Networks, platforms and mappings - Africa

Networks, platforms and mappings - Africa

Morocco: AiR perspectives Morocco

In 2014, AiR Platform NL collaborated with AiR organizations in Morocco and the Marakkesh Biennale, 5th edition, on the round table meeting AiR Perspectives Morocco. The program aimed to introduce AiR organizations as key actors in the Moroccan contemporary art field while providing insight into a diversity of programs and projects for a professional, (inter)national audience. On the overview page of the project you will also find a list of artist in residencies in Morocco.

North Africa Cultural Mobility Map - NACMM

The North Africa Cultural Mobility Map (NACMM) is a project about mobility initiatives for artists, writers and researchers interested in traveling and developing cultural projects in or within North Africa. You will find mappings of artist in residencies on the website as well as other relevant resources.

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