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Call for Artists

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Call for artists

06/12/2016 - 18:53
United Kingdom


ArtMaze Magazine is pleased to announce an open call for the February 2017 International print Issue!

DEADLINE: 20th December 2016

HOW TO APPLY: please proceed via the online submission form


ArtMaze Mag's goal is to support the artistic community worldwide and promote the work of emerging artists. ArtMaze Mag offers an opportunity to be published in print and digital issues bimonthly, as well as online on our website and social media.



Artists are welcome to submit works in any medium: painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography, textile, installation, mixed media, digital, film etc.

Artists from all countries are welcome to submit.


ArtMaze Mag will be available in New York (McNally Jackson Books), London (White Cube Gallery and Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery) and throughout the UK in select stores such as Magalleria (Bath), Magazine Brighton (UK) and others. Print and digital copies will also be available at our online store at



Kristin Hjellegjerde, Director and Founder of Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London.

Established in 2012, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery quickly gained recognition in the contemporary art world for showing a roster of innovative, international artists, both emerging and established, with strong theoretical and aesthetic bases. Named one of Blouin’s 500 Best Galleries Worldwide in both 2016 and 2015, and The Londonist’s Independent Gallery of the Year in 2014, the gallery showcases cutting-edge art in a cohesive, intimate space focused on the presentation of a concerted body of work.


Drawing on her own international background, Kristin Hjellegjerde seeks to discover and develop new talents by creating a platform through which they can be exposed to local and international clients. Kristin Hjellegjerde acts as an art advisor for private and corporate collectors, as well as working closely with developers and architects.


HOW TO APPLY: please proceed via the online submission form


SELECTED ARTISTS: Artists selected by the guest curator will receive a 1-page or 2-page spread including a brief bio, website, and 2-3 images in print and digital formats. All published artists will receive a digital copy of the magazine and will be promoted on our website/social media.

Send any questions to info [at]



email: info [at]
06/12/2016 - 08:28




A call in the frame of the TNM – Nova galerija DDT programme.


We are herewith inviting you to submission of your proposals for the exhibitions to be held at the Nova galerija DDT in Trbovlje in 2016. Nova galerija of Delavski dom Trbovlje operates in the premises of former boiler room and coal depot. The space is purposed for exhibitions of visual contemporary art, with the emphases on technologically-supported projects emplying new technologies for their presentation. The gallery is spatially conceived in two parts: the upper level of the gallery pursues the classic principle of a white cube, while the lower level retains its original industrial appearance. In this way we find even the white cube, at symbolic level, allocated within a wider concept of the location into which it’s placed.

We are hereby calling to participation and application & submission of proposals individual artists and art collectives/groups whose creative production lies in the field of fine/visual arts, new media, audio-visual, performative and other visual practices. Priority will be given to new media and contemporary works.



– clearly defined contextual concept/content of the project,

– defined framework concerning the project’s execution and its technical layout,

– mention of the authors and the bearers/executants of the project, including their brief bio/CV; please note that in case of an artist with no curator, the artist or head of the project is bound to lead and carry out the project him/herself,

– photographic material, when available (low resolution is sufficient for the purpose of this application!),
– contacts details (first name and family name, e-mail address, mobile/cell phone number.) of the head of the project and persons responsible for the project.

Please send your proposals with bios/CVs by e-mail (below) or by post (marked OPEN CALL NOVA GALERIJA/) to the following address: ZAVOD ZA KULTURO DELAVSKI DOM TRBOVLJE, Trg svobode 11A, 1420 TRBOVLJE SLOVENIA

Zavod za kulturo Delavski dom Trbovlje with its TNM programme (Trbovlje novomedijsko mesto / Trbovlje a New Media City), as the principle organizer of the gallery’s activities at the Nova galerija DDT, contributes to the execution of the selected projects as follows:


– gallery space at the time of the exhibition, including all operational costs,

– safeguarding of the exhibition,

– basic technical support at the putting up of the pre-prepared project and its pre-prepared detailed technical layout,

– lending of technical equipment; subject to availability,

– promotion of the exhibition in collaboration with the producer,

– design and printing of invitations,

– exhibition opening, including modest refreshments,

– confirmation of references and issuing of Acknowledgements of participation when the executor of the project is applying to calls for funds/financial support for the proposed project.

We hereby reserve the right to disregard the incomplete submissions and reject a proposed project with no additional content-related explanation.


Application/Submission deadline: 31th January 2016

Contact: novagalerijaddt [at]

email: spela.ddt [at]
05/12/2016 - 13:42

Open Call: FOKUS 2017 video art festival

FOKUS 2017 video art festival invites everyone to submit videos to the 7th edition of the festival which takes place in February 2017. Both established artists and new talents are encouraged to participate.


FOKUS 2017 delivers video art beyond the traditional art context, into public space and on your personal screen (mobile, computer, tablet). The best videos submitted to our FOKUS open call will be made available through our online platform to an international audience during the festival period. Furthermore the video works will be screened at selected venues. 

All submitted videos are considered by a professional jury. The jury will shortlist the 10 best videos which will be launched at the beginning of the festival. Among the shortlisted videos the winner of FOKUS 2017 open call will be awarded a cash prize of 1500 Euro at an award event at Nikolaj Kunsthal. In addition, two Special Mentions will be awarded at 500 Euro each.


Submitted works can be up to 12 minutes long and must be produced in 2015 – 2016.

Deadline for submission is December 12, 2016 12:00 CET time.

Read more and upload your work at

FOKUS video art festival is an annual festival and the largest video art festival in Denmark. FOKUS features the latest video art and is a vibrant platform for innovative video art.

email: info [at]
02/12/2016 - 17:51

International artist live/work space in the heart of Malaga!



I am looking for a solo artist/writer/musician, or a couple, to live/work in a non-for-profit self-run international artist studio/gallery in the city of Málaga, Spain, from March onward (short-term and long-term projects are welcome). Previous residents have been artists from USA, Copenhaguen, and Ireland, with whom I can put you in touch with in case you'd like to ask them about their experience. 

My name is Marta Troya and I am a student in Painting at the Royal College of Art in London. During the stay, I am happy to maintain an online correspondence that comments on the distinct experiences and encounters confronted while experiencing the space and the city! 


650 euros per month (it’s really a bargain for what the space offers). If interested please contact me on martatroya.g [at] for more information. 


Thank you!



email: martatroya.g [at]
02/12/2016 - 17:24
United States

Expect Us: call for art about female gender expectations



Expect Us explores art about women confronting identity issues and gender dynamics. The female experience is often fraught with outside opinions about how to conform to feminine stereotypes—limitations around sexual subjects are prevalent—especially in high school settings. Submissions to Expect Us can explore any of the following topics including, but not limited to: engendered expectations, relationships, body image, over-sexualization, objectification, and issues of modesty. This show aims to break down the common ideas behind the female gender and allow a space for women to redefine themselves. 



Expect Us seeks to highlight voices of women who have felt silenced because of their gender.


In the words of Madeleine Albright:

“It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.”


Please consider submissions that explore the female gender while being mindful of our high school audience. Also be aware, there are only 100 applicant slots for Expect Us. Available slots are on a first come, first served basis.


Curator: Fia Tharp, Class of 2017, The Cambridge School of Weston

Contact: ftharp2017 [at]


Show is student curated with supervision of professional curator. The last student curated show travelled internationally.


Go directly to the EntryThingy to apply:


Key Dates

Entry deadline: January 2, 2017

Notification: February 6, 2017

Show dates: May 8 - June 17, 2014

Delivery: April 17 – April 23

Opening: Friday, May 12, 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.

De-installation: June 16, pickup June 17th


email: ftharp2017 [at]
01/12/2016 - 15:04







JUNE 26   - JULY 2  2017


A 7 days Master Class exploring experimental models enhancing our awareness to space, led by TRIANGULAR PROJECT:


Sandra Volny  :    

Florine Leoni :      

Macarena Ruiz-Tagle :  http://


LOCATION : The Greek Island Kefalonia.

TIME : June 26 –July 2 2017




"Working on site, TRIANGULAR will develop a series of workshops together with the participants in order to enhance spatial awareness (consciousness of the limits of our body and senses in space with the possibility of working, researching and creating at sites on the Kefalonian Island environment.). Through various methodological models: actions/situations, spontaneous drawings, field recordings and ethnographic camera exploration; the aim is to concentrate on the impact of territory from an emotional , aural and mental state perspective."


Visual/sound artists, designers, photographers, architects, performers interested in experimenting various situations and methodological models exploring the impact and possibilities of aural, visual and mental (emotional/psychological) spatial awareness.


Working on site, TRIANGULAR will develop a series of workshops together with the participants in order to enhance spatial awareness (consciousness of the limits of our body and senses in space).

Through various methodological models: actions/situations, spontaneous drawings, field recordings and ethnographic camera exploration; the aim is to concentrate on the impact of territory from an emotional , aural and mental state perspective.

Applicants working in the fields of visual arts, design, photography, architecture, performance, theater, psychology and anyone who is interested to experiment space through subjectivity and the main fields of TRIANGULAR : auditory spatial awareness, psychological/mental space, optical/perceptual space, are welcome to participate.

The learning process will include presentations by the artists of the conceptual frame as well as technical workshops in order to provide the participants with tools to explore their own practice.

Participants will be encouraged to develop their own project out of these experiments: collecting, developing and selecting one specific experiment on site.

At the end of the master-class, the participants will be invited to present a gesture, a photography, a sound recording, a small installation, a video, a performance, an action or experimental act in a collective set up responding to TRIANGULAR’s original exhibition. The artistic experiments will then resonate and further the inquiries about spatial awareness.



Class members will develop various methodologies to explore spatial awareness.

Participants will have the chance to exhibit their own work at the end of the workshop.

They will gain insight in a selection of works by international artists working the field of spatial awareness and will be exposed to a broad spectrum of ideas.

The workshop gives the participants the chance to meet and interact with other artists and potential collaborators from all over the world.

The participants will present and reflect on each other’s practice.

The workshop offers the opportunity to learn various practical as well as theoretical


The workshop offers time to dedicate to an experimentation project.



Daily action practice-based exploring spatial awareness.

Conceptual/ theoretical lectures related to contemporary art practices led by each artist from the collective Triangular in its field of interest (auditory spatial awareness,

optical/perceptual space, mental/emotional space).

Specific methodologies and process experimentations related to Triangular artistic


Practical workshops applied to conceptual and performative process including

audio-visual field recording and editing. For example using field recording sound devices and microphones, filming with different cameras, gaining insight in different filmic

approaches such as camera ethnography, the participatory and/or observing camera.

Create a color study of daylight on site. Identify the specific colors in order to make a

collection and elaborate a feasible map of the island´s tones. Make connections between the students and the locals color perception of their environment.

Triangular’s artist talk presenting the exhibition at the Ionion Center for the Arts and


Development by the participants of a personal project with support and inputs by

Triangular’s  instructors .

Preparation of a final presentation by the participants.

Exhibition by the participants of their personal project at the Ionion Center for the Arts

and Culture with a final discussion of individual or collective produced works.

Certificate of participation will be available.


Note: Participants are responsible to bring their personal laptop, softwares, digital camera and/ or microphone depending on the project they wish to develop during the master class.




Application  is required  through web application form at the address :

 Email application is also acceptable to  the  email -address : info [at]

In all cases is required the follow information in word document :full name of the applicant  , postal address, phone, country , email address, web site(if available), profession, discipline , short statement of the applicant no longer than 200 words , short cv no longer than 200 words.                                                                                                 In case of group  /collective project( group -school- organization) is required title of the group -school- organization, full name of the  person representing OR leading  the group  , postal address, phone, country , email address, web site(if available) of the group -school- organization  , short  statement no longer than 200 words , short cv of every group member no longer than 200 words.

Every  submission   requires an application/entry fee  of euro 30, non refundable.

Each Application toward been considered must be completed including the follow:

Short submission notice -3 lines- in word document  addressed via email to the address  info [at]

– The transfer confirm of the entry fee payment, Euro  30 for every separate application.

– CV/Biography of the participant  or CV/Biography  for each of the group members in case of group project(text  in word document non exceeding the 200 words)

– A short statement (text in word document not exceeding  the 200 words,  short description of the  expectations of the participant).



Participation fees for 7 days class : euro 890

Included : tuition fees plus full housing accommodation at the Ionion Center residency areas, 24hours internet access, use of theater, studio, exhibition space  for exhibition /presentation. Room service , breakfast , one traditional meal (lunch ), snacks , soft drinks, coffee, tea, milk, fruits, sweets available 24 hours a day. There are not included any work materials for  expenses,  transportation or activities  out of the Center.

Taxes will be included upon issuance of the invoices.



All the completed participations on the program are eligible for the year Grants 2017 of the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture

  • Grants connected to the residency of the year program : Starting from 1000 up to 30.000euro.
  • Grants connected to the SEA(S) FORUM: Starting from 2000 up to 50.000euro  per year(in case of participation in the SEA(S)2017).





email: info [at]
30/11/2016 - 19:21









 Under the Auspices of the Prefecture of the Ionian Islands and the Municipality of Kefalonia.


Organizer: The Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture.






The SEA(S) ARTS     –    INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION  2017,         part of the International  Forum SEA(S), is focusing on the endless relationship between the Man and the Sea.


In this  Exhibition  Artists  from all over the World and  every field of the Arts are invited to create and present in the form of their expertise, such as Contemporary, Innovative, Advanced and / or Experimental.


AIMS:  The Forum  is aiming  to establish a  permanent multicultural communication throughout various fields of the Arts, Sciences, Environment and Education,  inviting innovative projects.

THEME: The main theme  will be the Sea, explored in a systematic interface between Human Civilization and Nature, throughout the various  landscapes of the Planet, connecting  People and Continents. Topics such as Environment, Incipient, Contemporary and Potential World  Seas will be explored, documented and presented in artistic  way.


LOCATION : The Greek Islands Kefalonia and Ithaca.


The location of the Exhibition, the Greek Islands Kefalonia  and Ithaca,  identifies the Historical and Mythological existence of the Homeric Odyssey, the metaphor of the Human struggle   against the omnipotence of Nature, the overseas adventure, the endless wandering of the Human Being in  the fragile  worlds of physical and metaphysical spheres, amid untamed elements, in search of its Origin and life paths towards the truth of Existence.


VENUES: The edifice of the  Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture and Municipal Venues in the capital of the island Kefalonia, Argostoli.

LANGUAGES:  English/Greek

TIME: Spring-  Summer- Fall   2017  - 2018

Opening date  mid June of each year, specific date  for 2017 will be announced.


CURATORS:  Prf. Haytham Nawar , Prf. Ghalia Elsrakbi


ELIGIBILITY: Eligible are All disciplines and interdisciplinary projects in Arts, Sciences and Technologies, Education  and Research, included Environmental projects, Literary Arts , Performing  Arts and Music, Applied Arts, Visual Arts , New Media.


Are invited  projects personal of collective, Academic projects,  Schools,  Colleges, Universities and in Arts, Sciences and Research involved Institutions, Activists.







[1]    Visual Arts:  photography, painting, sculpture, design, drawing, printmaking, mixed   media, site-specific installations,( required   works  based on the thematic  character of the Festival , preferable large scale projects, acceptable also no thematic proposals).


[2]    Performing Arts , Literary Arts, Dance, Music : presentations/ performances / concerts ,( no thematic proposals  ).


 [3]   New Technologies, Digital Arts in the frame of  Digital Festival:video art, short films, new technologies apps,( not thematic proposals ).


Venues for the Performing Arts, Literary Arts ,Dance, Music: will be  based on the character and needs of the selected projects, including Theater stages, venues for  lectures/ presentations  at Argostoli, Lixouri  and other sites around the islands, open public sites or sites of historical , archaeological  or natural meaning, such as the Botanical Garden and/or/ the Historic areas as the Medieval Castle of Saint Georgio.


Venue for the Visual Arts/ Exhibitions, New Technologies, Digital Arts: will be the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture.




  2.000 up to 50.000 euros  available to the participating projects.


(for the awarded /or/selected projects SEA(S) 2016 please visit :


Submissions detailed info :

General info:




Contact       : info [at]



email: info [at]
30/11/2016 - 19:08
United States

Digital Graffiti Festival at Alys Beach 2017

DIGITAL GRAFFITI 2017 Announces Festival Dates and CALL FOR artist entries

Renowned artists worldwide convene for tenth anniversary digital art festival in Alys Beach



The Alys Foundation is pleased to announce the Call for Entries for the annual Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach, held on May 19-21, 2017. Coinciding with the festival’s 10th anniversary, artists worldwide are invited to submit original works of digital art to be showcased in the juried festival.  Artists interested in submitting can find criteria and instructions at The deadline to submit is February 1, 2017. 


Staged along the elegant white walls of Alys Beach, Digital Graffiti provides a large-scale blank canvas for artists to explore the intersection of art and architecture, while also creating entirely new art forms. Once darkness falls, the iconic white walls glow with countless original art projections. 


A panel of art and industry experts, led by Digital Graffiti Curator Brett Phares, will spearhead the selection of finalists to be exhibited at the festival and compete for the Best in Show and Curator’s Choice awards. Three honorable mentions will also be awarded. 


For more information, please visit  



Artists must first upload their entry to Vimeo. Once uploaded, artists can fill out the entry form here to complete their submission.  



Best of Show – $5,000 prize

Curator’s Choice – $2,000 prize

Three (3) Honorable Mentions – $1,000 prize each 


WHEN: Digital Graffiti 

May 19-21, 2017 


 Deadline for Digital Art Submissions: February 1, 2017



Alys Beach, Florida     

9581 E County Hwy 30A
Alys Beach, FL 32413




Hi-res photography of the Digital Graffiti 2016 winning artwork is available here. Additional images of the event are available in the Media Gallery (photo credit: Courtesy Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach). 



Founded in 2004, Alys Beach is one of the most beautiful emerging towns in the world. Located in Northwest Florida on Scenic Highway 30A. Alys Beach’s extraordinary architectural vision drew inspirations from both Bermuda and the family courtyard homes of Antigua, Guatemala.  When complete, it will be home to 899 villas and courtyard homes, as well as restaurants, parks, shops, and other amenities. Alys Beach is the first Fortified for Safer Living® community in the world, and all homes are built to Florida's Green Home Designation Standard. For more information, please visit


email: lacey [at]
30/11/2016 - 13:09




VOICE OF GEORGIA invites international artists to participate in "PAINT FOR GEORGIA" – Fifth and annual international art festival in the oldest city of Mtskheta (2600 years old), Georgia during May 21 – May 28 2017.


10 international artists from 10 countries will be invited to live and work in the center of the ancient city.


All "PAINT FOR GEORGIA" participants will receive a wonderful opportunity to fully immerse themselves into the creative work process while painting canvas by acrylic (1.5 m X 1 m) by acrylic. And also make 1 another little painting on a paper.


The theme of the paintings is free.


Participants will have a unique opportunity to visit Georgia’s most beautiful historical places, when having 3 cultural tours organized specially for artists!


The sponsors of the event are: 
Ministry of Culture of Georgia, Municipality of Mtskheta, Municipality of Tbilisi, and famous Georgian companies!


Most of the finished artworks will be presents to the sponsors - who make biggest support for the festival! Some of them will be kept of Paint for Georgia fund.

The festival will be highly promoted on TV channels and newspapers, web and magazines!


May 21 – May 28 2017.


1. May 26 – The garden in the center of the city of Mtksheta. (large paintings)
(The exhibition will open the Mayor of the city!)

2. May 27 – National Parliamentary Library of Georgia. Tbilisi. (large paintings)

3. May 27 – Famous book store “Grandpa Shakro” in Tbilisi. (little paintings on a paper)


Accommodation Information:

Beautiful comfortable hotel in the center of the city.
2 artists in one room.


Working place:
Open air space - the little calm street beside the hotel.


1. Tour around Mtskheta, world’s one of the most ancient city, full with historical places and churches!

2. Tour to Uplistsikhe, ancient (3000 years old) city in rocks, with caves and with amazing view around!

3. Tour to Tbilisi, visiting Museums and galleries, as well as walking tour around the city – Capital city of Georgia



3 time meals 
Breakfast in the hotel
Georgian delicious and famous dinners in the restaurant in the center of the city. And Georgian wine!
Supper in the hotel.


Material for painting:

Canvas, brushes, acrylic colors, paper, and other materials for working.

Fee: 300 Eu

Everything from the list above are included in the fee!


Deadline for the application:

31 January 2017


Deadline for the transfer of the fee for final confirmation of participation:

15 February 2017


Application Guidelines and Criteria:

Please send us your letter so that we will send you application form.

g.tabliashvili [at]


Fill the application form and send us along with 5 jpg images of your artworks by email.

Applicants will be selected based on submitted art work quality.

We wish you all the best and waiting for unique meeting with you in the center of GEORGIA!


Find us on facebook:

email: g.tabliashvili [at]
29/11/2016 - 23:59
United States

Call for Art Papers: Bulletin

A new project by Droste Effect magazine, Bulletin is a monthly online publication dedicated to curated art papers.


Bulletin aims to explore the diverse ways in which the complexities of being in contemporary art are expressed. It is fundamental for us to investigate the cultures around the contemporary art world, and to understand what constructs our present. Through non-academic writings from a number of disciplines in the humanities, together with contributions by artists, filmmakers, poets, and theoreticians, Bulletin aims to map the dynamic ways in which cultures use visual means to record, redefine and question once again the historical context and presence in time of different artistic productions.


After a process of editorial curatorship, a selection of the online Bulletins will be published on paper.



Even though Bulletin will host different and dynamic sections, the editorial board has indicated three different sections for the development of critical inquiries about contemporary art:

_Non Academic Papers

_Artist Portfolios*



*Narrative portfolios. We need a narrative statement with your proposal.


The submitted art papers may be in English or Italian. Those selected for publication are subject to a review process.


Please send your submission (abstract) with a short bio and selected links to submissions [at]

email: submissions [at]