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Paid by host:

We offer the stage hall or visual studio for free (other groups have to rent it).

Paid by artist:

The current rates can be retrieved on their website.

Application guidelines:

It is open to professional artists or companies who
- have planned shows/performances/exhibitions in the professional circuit
- want to interact with the (youth) groups in Destelheide trough try-outs, open rehearsals, workshops, informal meetings.

They can request their stay here.


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Artist in House

As a professional company in theater, circus, music or dance; or as an individual artist in visual arts, literature, or any other discipline one can name, it is possible to become an artist in residence at Destelheide. It is designated for creatives who wish to work on a new production in peace, to try out a new performance with a diverse audience, or simply take the time and space to brainstorm, rehearse, write, paint, dance,record, make music or anything else. Free rehearsal in the performing arts hall or in a visual studio is offered. Residents have the opportunity to try-out their production for the (youth) groups who are working at the same time at Destelheide.

Studio Information

Performing arts hall De Put is a large theatre hall. It has windows on one side (with a view on the valley), that can easily be blinded. It accomodates 200 seats, has dance carpet and technical equipment availaible at the artists' demand.

Accommodation Information

Residents only pay for their meals and overnight stay(s) in Destelheide, according to the lowest price category. The artist residences are always based on full board. A residence for artists always starts on a weekday, there is no minimum or maximum duration.

Artists' request will be viewed according to their needs and availability in Destelheide.


Technical Information

Residents can make free use of Zaal De Put, the dance hall, a room for visual activities or another room to create, depending on its availability. In-house technicians can help with the construction and degradation of the material. For a longer technical creation, it is best for residents to bring own technician.


Destelheide is located in a green village called Dworp close to Brussels: the perfect place to fully concentrate on one's artistic work.

Contact information

Destelheidestraat 66
1653 Dworp

lieselot.vanderroost [at]