English, Bulgarian
4 weeks between September and December 2023
Paid by host:

One-time stipend of 800 EUR
Up to 400 EUR for production/presentation (to be spent locally)
Up to 200 EUR for travel costs

Selected artists can be provided with invitation letters for additional external funding applications in case the project needs it.

Application guidelines:

To apply for the "Take Care Residency Programme," please submit the following materials via email to [email protected]:

  • Artist Statement (max. 500 words): Introduce yourself, your artistic background, and your motivation for participating in the residency.
  • Project Proposal (max. 1,000 words): Outline your proposed project, including its objectives, artistic approach, and potential impact.
  • Artist Resume/CV: Provide an overview of your artistic experience, including relevant training, productions, and projects.
  • Work Samples: Submit up to three work samples that showcase your artistic practice. These can include scripts, performance videos, dramaturgical notes, or any other relevant materials.
  • Contact Information: Include your full name, email address, phone number, and country of residence.

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Radar Sofia

Radar Sofia


Radar is a new independent art hub dedicated to supporting creators that make a difference. Located in the heart of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, they offer a free live/work space, networking and presentation opportunities in a vibrant and inexpensive city, distinctly exotic for those who come from Western Europe, and warmly European for those who originate in the East. The residency period may vary between one and four weeks.

The organizers want to lend a helping hand to creators who walk an artistic path off the beaten track. New methods and forms that make the audience truly engage in an important contemporary topic are what they seek to promote. They tend to prefer artists who take note of the world around them, see what is going on, and are able to artistically relate to the troubles and dangers for our societies and for our planet. Artists who have proven record of some resistance to the system in which we live
will be most welcome. "Radical" is not a taboo word for Radar.

They seek also to support projects of artists at risk, creators who have been persecuted or censored due to the nature of their work or because of their race, sex, gender, ethnic origin, religion or political views, or just because. Your work will get presented to the local audiences and you will be introduced to artists from your field as the residency is partner with some of the important cultural agents in the city.

The organizers understand that nature of art is not only in constant creation, but also in reflection, rest and the ability to recuperate and the time to hear you inner voice (again). That is why they accept applications also from artists who don't have a specific project in mind at the time of application, but boast rich and inspiring artistic biographies. They would be glad if Sofia helps you finetune your radar for your next great project. The space is designed mainly for writers, special preference is given to dramaturgy and performing arts. Filmmakers, visual and interdisciplinary artists who don't need a huge studio for their work can also apply. Translators will not be rejected, although the primary focus is not translation.

Open Call 2023: Take Care [text from organisers]
In the world of today, marked by constant challenges and uncertainties, the need for care has become increasingly important. Take Care is an urgent call to recognize the interconnectedness of our lives and to embrace the responsibility we have towards one another and our context/environment. Its theme resonates deeply within the realm of contemporary performative practices, theatre, and dramaturgy, inviting us to explore the profound significance of what care is or could be in our world now.

The arts can serve as a powerful medium for reflection, empathy, and transformation. Through the lens of contemporary performative practices, theatre, and dramaturgy, we can delve into the complexities of our human existence and unveil narratives that foster care, empathy, and social consciousness. The notion of "Take Care" urges us to question, provoke, and reimagine how we relate to ourselves, each other, and the world we live in.

Within this context, our long-term curatorial approach seeks to create a space that nurtures both artists and audiences, offering a sanctuary for exploration, contemplation, and healing. It invites artists, theatre makers, and dramaturgs to delve into the multidimensional concept of care, embracing its diverse manifestations and highlighting the urgency to integrate care into our creative processes, narratives, and interactions.

"Take Care" encourages artists to examine the intricate relationships between care, power dynamics, vulnerability, and resilience. It prompts us to explore how care can be both an act of resistance and a transformative force within the performative world. Artists are invited to interrogate the socio-political structures that impact care, challenging the dominant narratives and envisioning alternative ways of caring for ourselves, our communities, our contemporary context and the planet.

This curatorial journey seeks to foster collaboration, cross-cultural dialogue, and the exchange of knowledge and experiences. It aims to bring together artists from diverse backgrounds, traditions, and disciplines, offering a platform for interdisciplinary exploration and co-creation. Through these collective endeavors, we aspire to amplify marginalized voices, celebrate diversity, and challenge the status quo, envisioning a world where care is at the forefront of our collective consciousness.

"Take Care", as always with Radar Sofia, is an initiative that invites audiences to participate actively in this transformative journey. Through immersive performances, interactive installations, and thought-provoking discussions, spectators usually become integral participants, engaged in critical conversations and self-reflection. By creating spaces that encourage empathy, understanding, and solidarity, we aim to inspire individuals to take care of themselves, their communities, and the world at large.

Together, through contemporary performative practices, theatre, and dramaturgy, we believe we can harness the power of storytelling, aesthetic experiences, and internal healing, in order to resist the destructive forces, wherever they may come from.

And as it often happens when we embark on a long journey, let us now wish each other:

“Take care!”

They accept applicants from all performative fields, with a special focus on dramaturgical thinking (understood as widely as possible), which is at the core of the practice at Radar Sofia, spanning across disciplines. They welcome performing arts makers, playwrights, dramaturges, directors, performers, choreographers, as well as visual artists and curators working with live art, performance art, relational aesthetics, interactivity, community engagement and other old and new performative practices.


Production is not a must but if you have an idea our team will support you in getting in touch with local institutions, finding the most suitable working and presentation space. Radar Sofia has a small studio but doesn't have its own stage or bigger rehearsal room. However, it collaborates with a number of local institutions that can provide various options. A potential final presentation can take the form of a lecture, talk, performance, workshop, installation, exhibition, work-in-progress, etc. A return to Sofia at a later stage to finalize an idea with additional funding is also an option.

One of the reasons the organizers are searching for resilient artists is because they want to show the local circles that resistance efforts pay off. That going mainstream and with the flow is sometimes too conformist a path for a creator of value. And that there are other ways. They want to inspire change in the local context and attitudes. Your stay in Sofia and your story told here can help much more than just give yourself a space to work and contemplate.

Radar is composed of artists of various backgrounds who have crossed paths in a plethora of projects in the past years. They know the value of strong collaborations and artistic exchange and will try to promote the establishment of lasting partnerships in the future, not necessarily with some of them, but with artists from the local circles as well. They will encourage, including financially, future joint projects, for which they have had some guarantees from their partners.

Accommodation Information

A room in the heart of the city suitable for writers or media/visual/performing artists who don't need specifically big studio for work.

Technical Information

The residency is partner with places for formal presentations of their artists, plus exhibition spaces for the work of visual artists.

Contact information

Strelbishte, bl.60A
1408 Sofia

info [at]