Russian artist-in-residence Potential Symposium Senezh

Starting from nearly zero at Senezh - June 2010

At the former artists' union house in Senezh the symposium focused two full days on the potential of artist-in-residence opportunities in Russia. The aim was to discuss all possibilities for the development of artist-in-residence in Russia, starting from nearly zero. The fruitful starting point of the organisors was not to haste… read more


Workshop Experience at Kunstenaars & Co

by Yasmine Ostendorf

Trans Artists is an expert on residency opportunities. And the good thing is, Trans Artists is not afraid of sharing its expertise! That's why we frequently organize workshops for artists.

As a newcomer at the Trans Artists office I was of course very curious what all the workshoptalk was about. All my collegues seemed to be travelling over the country and even over the world, informing artists… read more


"Does this Really Exist?"

Trans Artists Workshop at BJCEM 2009, Skopje, Macedonia

The XIV Edition of the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in September 2009 opened its gates in Skopje, R. Macedonia. Macedonia is a country where different ethnic groups, religions and cultures live together and influence each other. On certain level that was visible in the whole biennale, the mixture of artists and the way they were represented in different locations in… read more


NO pampering please

Providers of residential art centres tend to be hyper-concerned about what they offer their guests. During the symposium many questions expressed concerns in this way: Do we inform the artists well enough? Can we generate enough money for our guests? Do we offer enough contacts to them? How can we make the artists' stay as fruitful as possible? What could be the ideal length of stay for our guests? Are we clear enough in our guidelines and applications? Don't we ask too… read more


Pursuit of Reciprocity

What was at stake at the Cairo Residency Symposium?

Reciprocity was the underlying key issue in nearly all lectures, debates, group sessions and discussions. The issue came up spontaneously. The organizers of the symposium - Townhouse Gallery at Cairo and the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (Fonds BKVB) - wisely didn't push forward any central theme. They aimed to provide an open forum to discuss the state of affairs in the… read more


Intercultural Dialogue?

During one of the plenary sessions a lively debate developed after the presentation by Mahmoud Khaled, artist from Alexandria, in which he freely looked back upon his experience of staying at three residencies: Funen Art Academy, Gasworks, and Montalvo Arts Centre. He warned against the tendency in the artist-in-residence sector to measure its value according to cultural dialogue.

So the question was raised: 'Should the artist in residence be interested in… read more


Cairo Residency Symposium

How to develop honest reciprocity? That was the implicit main question during the Cairo Residency Symposium in March 2009. Three days 86 representatives of the artist-in-residence sector from the Middle East, Africa and Europe gathered in the Townhouse Gallery in Downtown Cairo.

The symposium was organized by Townhouse Gallery and the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Art, Design &… read more


The Pilot Project: Istanbul #2

'Towards creating a mobility tool kit for young artists'

The Beykent University in Istanbul is one of the Trans Artists' educational partners in the Prologue' network. In February 2009 the visual arts department of Beykent was so generous to facilitate the Trans Artists' Workshop and to contribute to the 'Prologue' network. This European network was… read more


'B' As In...

... Bucharest and Bratislava

Trans Artists On Tour: November 2008

Somehow November turned out to be the month for Trans Artists to visit European capitals in Central Europe starting with the letter 'B'. B' as in Bucharest and Bratislava. Will Budapest follow? Who knows! In 2009 Trans Artists will be present in Warsaw, Skopje and Istanbul. Check this webpage to see if Trans Artists is coming to your region anytime soon to inform you on all kind of… read more