Studio Spaces

Studio Spaces

Artist-in-residence programmes are not the only way to stay and work abroad. Did you ever consider a temporary international studio swap? Or renting out your studio while you go abroad so other artists can make use of it? Are you looking for a specific kind of studio on a temporary basis?

Check out this Offered & Wanted Section and see what destinations trigger your imagination... Please note that this concerns mainly working space and not (always) accommodation.

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Call for artists

23/09/2016 - 12:25
United Kingdom

Open Call for Affordable Artist Studios

Open call for studio artists interested in affordable workspace at the newly acquired SET centre on Alscot Rd in Bermondsey. Viewings will be held on Wednesday, 28th of September and Saturday, 1st of October, from 4pm - 10pm. SUBMISSION DEADLINE - SUNDAY 9th OCTOBER. In order to apply for a specific space, interested people should attend one of the two viewings. We will explain at the viewings how to register and apply for a specific spaces. We look forward to seeing you all at the viewings. ----- OPEN CALL We are looking to host a diverse selection of artists in a range of studios and build a vibrant studio community. All studios also have the advantage of access to a 30x40 ft project space which will be located at the site and can be booked when not in use for SETprojects or photoshoots. We will select artists who are interested in contributing to the public programme. The price is as affordable as possible – it ranges from £1 per sq ft per calendar month in the larger studios to £1.50 for the small open plan studios. All bills are included. The Alscot Road centre is a large brick distribution warehouse that until recently hosted Lawpack Publishing, a DIY legal firm. It’s based 10mins walk from Bermondsey Station, 10mins walk from Old Kent Road (which has access to building merchants and supply shops) and 25mins walk from London Bridge Station. The space is 7000sq ft with a central ceiling hight of 17ft and two long roof windows running the length of the property. Unfortunately, at this site we cannot offer spaces for musicians as it is predominantly open plan/ near to residential neighbours.
studios [at]
22/09/2016 - 18:16
United Kingdom

Fine artist looking for a liveable studio space to rent temporarily in 2017. Very flexible spatially and temporarily!

My name is Tabitha Darling and I am a fine artist from Belfast. I love to travel and explore new places which is why I am looking for a new space around the world to live & work in. I am very flexible when it comes to the location & length of time the space is available. A liveable space suitable for working on my art which is primarily charcoal based would be preferred. 


For more information please contact me at ; tmdarling [at] 


Thank you!
tmdarling [at]
22/09/2016 - 11:40

Spanish/Portugese Village House/Studio Wanted

We are looking for a low cost Studio/Village House with atleast 2+ bedrooms and working space.


We'd like to spend 350 with bills. but are open to other options. We'd like internet included. Open fires ect.




aaron_leaman [at]
21/09/2016 - 12:57

Two British Artists looking for dog friendly studio space, Southern Spain

Two Artists who have been travelling in a converted lorry are looking to rent a large studio space, or two smaller spaces in Southern Spain for about 6 months. We are able to travel immediately. The space must be dog friendly. We would love to share with other artists if that os possible.


Contactable by email nettlegrellier [at] or phone +447903855465 or +34612229324
nettlegrellier [at]
19/09/2016 - 19:57

Studio space + sleep accomodation in village in Spain

Artist living and working in a small village ( 1000 habitants) about 125 km from Barcelona - 20km from Balaguer, offers studio space (about 80 m2) in old village house + sleeping room.

Inclusive electricity / water / wifi  - use of kitchen / shower. Costs €400,- / month

Surrounding: small villages, middle-age architecture, near to mountains, nature /walking etc. 

About 40 km from Lerida.

bcn [at]
19/09/2016 - 16:13

Studio Space Port-au-Prince


I am a visual artist- 32 years old, female and looking for a place to live and work in Port-au-Prince. I only need basic furniture and WiFi because I work mainly on my laptop. I do not create a mess while working, and I will not be needing a large space either.

I am used to living in a wide variety of conditions, ranging from very primitive to fully-appointed. But I am not looking for anything fancy, just a simple work and living space with WiFi.

I am grateful for any tips and will be happy to share more information in future contacts.



alexemiliaemail (a )

alexemiliaemail [at]
18/09/2016 - 18:59

Studio/Rehearsal Space Rotterdam

Hi there,


I'm a student at Codarts University For The Arts in Rotterdam, currently looking for a space where I can rehearse, prcatice and record with bands and other projects. The best thing would be an industrial location, somewhere around 20-30m2 and dry climate/heating in there. Should be without any noise limitations!

Please let me know if you have any ideas in and around Rotterdam (not more than 10km away from the city).

mrhammondfunker [at]


All the best,

mrhammondfunker [at]
18/09/2016 - 10:16

La Dolce Berlin


The site of an old Späti in the Turkish area of Wedding is becoming one of the most exciting alternative location for contemporary art , culture , authentic Italian food and Aperitifs in Berlin. In this space now a freelance couple of Film and Theatre professionals share an artist studio run that transforms evenings and weekends into a venue and offers authentic Italian wine and much more . At La Dolce Berlin you can reserve your unique Italian dinner , enjoy a wine testing / Aperitif and discover interesting stuff . If you are coming from outside Berlin we have an extra room for you to stay in. We also organize artistic events and exhibitions in a very homey and relaxed atmosphere.
General Information
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artaiafvg [at]
14/09/2016 - 18:48

Studio Spaces Paris


I am writing from a video production company. We are filming a short online video in Paris the week of the 26th of September and are looking to film a short scene inside an artist loft. We can pay a location fee. Following are the details of the shoot:  


Usage: Online

Client: App company

Type: News

Length: 2-3 minutes

Genre: Branded content

Dates: 28.09 or 29.09 

Length of Filming: 1-2hours

Sequence Length: 5-15 seconds

Crew: 3 crew + 1 extras

Equipment: Camera (handheld), no sound or tracking devices

Fee: Negotiable


If you are interested and have a studio available, please contact me with your name and some images. 




carla.steinberg [at]
10/09/2016 - 17:06

OPEN CALL for new member of OT301 collective!

Studio available from 01.11.16

Application deadline: 18.09.2016

Send to: info [at]



Space info: because of a pending internal decision, the actual space becoming available will not be known until 22nd September, but the area will be around 30-35m2 and the rent around 270-300 euros.

Application Guidelines and Criteria:

• OT301 is a legalized squat encompassing a mix of non-commercial, (sub)cultural, artistic and activist projects and people. Please include a description of what you do including documentation like text, images and cv.

• Applications also need to include a project, plan or approach of how you would integrate into the building and organization. What is your idea of the OT301 and why would you like to be a part of it?

• OT301 is owned and run by a collective. All renters are members of the collective and must have an interest in playing an active part. Amongst other things, this means participating in regular meetings and taking responsibilities for various tasks. If you only want to rent a studio and are not interested in the commitment required to be in such a collective, please DO NOT APPLY!

STUDIO SUITABLE AS: artists studio (visual/multi-media/textile/ceramic, etc) or activist/artist office space. The studio can be shared and a joint application is possible.

NOT SUITABLE FOR: loud noise (in order to respect the levels of sound pollution in both the building and the neighborhood). As with all spaces within the OT301, the studio itself isn't completely insulated from noise/sound made in other parts of the building either, so you'd need to be ok with this.
info [at]