English, Dutch, French, German
1-2 weeks
Paid by host:

Painting studio contains some materials.

Paid by artist:

Residency costs $200 a week. Artists provide their own food, travel/gas and materials.

Application guidelines:

Email the completed application form to [email protected].


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Treehouse Artist Residency

Treehouse Artist Residency


Treehouse Gallery is an artist-run alternative studio and gallery that supports independent artists in creating new networks. They are an art initiative located in Muskoka , a centre of Canadian tradition for arts and culture. Their mission is to encourage a creative space where both emerging and established artists can benefit from the abundance of nature and thriving local arts near Algonquin Park.The Muskoka region was once a inspirational hub for Group of Seven members; their legacy is popular with the residents here, some of having personally talked to these artists. Location ideal if researching nature art traditions.

They are equipped with a painting studio and a gallery space (both 600sq ft). Artists, usually self-directed, may exhibit and use the opportunity to explore, relax, talk to local artist community and begin new artworks. The Gallery provides some help for advertising during shows.


Artist talk, exhibition.

Studio Information

They have one studio space that is 600sq ft above the gallery. By estimate it can support 5 artists working at once. Studio comes equipped with the following:

  • Mirror
  • Easels, containers and furniture
  • Paint and paintbrushes
  • Mannequins
  • Drying racks for painting/drawings
  • Art-related library
  • Kitchen and Bathroom

Gallery comes equipped with the following:

  • Lighting
  • Wires and hooks
Accommodation Information

They provide four bedrooms with 1 bedding accommodation in the painting studio.One main kitchen and one small kitchen (all utilities). Three bathrooms in total. Wifi-available.

Technical Information

Library, one printer.


Countryside near Algonquin Park and Peninsula Lake, driving distance to Huntsville.

Contact information

216 Lakeview Crescent
Huntsville ON P1H 1A7

treehouseartres [at]