Studio Spaces

Studio Spaces

Artist-in-residence programmes are not the only way to stay and work abroad. Did you ever consider a temporary international studio swap? Or renting out your studio while you go abroad so other artists can make use of it? Are you looking for a specific kind of studio on a temporary basis?

Check out this Offered & Wanted Section and see what destinations trigger your imagination... Please note that this concerns mainly working space and not (always) accommodation.

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Call for artists

08/02/2021 - 22:54

Small living space + work studio in Brussels

Hi there, we offer a very small, charming (around 20m2) independent studio (everything you need: big bed, shower, mini-kitchen) to live in on the top floor of an Art Deco building with nice people in a great part of Brussels: right by the wonderful Josaphatpark and the surrouding cafés. On the ground level of the building, in the couryard, there is a work studio of about 20 m2. 

For the living space and the studio downstairs, the price all in all (including electricity and wifi) 625 EUR monthly. In case you don't need the workspace and only want the place to sleep upstairs, then it would be just 500 EUR all in. 

Good ambiance guaranteed: we often take a drink or dinner together and I'm of course happy to introduce you a bit to the Brussels art scene, as far as it's possible during these times. 

Short stay OK. Please email if interested. 


vicopersson [at]
31/01/2021 - 15:23

Art Studio Share Space - Amsterdam

Share space a studio of 16m2 in a quiet area at Treehouse NDSM (

Treehouse NDSM creative space with available area for exposition, kitchen, and a big area to hang out with another artist. 
An ideal space to work and create in peace. I mainly think of a writer or a draftsman.

235 euros Month - I am flexible with sharing the studio.

The costs are low and the conditions flexible.

Contact me info [op] ceemyvision [punt] com
info [at]
30/01/2021 - 15:50

SWAP living+working space AMSTERDAM to BRUSSELS


I have an apartement in the center of Amsterdam and also a working studio. 
Looking for someone that wants to swap for a while houses/studio in BRUSSELS. 
Starting (after) summer 2021. 


loisrichardt [at]
25/01/2021 - 03:31

Wanted-Studio Space in Paris

Looking for a live-work  or studio space in Paris  for June 1st 2021 until September 30 2021. 

 I am an oil painter in Canada, looking to get inspired in Europe !
gajoumstudios [at]
13/01/2021 - 02:34

Residency studio wanted.

Mature and responsible painter seeking private live/work space for the months of August and September 2021. Self funded, and open to new environments. Perfer urban environment and English speaking.  What do you have?

theartmkr [at]
05/01/2021 - 19:14

Artist Looking for live work Studio

Hello, I'm an artist looking for an affordable live/work studio - in Amsterdam 

I'm also running American Awesome Art -I wanted to spread the word 

Looking forward to hearing from you,

A fellow Artist,

slillig [at]
03/01/2021 - 15:18


I am pleased to announce the opening of a concept for the temporary rental of an artists studio, addressed to any individual living in France or abroad, of any nationality, with ambition or desire to live Experience in Paris and to develop professional projects ( exhibition preparation, research laboratory, residency, creative immersion … ), for a personal and new exploration in Paris, a city with many cultural facets. 

The studio is in an old factory with a unique architecture, now transformed into artists' studios, but also residing professions with various specificities such as architects, stylists, designers. The space available is about 26m2 in a quiet and large shared studio of 112m2 with a beautiful sunlight. It also has a storage space, an equipped kitchen and toilets as well as a lift and a bike or motorbike parking. A few steps from the subway station "Croix de Chavaux" (line 9 of the metro), access is very simple and fast in a neighborhood in Montreuil full of life, authentic markets, good restaurants and multiple artists! 


The place is available from February this year 2021 for the period required at the decreasing rate of 450 € / month. Minimum rental of one month. It is advisable to book as soon as possible to organise the calendar and your arrival in the best conditions. Please note that the proposed artist studio for itinerant artists is a work space for professional projects. It does not include accommodation, it is not an independent space. 

During this stay, we will be pleased to advise artists newly resident in Paris and coming from abroad on:

- Purchases of artistic supplies, specialty stores. 
- Visits to cultural places according to their artistic interest 
- Advise them on practical issues such as transport, food shops etc. 

We speak French, Spanish and English.
Welcome to all those who are interested, excited about this opportunity! For you or for anyone who is likely to be enthusiastic, especially do not hesitate to transfer this announce around you or to other continents! 
You can also have a look in our Instagram account: temporary_art_studio 

I remain at your disposal for any questions, information or additional photos.

Looking forward to seeing you or meeting you,

Cécilia [at]
01/01/2021 - 21:27



I am a Canadian artist needing to bust loose both in my art and in my environment. I live in a stunning area of Canad in wine counrty with veiws and a small studio. I am 58 (retired- whatever that means) and ready to re invent myself (yet again, lol) I ideally am looking more to Berlin for a while. But I am open. I can swap, rent- I am open. Basically I am looking for like minded create people in a creative place. Summer mnths is not open for me, but spring fall and winter are great. Just putting out some energy to see if there are any opportinities. My art is more traditional at present, but as mentioned needing to mix it up. Thanks for any interest, leads  you may have. Julie Mai

julie_curtis [at]
29/12/2020 - 02:22

Art studio _Living and working space in Comporta [Lisbon] Portugal

The space is a hybrid project, house, studio, workshops and showroom in Comporta village, 120 km south from Lisbon. Comporta is a charming small town surrounded by rice paddies, sand dunes and pine forests on the ocean coast.


The total area of the house/studio is about 230 m2, with a double room and a single one and 4 different work areas. With a communal garden, a swimming pool and about 10 min away from the beach.

Lots of light and very high ceilings.

There is a laundry room with a washing machine


The town of Comporta offers a plenty choice of cafes, shops and restaurants. With a grocery shop and chemistry  really closed by.


For more information contact me by email.

Thank you

salomenascimento [at]
11/12/2020 - 18:47

Art Studio in Nature,Roma

Hi,I'm starting a sharing Studio Project along with my Company, Bureau International des Industries Graphiques.I work as Curator for Projects related to Graphics and Printing but as a Multimedia Artist I create projects that go from Film to Performing Art ending on Live In Galleries,Museums and Outdoors.Wishing to share this 110sqm loft with any Graphic Designer and Painter.Its a great deal in space and facilities.Not so far from Center of Rome lets you have a variety of choices in regard of planning any project.
annabastoni [at]