Call for Artists

Call for Artists

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Call for artists

27/10/2016 - 16:59




The "Mme Ruetabaga" association operates in ghettos as well as the Roma slums in the urban area of Grenoble (France). It sets up friendly and artistic creative workshops such as cooking, gardening, literacy courses and much more. The Mme Ruetabaga organization has been hosting these free street workshops, for everyone, year round for more than 2 years.

Visual artists regularly come to offer multidisciplinary workshops involving an intercultural and intergenerational audience. The association also works to develop the empowerment of the inhabitants of these neighborhoods and underprivileged areas.

Despite the institutional recognition of the educational work of the organization for children, teenagers and adults living on the street, the association is constantly challenged by a lack of funding. Therefore, in order to guarantee independence and to respect the quality charter of the association, we’ll have an art exhibition to raise funding.

This won't be a matter of "charity" from the artists but a chance to participate in a real political experiment in a social and artistic field.




The point of the exhibition is to provide a quality artistic exposition, combining works by professional artists as well as creations made by children and teenagers involved in the street workshops.

The exhibition will be supervised by two visual artists and a curator.

We invite you to participate by offering your works, of any medium but in small format, so that this human, artistic and social adventure continues and thrives in our neighborhoods, places of life and cultural venues.

The exhibition will take place from the 24th of February 2017 to the 05th of March 2017 at the Old Painting Museum (Ancien Musée de Peinture) in Grenoble, France a prestigious location housing the Christmas Exhibition of the CNAC (Centre National d'Art Contemporain : National Center of Contemporary Art).



The artist provides one or more of his works for the exhibition and waives a part of his rights on the given creation (50% at least). If his work isn’t sold during the fundraiser, it will be returned to the artist.

The association and the organizers can refuse any proposal without having to provide any justification. A part of the transport costs can be paid by the Mme Ruetabaga association.

No theme is strictly imposed, the curatorial Iine will be done depending on the different propositions.


The works in small format (photographs, drawings, paintings, books...) will nevertheless be preferred for the sake of affordability.

Videos (10 min max) which deals with urban problematics (public spaces, urbanism, gentrification...) will be accepted too.


The presence of the artist at the opening is encouraged but not required.


The closing date for an application is the 31st of December 2016.


The registration application must include one or more visuals about the proposed creation, as well as a resumé and a short bio.

It must be sent to the following address:

somethinghappenscollective [at]


The association’s website:

email: somethinghappenscollective [at]
27/10/2016 - 14:46


Call for Photographers and Digital Graphic Designers.


Take part of the group exhibition in Cagliari, ITALY. 8th - 14th February 2016




An invite to take part to the collective exhibition that will expose "the image of the savage", an opportunity to highlight an intrinsic aspect of human nature and of the world in which he lives, "an image of the savage" that often emerges from cultural and technological patina with which the man builds his refuges from reality, but from which he is inevitably recalled in the evidence of his behavior, and in manifestation of the nature of the world from which every living being originates.


Deadline 25th December 2016


Submit at

email: info [at]
27/10/2016 - 14:44

VANITAS. a contemporary vision #2

Call for Photographers and Digital Graphic Designers.


Take part of the group exhibition in Cagliari, ITALY. 17th - 23rd December 2016

Vanitas - an opportunity for reflection on an theme known to art history, a theme through which Loosenart asks a contemporary interpretation of man's relationship with image, beauty, death and the ephemeral existence condition, emblems increasingly linked to the consumerist voracity typical of today's society.

Deadline 12 November 2016

Submit at

email: info [at]
25/10/2016 - 22:17

Stille / Silence – Open Call for Works – GROUP GLOBAL 3000

Open Call – "Silence"

Traffic noise is omnipresent. The TV tootles at home. HiFi, Radio, Smartphones, mp³-Player, commercial roar in the supermarket. Advertising slides itself optically and acoustically in the picture. Without sound some can’t hold out anymore. Noise stresses and makes us sick. Quietness would be to feel ourselves, to endure, to rest, to recover, to enjoy. Healing. A priceless enrichment.

What do artists say? We invite you to apply for the exhibition 'Silence' in GROUP GLOBAL 3000.

Please send an email of max. 2MB to stille [at] Include a brief description of your work, a picture, format information such as length, width, height or required technical equipment, and a short CV / Vita.

We are a free, self-organized project space. For production, technical equipment, transport and insurance (the space is insured) there is no budget.

GROUP GLOBAL 3000 – Kunst und andere Nachhaltigkeiten

The project space GROUP GLOBAL 3000 shows art and actions related to the theme sustainability and thus encourages exchange and discussion between artists, visitors and the general public. Accompanied by artistic performances as well as specialist lectures, the exhibitions in GROUP GLOBAL 3000 raise essential questions on sustainable development, social justice and environmental protection. In this way, the project space contributes to a discourse that is now more important than ever.

email: kontakt [at]
25/10/2016 - 13:58


Come to Akureyri, located in the north of Iceland. Akureyri is the capital of the north. We at ART AK are a group of artists keeping our art studios and our art gallery under one roof. We are located in near the city center and next to sea.  We welcome artist to come and stay with us for one or two weeks, even shorter period of time. Few day´s if you are on your journy around Iceland. The fee for your one week stay is: 230 euros 250 USD. 

Included is a place to sleep, bedsheet included, and a clean towel for the shower. A place to work. We just opened up so this is a brand new organization we have here.

Please check us out on FB: ART AK


email: art.ak [at]
24/10/2016 - 22:07
United States

Ploch Art Gallery Call for Artists

The Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts (Wilson Center) continues its recognition of exceptional Wisconsin artists with an invitation to submit proposals for solo and collaborative exhibitions (2-4 individuals) for the 2017/2018 season of the Ploch Art Gallery. Exhibitions and receptions bring together artists and visitors from across the region with the goal of increasing appreciation, awareness, and participation in the arts.


To learn more about the Ploch Art Gallery or view past exhibitions, visit





All of the following requirements should be submitted in one PDF:

  • Artist Statement – a maximum of one page.
    Resume with exhibition history or CV – a maximum of four pages. 
    Current contact information – email address, mailing address, and phone number (if submitting a group proposal please include all participating artists’ information).   
    Video, installation, and media artists – Include links to video hosting platforms. Submitted videos excerpt or documentation of work should be no more than 5 minutes in length.
    Image List – Should include artwork title, year of completion, medium, and dimensions. If work is 2D, provide unframed dimensions.


Images should be attached separately.

  • 6-10 JPEG images – JPEGs should be 72 dpi resolution and 1400 pixels wide on the longest side of the image. Title each JPEG with the first and last initials of your name and numbered in the order you want them viewed. The number should also correspond with your image list. (Example: FL1, FL2, FL3).


Please note that work submitted must be representative of the work you would propose to exhibit at the Wilson Center unless the work has been approved by the Visual Arts Manager not less than 30 days in advance of the show opening.


Please submit all proposal requirements to PlochSubmissions [at] by December 1, 2016.


There is no fee to submit your proposal.





Open to all artists 18 and older. Artists must currently reside in Wisconsin OR be a native of Wisconsin OR be a graduate of a four-year fine arts college program in the State of Wisconsin. All media will be considered.





Emily Belknap teaches sculpture at Chicago High School of the Arts. She received an MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2013, where she earned the Chazen Prize for an Outstanding MFA candidate. She received a BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2007. Emily was selected for the Mary Nohl Fellowship Award in Milwaukee. Her exhibition history includes solo exhibitions at the Chazen Museum of Art in Madison in 2013, the Sharon Lynn Wilson Center for the Arts in Brookfield in 2010, and the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend in 2009.


Christiane Grauert is a Professor of Illustration at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Her work has appeared nationally and internationally in magazines, newspapers, on book covers and posters, as well as in text and children’s books. She has created illustrations on a broad range of topics for publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Harvard Business Review, The Progressive, and Utne Reader. She has illustrated stories for a South Korean children’s book publisher, developed a visual identity and artwork for a German textbook series ranging from 5th grade through high school, and designed a number of paper pop-up advent calendars.


Lisa Moline is an artist and designer living in Milwaukee. She is Associate Professor in the Department of Art & Design at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is co-founder, along with Lane Hall, of the Overpass Light Brigade, a tactical media performance project that has grown into national prominence within art and activist circles. OLB's public displays of lighted messages generally focus on issues of social justice, citizen empowerment, and environmental sanity. In addition to the Overpass Light Brigade, Moline's artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally at such venues as Trinity College's Science Gallery in Dublin, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Milwaukee Art Museum, The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Eyebeam, and The California Academy of Sciences.





Works will be juried by January 2017 by a panel of three arts professionals. They will review 6 to 10 digital images and read through artist statements and proposals.


Artists will be notified of jury selection in an email in January 2017.





Artists who have been selected to exhibit in the Ploch Art Gallery will be provided with staff assistance during the load-in and load-out of their artwork, as well as access to limited hanging supplies and limited pedestals for display. All other materials must be provided by the artist. Artists must arrange for transportation of their work to the Wilson Center.


An artist’s reception is scheduled for each exhibition. The Wilson Center will provide food and beverages for the event. The Wilson Center will promote your exhibition and reception with marketing materials, email and social media announcements, and inclusion in Wilson Center publications.


The Wilson Center has a 30% consignment fee of the sale price of any artwork sold during the exhibition. All remaining proceeds belong to the artist.


As the Wilson Center is a cultural arts center, with a mission to be the catalyst for lifelong discovery and exploration of the Arts, exhibiting artists will be asked to share their artistic expertise in an educational manner such as a lecture, demonstration, workshop, or class held at the Wilson Center.  


For more information about the Ploch Art Gallery, please visit or call 262-373-5022 or email jcharles [at]

email: jcharles [at]
22/10/2016 - 17:46


Open Call for Live Acts

Deadline December 16th 2016


Medea Electronique announces an open call for live acts for Electric Nights, a festival of live electronic audiovisual performances. This fifth edition of Electric Nights takes place in Athens, Greece on the 31st March and 1st April 2017.


We are looking for live acts that cover a wide range of electronic music genres, from noise to techno and everything in between. We are especially interested in audiovisual live acts as well as a huge range of other practices (live coding, analog synthesizer audio and visuals, live patching, networked performances, new interfaces) – any practice that brings new elements to electronic audio or audiovisual performance. We are not looking for and won’t include DJ performances.


Live acts should have a duration of between 30 and 45 minutes. All submissions must be made through our on-line form. Email submissions will be ignored. Mind that the setup will be a quadraphonic PA and one projector with a screen behind the performers’ position.



What we can offer

Medea Electronique can offer bed and board for the two days of the festival (31st of March and 1st of April 2017) in Athens, Greece. We cannot cover travel expenses but we are willing to help artists in their search for funding either by providing an invitation letter or by contacting your Embassy, Consulate, or Institute in Athens.



Application Process

To submit your performance materials for consideration, follow the link below to the on-line form.  For further information email alex [at] (submissions via email will be ignored, please use the online form).


email: alex [at]
22/10/2016 - 01:39
United States

$1000 Working Artist Purchase Award | Call for Submissions Deadline - November 30, 2016

We offer a small art purchase award to help serious artists keep working. Our award is open worldwide to all visual artists, including but not limited to those working in traditional styles, ie., painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, sculpture, glass, or with digital/new media, installation, photography and film/video. 


Complete submission guidelines at: .


info [at] 


Also look out for our next Photography Award Deadline: January 17, 2017!


Working Artist Org. is dedicated to discovering, collecting, and promoting great art and artists.

email: workingartistgrant [at]
21/10/2016 - 22:35
United States

Beam Camp Seeks Proposals for Spectacular Projects

Worldwide call seeks ideas from Engineers, Architects, Designers, Sculptors, Builders, Technologists, Artists and Makers of all kinds


Past Project Images:

Proposal Submission Info and Form:


Beam Camp, a specialized summer camp for building and collaboration located in Strafford, NH, announces its annual international search to find its 2017 Beam Projects. The large-scale collaborative projects are realized by Beam campers, aged 10-17, and staff at the camp’s 106-acre facility in Strafford, New Hampshire.


Projects are budgeted at $12,500. Winning designers receive a $3,000 honorarium, travel costs, and are invited to visit camp during the project’s production.


Proposals can be submitted on the Beam Camp website until Sunday, January 8, 2017 with Semi-finalists notified on Sunday, January 18, 2017 and winners announced on Tuesday, January 31, 2017.

(submission page:


Beam offers these prompts for proposals:

  • Proposals from creative individuals with big ideas, including but not limited to Artists, Engineers, Architects, Builders, Filmmakers, Musicians, Designers, Technologists, etc.
  • Big ideas that result in a unique, ambitious, and spectacular product
  • Proposals that communicate a clear vision (sketches, diagrams, and other visuals are always helpful) and represent your/your team’s expertise
  • Projects that are ambitious enough to occupy and challenge 100 campers and 20+ staff members for approximately 50 hours
  • Projects that take advantage of Beam’s facilities, community, landscape and rural setting
  • Projects that use a range of materials, processes and techniques
  • Projects that allow us to create the majority of the components onsite and from scratch


The 2016 Beam Projects reflected Beam’s core emphasis on cultivating creative thinking and applied collaborative work. “Universal Play Machine,” Beam Project 2016.1 is an installation of five of the world’s largest mechanical flipbooks designed by Mobile Studio Architects of London. “Pipe Tree,” Beam Project 2016.2, is a 25’ pipe organ shaped like a tree designed by Florian Gwinner of Berlin.


Previous winners include “C.O.R.A.L.” by Floating Point, “Daisy Daisy”by Wayward, 2014 Architzer Award Winner “Swingtones” by Supermass Studio and Sage & Coombe Architecture, “Creatura” by Mark Torrens and Federico Forrestiero, “Forest Phantasmagoria” by Niko Van Stichel and Lut Vandebos, “Cut, Paste, Build” by Robots, Caitlin Berrigan’s “Macro/Micro Domes,” Steve Gerberich and Nathaniel Lieb’s “Beam Fleet,” Jan Drojarski and Jon Bocksel’s “Jungletopia,” Christine Baumgartner and Manuel Kretzer’s “Float With The Flowers,” the solar-powered film “A Trip to the Sun” by Daniela Kostova and Mike DeSeve, Wignall & Moore’s “The Stories of Machines That Never Flew,” “The Habitats of Parker Mountain” by pragmatopia and architecture students of the University of Kassel, Germany, “Creature Quake” huge monsters built into the landscape be Rachel Kunreuther and Doug Stokey and “Navigating Dreams,” a timber-frame boat-machine by Matthew Springett Associates.


ABOUT BEAM CAMP  Beam Camp is a summer program for kids aged 10-17 in Strafford, New Hampshire. Since 2011, 350 campers have attended Beam Camp at little or no cost to their families. Beam Camp is a program of New York City’s Beam Center, a non-profit organization that builds communities of making and learning in and out of school that promote equity and provide pathways to college and career for NYC youth.

email: brian [at]
21/10/2016 - 18:06


LIST Í LJÓSI is a winter art festival in Iceland providing an opportunity for artists to create large-scale public art in a unique and inspiring environment. We invite creative minds to put forward a proposal to illuminate, transform and interpret Seyðisfjörður through site-specific artworks, performances, projections and immersive experiences during the most challenging time of year. 


This light festival is experiential. It’s about contemporary ideas that are absolutely artful and absolutely accessible.


The festival is based in Seyðisfjörður, a small fjord town East Iceland. The sun doesn’t reach above the mountains for three months and this event marks the day it is set to appear once more.


List i Ljosi is a community driven not for profit organisation and relys on the goodwill and contribution of its local community.  


To this end, we encourage applicants to consider the materials and resources required for their proposal; how it might relate to or contribute to the local community and the location of Seyðisfjörður; the landscape; the mountains; the icy fjord; the elements - wind, blizzards, snow....the calm. The environment is predictably unpredictable and particularly in the winter, it is difficult to access, sometimes the road is closed for several days at a time.  


Works may include: Light Installations; Interactive Projects; Spatial Projects; Site-speci c Works, Community Projects; Sound Installations; Video Works; Projections; Artworks; Performances Kinetic Structures; Sculptures and any other creative concept you would like to propose. 


We want to test the limits of urban elucidation and ask you to consider the implications of place-relations and how your work might integrate or form a conversation with the environment in question. 





email: celia [at]