Studio Spaces

Studio Spaces

Artist-in-residence programmes are not the only way to stay and work abroad. Did you ever consider a temporary international studio swap? Or renting out your studio while you go abroad so other artists can make use of it? Are you looking for a specific kind of studio on a temporary basis?

Check out this Offered & Wanted Section and see what destinations trigger your imagination... Please note that this concerns mainly working space and not (always) accommodation.

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Call for artists

06/08/2019 - 17:39

Tbilisi, Georgia - living and working space for one year




I am addressing artists based in Amsterdam or den Haag, Nederland  -  I am wondering if anyone would like to exchange his/her apartment for an apartment (140 sq) in Tbilisi, Georgia for one year; preferably from November, 2019, but dates can be flexible.  The apartment has 3 rooms and a 45-sq living room/kitchen.  So, it can be also shared between two artists, and used both as living and working space.  It is located centrally, in an old town, but in a quiet area.   In case of interest, I will send you the photos.


I am a Georgian artist based currently in den Haag together with my partner, and 6 year old daughter; however, as a self-employed,  I find it very difficult to find a suitable apartment - landlords and agencies always prefer someone with fixed contract.  Hence, the idea of the exchange of apartments.



my email: marika110 [op] gmail [punt] com


marika110 [at]
05/08/2019 - 12:28

Studio @ Spinnerei Leipzig

Hi, I'm subletting my beautifull studio at the Spinnerei in Leipzig.


It's a 97 m2  /  high industrial space / water (warm & cold) / central heating / couch / bed / fridge / cooking plate / working tables / easel / wifi, etc.. 


It’s possible to live here as well, shower and toilets are outside the studio in collective spaces.

Across the studio there is a big artist supply store, art galleries and artist collegues working in close distance.



mail [at]
03/08/2019 - 11:06
Viet Nam

DK | 2020

In 2020, Design Kompany wants to explore the variation and possibility that is inherent in the creative process. DK wants to do this with new, and different, others. 

DK will take the things we learned from the making of a weekly e-mag, S P A C E, from Sept. 2017-Sept. 2019, and start a new kind of project that will:

. Continue to connect people whose paths might not have crossed;

. Showcase the narratives and contemporary philosophies of people in places that are not in 'the mainstream';

. Host popup installations, with an aim to

. Interconnect the most engaged of our participants, so that we can
. See what we might then make, from what emerges, together.


Are you interested in being part of this?

If you have a space, or are curious about the specifics of the things to come, query DK. 

We are listening for the new and the next.
info [at]
31/07/2019 - 22:09

Studio/ Living space at Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei

Hi everyone,


I am renting my furnished and bright studio of 89 mt2 with the possibility to sleep in, in the complex of the  Baumwollspinnerei in Leipzig, Germany, during the months of October and November, with the possibility of extention to December.


- Recently renovated
- Hot/cold water and sink
- Small kitchenette with fridge, new electric cooker
- Bed
- High ceiling of ca. 4.5 m
- Large windows with white curtains
- The studio is on the 4th floor, it faces south and has an amazing light and sunset view!
- Large lift is available

 On the same floor there are other 12 studios, shower and new toilets.


Looking for respectful and clean people. Best suited for painting (possibly non turpentine/ chemicals/powders users) and photography.


If interested please get in touch! 


I look forward to hearing form you :) [at]
26/07/2019 - 02:28



    AUGUST  TILL  NOVEMBER 2019 and 




Stay and  Work Studio on Borneo Island, Amsterdam east, Oostelijk havengebied.

Located in a nice and quiet area.

Everything  for staying is available and some equipment to work with

€ 1050,- per month all inclusive.

For information contact me:  rian [op] riandejong [punt] nl

rian [at]
15/07/2019 - 11:49

Project Space in Amsterdam New West - De Vlugt

Goleb’s project space is available for short term projects. It is ideal for rehearsals, screenings, workshops, conferences, etc. (up to 50 people). There is fast internet connection, the projection screen, plenty of chairs and a few working tables, coffee machine and fridge. Other facilities such as beamer and sound system can be rented with the space.


Details: 90 square meters, 3.6m high ceiling, windows on East and West, the black curtains for darkening


Conntact: project [punt] goleb [op] gmail [punt] com
project.goleb [at]
11/07/2019 - 10:02

01.Aug to 14.Oct 2019 Independent Studio in Weissensee



I sublet my studio in Weissensee in Berlin from 01.Aug to 14.Oct.19. This is 55m2 studio on the third floor, which is very spacious by yourself for working. There is 11 independent studios for artist, 3 studios for recent graudates from Weisensee art school. There is kitchen, toilet on the same floor. The rent for the whole period would be 764,97 euros and deposit 300 euros.


The building is recently renovated, the studio is very clean, therefore, I am looking for a person who could take care of the studio very well. This is my prioirity.  


thanks.! x 

gujjl [at]
07/07/2019 - 19:04

Looking for studio/live work space Barcelona Sept. 1



I am an oil painter looking for a live/work space in Barcelona as of Sept. 1.
madisontyrell [at]
02/07/2019 - 11:21

Studio with private bedroom, shower and kitchen sublet offered for 5 weeks in Hamburg, Germany

Subletting my studio in Hamburg for the summer ! 

22nd of July - 31 of August 2019.


Subletting private Studio with ca 40 - 50 m2 to use as workspace,

private kitchen, bathroom, shower and WIFI in the Künstlerhaus Sootbörn in Niendorf, Hamburg, Germany! 
Please share and pm me if interested!

for  5 weeks 360 Euro. If you are interested in a shorter time period, please let me know as well.


This is the link to the Künstlerhaus Sootbörn. It is an original Bauhaus building with 14 Artists studios and exhibition space.
mail [at]
30/06/2019 - 04:27
United States

Looking for a living space from July31st to August19th in Berlin


I am an artist living and working in New York City.

I am looking for a room or apt for 19days till August 19th

in Berlin.


And I have a 300sf living + clean-working private place to rent $1600 a month surrounding lots of Galleries and happening in Lower East Side-Mahattan in New York City.


Thanks for the attention.

mijajungbryen [at]