French, English
1951 (residency at 2016)
2 weeks to 1 month
Paid by host:

The Maison Losseau will provide the resident with accommodation / studio and the necessary logistical assistance for his/her search.

Paid by artist:

All other expenses, including most meals, are the responsibility of the resident. It also includes the travel costs.

Application guidelines:

The selected project must be developed over a period of at least 15 days and a maximum of 30 days, between 9 August and 5 September 2021. Applications, written in French and English, will be examined by an international committee composed of writers, archivists and managers of cultural and artistic structures.
Those interested in this call for applications can send their project to Maison Losseau, 37, rue de Nimy, B - 7000 Mons and to [email protected] with the following documentation:

  • Contact details of the person in charge of for the project (and copy of national identity card or passport)
  • Calendar: proposed dates for the residency and project schedule
  • Description of the writing project on a maximum of three A4 sheets, including a proposal for an activity open to the public that will take place at Maison Losseau and/or on the site of one of the Hainuyer partners
  • Short CV

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Maison Losseau

Maison Losseau

Writing and creation residency

The writing and creation residence set up by the Losseau Foundation and the Literature Sector of the Province of Hainaut is located in Mons (Belgium), on the site of the Maison Losseau, an Art Nouveau private mansion with a museum vocation and a contemporary building comprising an interpretation center, some exhibition(s) rooms and a literature center that contains some literary archives writers from Hainaut such as (Marcel Moreau, Claire Lejeune, Fernand Dumont…).
The new writing and creation residency project extend and completes the Losseau Foundation’s and the literature sector’s missions in the field of heritage promotion and, above all, assistance to literary creation, in connection with other forms of artistic expression. They wish to support writers (poets, novelists, playwrights, essayists) and researchers by offering them the opportunity to extract themselves, over a limited period of time, from everyday life and by inviting them to explore, without this being restrictive or limiting, the resources made available to them on the site, in particular the rich literary or historical archives, from which they can draw inspiration to develop an original project.
The Maison Losseau team will provide them the material necessary for the creative process. It will be committed to facilitating cultural exchanges and dialogue between the residents, the artists supported by the Performing and Plastic Arts Sectors of the Province of Hainaut, the creators and the inhabitants of the Hainaut territory.
Applications are open to writers, poets, playwrights, as well as researchers working in the field of archival science, literature, symbolism or Art Nouveau. The objectives of the residency program are:

  • To promote literary research and production,
  • Opening up a new field of transdisciplinary archives exploration,
  • Support the dialogue between literary and artistic creation in plastic arts, performing arts, music, etc.,
  • To enrich the experience of the resident and the population by encouraging exchanges.

Predisposition to show the work accomplished during the stay to the population and the public of the Maison Losseau in the form of lectures, readings, workshops, performances etc.

Accommodation Information

The Maison Losseau provides the resident with a free bicycle and a studio located on the Maison Losseau site with an independent entrance. This studio includes a bedroom with a desk, a bathroom with shower and a kitchenette. It features free WIFI.

Technical Information

The Maison Losseau will provide the resident with the necessary logistical assistance for his/her search. The resources available on the site will be at the resident's disposal. Access to certain cultural structures such as museums, as well as public transport tickets may be offered.

Contact information

Rue de Nimy 37-39
7000 Mons

residences.losseau [at]