English, Armenian, French, Russian
From a few days to a month
Paid by artist:

20.000 AMD (45€) per day;
100.000 AMD (240 €) per week;
350.000 AMD (840 €) per month.
A 50% prepayement is required.

Application guidelines:

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NEST Art Residency

NEST Art Residency


NEST Art Residency (ICA Yerevan) is developed as an open cross-functional network of people, ideas, and desires. Its Education, Project, and Theory Labs provide a comprehensive set of resources, facilities, and tools for understanding and operating in the contemporary art scene in Armenia and the wider global art contexts. Offering on-demand services in all stages of multiscale and multi-format project production Project Lab delivers consulting, guidance, creative management assistance, and production.

Institute of Contemporary Art launched its Project Lab initiative, [NɛST] community center and residency cluster for artists, curators, theatre directors and choreographers, filmmakers, art critics, art historians as well as interdisciplinary theorists and researchers interested in a wide range of subjects including but not limited to:

  • community design
  • music and sound art
  • filmmaking and film studies
  • architecture & urban studies
  • social archeology and narratives
  • contemporary dance and performance
  • time-banking and other forms of non-fiscal social sustainability
  • artifacts as social, cultural, virtual and biofacts, artifacts as errors

[NɛST] gives big importance to integrating invited residents (both regional and international) into the local artistic community or another social milieu that pertains to the sphere of interests of the resident.


The resident is expected to share the outcome of her/his artistic research. The format (presentation, exhibition, performance, screening, workshop, manifesto, etc) is up to the resident. Additional events or workshops must be organized with the approval of ICA.

Studio Information

The residency working space includes a graphic studio (28,7 m2), an analog art studio (42m2), and a darkroom (6.5m2).

Accommodation Information

The residency space includes two private bedrooms, two art studios, a shared kitchen, and a shared bathroom. It also houses a library, two auditoriums, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a garden, all of which are at the disposal of the residents.

Contact information

47 Avet Avetisyan Street

info [at]