studio Spaces

Artist-in-residence programmes are not the only way to stay and work abroad. Did you ever consider a temporary international studio swap? Or renting out your studio while you go abroad so other artists can make use of it? Are you looking for a specific kind of studio on a temporary basis?

Check out this Offered & Wanted Section and see what destinations trigger your imagination... Please note that this concerns mainly working space and not (always) accommodation.

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Call for artists

21/11/2020 - 15:57

Photographer looking for (shared) studio space in Paris

Greetings, Bonjour,


I'm an emerging visual artist and looking for a quiet studio space in Paris, can either be shared or for a few days per week. Ideally peaceful, bright and with a large wall to work on editing, and a desk where I can set up my printer and screen. Open plan is fine, and multi disciplinary as well, as a creative environment is always a plus.


Another big plus would be a darkroom facility attached, but not mandatory of course. 


Thanks again,




noerav [at]
15/11/2020 - 21:26

Residency or Worktrade - 7th December 2020 till 7th February 2021


I am a Canadian performance / visual artist, and currently doing a residency at Inter Art Center in Malmo, Sweden, to collaborate with a Danish composer, exploring sound and movement.

I am looking to spend the following two months (from 7 December till 7 February) in the warm parts of Europe, e.g., Portugal, Southern France, Southern Spain, or other warm places. I am willing to offer workshops, open studio, or other kinds of public sharing. I would also be interested in a work-trade opportunity, meaning that I work for a certain amount of hourså per week and receive free accommodation in return. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you for your attention.

Soeine bac
oceanontuesday [at]
07/11/2020 - 16:57

Looking for artist studio to rent (immediately)

Hello! We are looking for artist studio to rent in Madrid Spain urgently!


Please email us if you have a studio for rent for short term :)




prismopus [at]
28/10/2020 - 13:37

Studio available in Tangent Projects studios

Tangent Projects has studios available in its lovely space in beautiful Barcelona!


As a not-for-profit cultural association, Tangent Projects is artist-driven and focused. Not only do we provide fair-priced and comfortable spaces for artists to work in, but also a place to engage with others working in the arts, both locally and globally. 


Attached to Tangent Projects gallery, the studios are an integral part of a growing and dynamic network of art workers. We offer -


- A comfortable communal space for relaxing, and also for meetings (with other artists, curators, gallerists etc).


- Regular communal lunches and get-togethers.


- Open studio days.


- Screenings of moving image works.


- Artist talks/presentations.


- A yearly summer studio residency to an invited artist/creative (Cotangent).


- A gallery with an exciting and expansive exhibition schedule.


- Excellent location, near metro, many buses and other art galleries and spaces.


There are different sizes and prices available, starting from €140 a month (all bills included). Get in touch for more information or to set up a video tour! Photos and more info on our website.
info [at]
28/10/2020 - 10:24

Searching Atelier Côte d’Azur


Searching for a studio space at the Côte d'Azur, preferred in Cannes or area around.

Access to water, bathroom, and windows or ventilation. Searching for November/December start. 


Please contact us at the email address provided. 


Europe_solacepartners [at]
25/10/2020 - 17:19

Estudio y espacio de experimentación en la naturaleza / study and space for experimentation in nature


Ofrecemos un estudio compartido y espacios en la naturaleza para crear. Estamos en Ibiza en una casa rural, somos dos artistas que estamos investigando para la creación de un recorrido en las tierras alrededor de la casa. Abrimos el espacio para otras artistas que quieran vivir, inspirarse, experimentar, investigar, desarrollar o planificar su proyecto. Pueden alojarse entre una semana o maximo 3 meses entre Octubre y Abril. Pueden participar fotografos, pintores, escultores, artistas visuales, escritores o cualquier otra disciplina que no tenga un uso exclusivo de la tecnologia ya que no disponemos de wifi y utilizamos luz solar. 

Estamos en periodo de formalizar una casa de retiro para artistas y queremos comenzar con esta fase inicial experimental.

Estaremos encantados de recibir propuestas para este invierno/primavera. En la isla de Ibiza hay clima privilegiado donde el sol brilla siempre.

Isaac & Candela



We offer a shared studio and spaces in nature to create, we are in Ibiza in a rural house. we are two artists who are researching to create a tour of the lands around the house. We open the space for other artists who want to live, be inspired, experiment, research, develop or plan their project. They can stay for a week or a maximum of 3 months between October and April. Photographers, painters, sculptors, visual artists, writers or any other discipline that does not have an exclusive use of technology can participate,  we do not have Wi-Fi and we use sunlight.

We are creating a retreatment house for artists and we want to start with this initial experimental phase.


We will be delighted to receive proposals for this winter / spring. On the island of Ibiza there is a privileged climate where the sun always shines.

Isaac & Candela
candelasolmuschetto [at]
23/10/2020 - 21:28

looking for a working studio in Amsterdam (without accommodation)

I am looking for a studio in Amsterdam for a starting artist , with a renting cost that is not high.


mfarwy [at]