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At least 1 month or special micro-residencies (5 days)
Paid by host:

The cost of each residence varies according to the chosen amount of time and ateliers. Interested artists can apply for some of the grants offered by R.A.R.O. or apply for different grants, in which case the R.A.R.O. team will provide letters of invitation and all the necessary documentation to access them.

So far R.A.R.O. has provided a special grants program for artists from Argentine provinces and awarded full grants to international artists thanks to partnerships with Embassies, institutions, and other residency programs around the world.

Paid by artist:

Residency fee and accommodation. The prices will vary depending on the studios you pick, and the length of the residency.

Application guidelines:

Explore the R.A.R.O. Buenos Aires network of ateliers and choose where you want to develop your project. Visit: Ateliers. Send a single PDF file to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Personal information.
  • Curriculum Vitae: Education, exhibitions, awards, previous residences, etc.
  • Statement of work.
  • Project to be carried out, specifying the duration of the residence taking into account that the minimum is 3 weeks. (500 words maximum)
  • Selected R.A.R.O. Ateliers and their relationship with the project to be carried out.
  • Up to 10 images of work / In case of videos send link with passwords (if required).

Also, complete the online form. Once the application has been submitted, the selection phase will begin, where both the R.A.R.O. team and the ateliers you have chosen will analyze your project and assess its feasibility.

​Once your project has been accepted and budgeted, we will be waiting for you in Buenos Aires. Remember that R.A.R.O. residences take at least 3 weeks to complete in at least two Ateliers and not all Ateliers have the same availability in terms of time. At all times you will have the advice of the R.A.R.O. team. Residences are tariffs. The cost varies depending on the chosen Ateliers and the time of stay.


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Colectivo R.A.R.O

Colectivo R.A.R.O

R.A.R.O itinerant residency program

Colectivo R.A.R.O. was born in Buenos Aires, in early 2014, resulting from its founders’ interest to generate spaces for reflection and production for artists, curators, and cultural managers. R.A.R.O. proposes an Itinerant Residency program that currently extends to Madrid.

Since its inception, the R.A.R.O. team has formed a solid base of local artists’ ateliers in which other artists can come to develop their own projects. Currently, it has a total of 17 adjoining spaces in Buenos Aires, each of them directed by artists of wide and medium trajectory, from different disciplines.

How does it work? The key element to R.A.R.O.’s Itinerant Residencies is the opportunity to create, collaborate and travel through various artist spaces during the residence period.

The resident can work in a minimum of 2 ateliers for at least 3 weeks and deepen into one or several techniques. During your stay, you can feature their work, have contact with local artists, curators, collectors, etc., and finally, you will be given the opportunity of generating an audiovisual record of the whole process and show the final work in the form of either an open studio or an exhibition.

R.A.R.O.’s Residencies are aimed at artists, curators, and cultural managers, both emerging and established, national or international coming from all disciplines who are interested in itinerant residences and who want to share ateliers with local artists for artwork production.

The duration of each residence varies according to the schedules established by the interested artists and by the R.A.R.O. ateliers. Stays are at least 3 weeks long and have no maximum time.


During their residency, artists may show their work, get in contact with local artists, curators and collectors among other art related enthusiasts. At the end of the residency, artists will have the opportunity to show their final work either as an Open studio or exhibition.

Studio Information

The multidisciplinary nature of R.A.R.O. allows for the resident to work in two or more ateliers and deepen into one or several disciplines in a short period of time. R.A.R.O.’s network of local ateliers allows interested residents to choose from them in order to develop a part of their production, as well as undertake collaborative works. Choosing the studio will depend on the techniques each resident wants to develop and/or deepen into and on the times established by each atelier.

Accommodation Information

They offer multiple kinds of accommodation option to the residents. From hostels or shared rooms, to private apartments or private rooms in local artists houses. It all depends on the resident budget and needs.

Technical Information

With 9 studios to choose from, R.A.R.O residencies cover a wide range of techniques with all kind of equipments and full assistance all the time.

Contact information

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

raromadrid [at]