Apr 20  

Arquetopia Oaxaca (Mexico)

Arquetopia Oaxaca is located right in the heart of the Historic Monuments Zone. Only two blocks from the popular Calle de Alcalá (a picturesque street known for its restaurants, museums, shops, and nightlife), the newly renovated adobe casona, hosting up to ten artists at a time, is also...

Apr 20  

Arquetopia (Mexico)

A large, unique three-story Mexican colonial-style house close to Puebla’s Historic District and Zócalo accommodates the offices, residency space for up to seven artists, and production spaces of Arquetopia Puebla.

The Artist-in-Residence Programs offer important professional opportunities for...

Apr 20  

Werner Thöni Artspace (Spain)

WTA and the WTA association are founded by the Swiss artist Werner Thöni at the year of 2013. WTA is a non-profit art center who offers to 4 national or foreign artists a year a workplace and accommodation to perform an art project.

The Center is a space of...

Apr 25  

SPEAP / Sciences Po Paris (France)

Founded on initiative of Bruno Latour at Sciences Po in 2010, and inspired by the pragmatist tradition (Dewey, James, Lippmann and others), SPEAP is a multidisciplinary program for scientific, artistic and pedagogical experimentation. Here, young...

Apr 27  

Wildfjords Artist Residency (Iceland)

The 200km Wildfjords Trail in the Westfjords of Iceland, relinks and revives centuries-old horse and foot routes between the fjords. As an organization, Wildfjords offers unique hiking experiences that foster immersive and meaningful engagement with the local land...

Apr 28  

Tate St Ives (United Kingdom)

The Tate St Ives Artists Programme is a pilot project running from October 2013 to September 2015. Continuing the legacy of the artists’ colony in St Ives, we are offering a number of residencies for artists and creative practitioners from between five days and six months....

Apr 30  

Arcus Project (Japan)

As "ARCUS" means "gate" in Latin, the artist in residence project aims to be the entrance for participants to create art around the world, and act for a center for artistic activities. The Ibaraki Prefectural Government launched ARCUS Project in 1995 to promote creative investigation and the...

Apr 30  

Objectifs (Singapore)

The Objectifs Artist-in-Residence programme is open to all artists who incorporate photography and film in their work. The aim is to provide visual artists, who want to develop their craft, with a supportive platform, conducive for the creation and development of new personal work. Being in a new...

Apr 30  

maHKU, Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design (Netherlands)

These programs offer seminars, workshops, and tutorials where artists, architects, communication design professionals, curators, editorial designers, interior designers, philosophers, public space designers, and...

Apr 30  
Nov 15  

Hangar (Spain)

Hangar is a centre for arts production and research, set up by the Association of Visual Arts of Catalonia (AAVC) in 1997. It provides support facilities...