This collections can be seen as a starting point; a place for plural views and stories on this theme. If you want to tell a story related to the latest theme in relation to artist residencies or want to react on something you read here please send your story to our editor.

The residencies shown on the map (and listed here below) are part of the AiR Collection: The Sustainers.

AiR Collections

AiR Collections


The AiR Collections Archives


August 2014

Tony Parsons undercover in Heathrow airport as writer-in-residence, collecting stories.An artist can be anyone: an anthropologist, a spy, taxidriver, stockbroker and so much more. This collection focuses on embedded artists and residencies that are 'undercover' participants blending in a community, a system or a company. Get into the mood here.


  • Deloitte
  • MI6
  • Heathrow Airport
  • the British Library
  • Crossrail Limited
  • Luxury hotels

Read the Undercover AiR Collection here.

The AiR Roadtrip

August 2014The AiR Roadtrip in the USA

This issue focuses on the roadtrip: a virtual AiR roadtrip with google streetview from Oysterville on the West Coast to New Orleans on the Gulf Coast. Interested in driving this route yourself? It is 3,967 mi, 64 hours of driving; please see the right column for directions. Get into the mood here.

The Roadtrip goes from Willapa Bay AiR (Washington State) to May Residency (Louisiana).

Read the AiR Roadtrip here.

Film AiR Collection

Film AiR CollectionMay 2014

This Film AiR collection offers you an eclectic selection of residency programs, in which film is either in the center, or sneaking in at the margin. From Do It Yourself community environments ( to fully equipped facilities (Banff), residencies show that artists can do anything with film: roaming, researching, discussing, copying, and yes, even burning. Get into the mood here.


  • Kran Film
  • Wex
  • San Francisco Film Society's Filmhouse
  • La Bande Vidéo
  • Exploratorium
  • Links to other residencies, funding schemes, festivals and other resources for artists wanting to jump into the world of film-making!

Read the Film Air Collection

The Sustainers

Cambridge Sustainability ResidencyDecember 2013

The Sustainers looks at an inspiering and dedicated wave of thinkers, researchers, actors, collaborators and pioneers dealing with sustainability in multiple ways.


  • Centre for Alternative Technology
  • ISLAND Hill House Residency
  • Cambridge Sustainability Residency
  • Bamboo Curtain Studio
  • Guapamacátaro Center for Art and Ecology
  • links to articles, researches and guides from Translocal, Julie's Bicycle, the Alliance of Artists Communities, ASEF, etc.

Read the Sustainers

Artist residencies + activism

October 2013

This issue focuses on artist residencies + activism. This collection can be seen as a starting point; a place for plural views and stories on this theme. An Air Collection is long; either meant for hour-long read or just for you to pick out what interests you.


  • Townhouse Cairo
  • The Silent University
  • Daar Residency
  • Design Studio for Social Intervention
  • and many more...

Read Artist residencies + activism

The Water Cycle

September 2013

This issue focuses on the water cycle -from ice to steam- and how artists in residence relate to this. We have prepared a collection of 14 artist in residence stories, opportunities and calls related to water in all its forms for you.


  • Watershed
  • Centre for Environmental and Marine Sciences
  • SOMA residency program
  • Jentel Artist Residency
  • Beppu Project
  • Hotel Mariakapel
  • Cheng Long Wetlands

Read The Water Cycle

Rituals in Residence

February 2013

A daily ritual can be seen as 'closing the gap between art and life, many contemporary artists incorporate everyday rituals, from kissing to cooking to teaching and talking, into their performances' as mentioned in the intro of a radio interview at The Museum of Modern Art; or as 'somewhat deadening to the senses, because it promotes a familiarity with the world that allows one to tune out essential information.' as artist Scott Benefield beliefs.

This issue focuses on daily rituals.

  • Do artists in residence recreate new daily rituals for themselves while being in residence or rather stick with their familiar routines?
  • What are these rituals and are they important?

Read Rituals in Residence

Today all will be different 

June 2012

"Thinking about artists-in-residence experiences in urgent situations." Trans Artists / Platform AiR NL organized a meeting on May 22 in Amsterdam for artists and organizers of artist-in-residence programs about facing the unforeseen, with a focus on Japan post 3/11.

  • How can AiR organizers continue working in a situation of urgency?
  • How can artists prepare for working in an unstable environment?
  • How to assist artists who come from unstable situations?

Read the report of our meeting Today all will be different

Encounters in Research & Experiment

March 2012


  • Empac: creative exploring
  • EKWC: laboratory in ceramics and design
  • Art Serde: interdiciplinary research group
  • Verbeke Foundation: culture, nature and ecology
  • SymbioticA: biological science
  • The STUDIO for creative enquiry

Read Encounters in Research & Experiment

The Notion of Remote

December 2011


  • Fogo Island Arts Corporation
  • Cape Farewell
  • Cill Rialaig Project
  • The Island Residency
  • Rabbit Island
  • Izolyatsia
  • Visual Arts in Rural Communities
  • Nes Artist Residency

Read the Notion of Remote

New York City Newsletter

October 2011


  • My Island
  • In DUMBO
  • Alone on the rooftops
  • Interview with Tomaz Hipólito at the New Museum cafe
  • A day at Prospect Park

Read New York City Newsletter

Special Effects

Summer 2011


  • Blasting Artspace
  • Rainbow oh Rainbow
  • Coincidental Table Dance
  • New Dehli Mists
  • Green Cloud over the city
  • Galaxy Jacket
  • Lightness
  • Animation Courses at School for Visual Arts

Read the Special Effects

The Interview 

March 2011


  • The edg of the world
  • New works & Berlin winters
  • Are we looking at the same moon?
  • Graham's construction zone
  • Nasa's first and only artist-in-residence (The end of the moon)
  • Pépinières interviews

Read the Interview.


January 2011


  • TransArtists abroad
  • Ruangrupa
  • Cemeti Art House
  • Indonesian stories

Read Indonesia.




  • HIAP Curatorial Residency
  • 3331 Artist and Curator Residency
  • Curating Contemporary Art, Zurich University of the Arts
  • CCA Kitakyushu Research Program
  • De Appel Curatorial Programme
  • Banff International Curatorial Institute

Read on Curating.

The Border



  • Art School of Ideas
  • BridgeGuard
  • Border Art Residency
  • Thapong Visual Art Center
  • BAR International
  • MeetingInZdonov
  • V4

Read the Border.




  • FAAP Artistic Residence Program
  • Road by CAPACETE
  • Cultural Mapping Brazil
  • Favela Painting
  • book and film tips

Read on Brazil.

On Love



  • courtship display
  • Don Quijote morse code
  • kiss of a lifetime
  • In the salt mines
  • book tips and more!

Read on Love.

Recession !

October 2009


  • The Form of Practical Memory
  • No Money, No Problem
  • Headlands Center for the Arts
  • Union Bank Art Center
  • Short list of financially fully covered residencies

Read Recession!


Summer 2009


  • SVA summer residencies
  • Trailerpark summer academy
  • Summer design & Intervention workshops
  • Life at Woodstock Byrdcliffe Colony
  • Literary seminars

Read Summer.

A Field Guide To Getting Lost

April 2009


  • to walk the city
  • the urbanbivouac
  • how to get lost in New York
  • what you can do with the city
  • book tips and more!

Read A field guide to getting lost.


March 2009


  • the factory
  • the swimmer
  • the speaking object
  • the cloudcar
  • in the lab

Read Technology


February 2009


  • On Sunday it rained
  • Hello and welcome to my studio. Ok, it's a garage
  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Diary in research
  • Postcards from the road

Read the Diary.

Arctic Circle 

January 2009

In the Arctic Circle, close to the ice-covered ocean and under a sky full of optical illusions, artist residencies offer a great base camp for artistic expeditions.


  • Jyväskylä Centre for Printmaking
  • BAR International
  • Nummer 9
  • KulttuuriKauppila

Read the Arctic Circle


December 2008


  • Sea monsters
  • Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
  • The Cairo Nile crocodile
  • Wolfs are waiting in the mountaintops
  • Sofia stork nest rooftops

Red Animals.

Back to crafts 

November 2008


  • Blacksmithing
  • Ceramics
  • Woodcraft and Stone Carving
  • Printmaking, handmade paper
  • Jewellery
  • and more!

Read back to crafts.


October 2008


  • Mesure made residency
  • Nadine
  • Turkish Bath

Read Flanders


September 2008


  • Lower East Side Tenement Museum
  • Fresh Concrete
  • Mobile museum
  • The will of Isabella Stewart Gardner
  • IMMA
  • Exploratorium
  • Victoria & Albert Museum

Read Museums


August 2008


  • Roswell & UFO
  • Holy Grail
  • Transylvanian bat
  • Trondheim troll
  • Yeti spotting

Read Myths

The Sea 

July 2008


  • Footpaths to Creativity Center
  • Greatmore Studios
  • Altos de Chavon
  • Aland Archipelago Guest artist Residence
  • Anam Cara
  • Seaside Institute

Read the Sea

White nights Scandinavia 

June 2008


  • Diva
  • Nordic AiR Bergen
  • Baltic center for writers and translators
  • Trondheim

Read White nights Scandinavia

Big City Life 

May 2008


  • Tokyo
  • New Delhi
  • Mexico City
  • Sao Paulo
  • Seoul
  • New York City

Read Big city life.


April 2008


  • OMI International Art Center
  • Harvest Work
  • Visby
  • International institute of Electroacoustic Music
  • The Pharos trust

Read Sounds!


March 2008


  • Centre d'Arte i Natura de Farrera
  • Olympics in Beijing

Read Sport.