Swedish and English
Usually 1 month
Paid by host:

They are mainly providing space and car, but are of course available when needed and ready to help out.

Paid by artist:

The residency is free to attend. All running costs apart from lodging is payed by the resident, this includes materials, gas, subsistence costs and travel. The organizers will help the artists with whats needed to apply for funding to cover expenses attached to the stay.

Application guidelines:

To qualify for a residency at BRUANKRA the applicants will need to operate within the fields of art, theater, dance, literature or/and journalism together with being able to present a defined project to work on during the stay. They are only offering stays to international applicants.

To apply send a description of the project that you aim to work on while visiting, please give a brief background on the project together with the aspirations for the project. Also attach a resume, and if available link references to previous work samples. Don’t forget to apply full contact details together what dates you’d like to visit. The residency periods are primarily between mid March and mid June.

The deadline is ongoing, but the organizers are more thoroughly evaluating the submissions during fall. Therefore it may take some time before you here anything back from them.


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BRUNAKRA Temporary

The residency program BRUNAKRA Temporary has grown out of a personal interest for art and society particularly focusing on the artistic and productive process. It has from the start been the ambition to offer a sanctuary free from commercial interests giving time and space to work undisturbed on a dedicated project. They are also aiming to create interconnectivity between the art world and groups that generally is seen as standing further from access to cultural capital.

BRUNAKRA Temporary (Brunåkra Kulturförening) has offered residencies in various forms to artists, journalists and writers since 2010. Today the overall ambition is to attract international cultural practitioners and to offer exchange of ideas with local and national networks. The residency program has been built up gradually over the years and they’re now able to offer three resident periods a year. The long term ambition is to invest in the development of a heated workshop and possible additional accommodation to be able to grant two or more guests at the same time.

They offer the residents four weeks stay - the time is supposed to be used to concentrate on a project defined when applying for the residency. At the end of the visit the organizers normally arrange a public presentation by the resident, attended by a regular and recurring audience. The residents are also welcomed to seek contact with local partners for workshops or other kinds of exchanges.


Public presentation in any form presenting the guests main focus while resident.

Studio Information

A rough workshop for carpentry or related work is available. In the future the workshop is planned to be developed into a more efficient area with heating and sufficient equipment for visiting residents.

Accommodation Information

A previous garage has been redecorated into a lodge with two bedrooms, a combined living area and kitchen together with a bathroom. The house is overlooking the open landscape as well as the nearby Baltic Sea and in the distance Bornholm island.

Contact information

Brunåkra, Gislöv
27292 Simrismhamn

info [at]