Working on the margins conference, Tilburg

In Brabant and elsewhere, artist-in-residence organizations often move in and outside of institutional frameworks in order to facilitate space for the arts on their own terms. What is the urgency to do so and what are the opportunities that unfold from taking this position, in collaboration with institutions and local municipalities?

These and other questions were addressed from a local and international perspective during the conference Working on the margins, March 29 2018 at…read more


Artists at Risk Connection

Artists at Risk Connection (ARC) is a digital platform launched beginning of October 2017. ARC is a first-of-its kind global hub aimed to assist imperilled artists and fortify the field of organizations that support them.

Artists benefit from collaboration and also from better visibility for themselves and the organizations that serve them. Autocratic regimes fear artists because they express cultural identity, advance new ideas, promote dialogue, and bear witness to inhumanity. Artistic freedom is an indicator of a healthy and free…read more


Connecting with AiR in Japan

AiR Platform NL was invited by Kamiyama AiR to attend a symposium about artist-in-residence programs 2 & 3 September 2017, in Tokushima in Japan.

This annual symposium is held by the Union of Kansai region (local governements of Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Shiga, Wakayama, Tottori, Hyogo, Tokushima) to inform Japanese artists and governements about the opportunities international AiR programs can offer to enhance more cultural exchange in the region. By sharing information and experiences on projects…read more


Traveling to USA to perform, exhibit or for a residence?

Do you know what kind of visa you need when travelling to the USA as an artist? What is the difference between a showcase and a paid for performance? How long does this process take? How much does it cost? These are only few from the many questions artists and cultural workers face when travelling to the USA.

For the last two years, with the support of the U.S. National Endowment for the Arts, nonprofit organization Tamizdat, founded by…read more


A-i-R Wro Talks about residencies in Europe

DutchCulture | TransArtists is invited to join the second edition of A-i-R Wro Talks hosted in Sokołowsko and Wroclaw, Poland – the latter is the current European capital of culture.

A-i-R Wro Talks’ main goal is to support the exchange of knowledge and experience between professionals and to continue the…read more


Res Artis meeting at Kooshk in Tehran, Iran

Res Artis, the international network of artist residencies, is organising its first meeting in the Middle East hosted by Kooshk Residency in Tehran, Iran from November 21-25.

The meeting will take place under the title “Roots and Routes: Challenges and Opportunities of Connectivity”. Through a number of panels, roundtable discussions and workshops sessions, the meeting will…read more


Platform Werkplaatsen and AiR Platform NL

Act and Connect: Platform Werkplaatsen is a joint venture between Dutch and Flemish workshops and labs for artists and designers.

Technical workshops, with and without artist-in-residence programs, lead the way in facilitating craft techniques for and by artists and designers. These workshops are consistently developing, reflecting the changes in daily art practice, thereby creating innovative applications of old and new techniques. Their function has also shifted, from knowledge centre to junction within…read more


AiR for Experiment encounter in Delft

How can artist organizations, artist-in-residence programs and governments work together at local level to enhance the European cultural landscape? The 'encounter' AiR for Experiment took place 2nd December at Lijm & Cultuur in Delft, the Netherlands.

Artist organizations and artist-in-residence programs provide open, relational, social spaces embedded in the locality of a village or city. They connect artists and create communities of practitioners…read more


TransArtists and Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee open call for contributions!

The second issue of our online magazine Station to Station with the topic ‘All that art’ will be published beginning of next year. Some of the questions this issue is raising are: what happens with the art (works) that is created in residencies – how often (or not) is the work made for a certain purpose and then left and forgotten; how can the artists continue to develop…read more


Workshop for FLACC, C-mine and VONK

On the 15th of October 2016, Léon Kruijswijk gave a workshop about the artist-in-residence field in Genk, Belgium. DutchCulture | TransArtists was invited in the framework of a collaborative project of FLACC, C-mine and VONK for talent development, which consists of a workshop series for artists. The aim is to give artists tools and advice to operate independently. These workshops vary widely; from support by composing a budget overview for your art project to an introduction to the metal workshop at FLACC. There is one workshop…read more