English, Italian, German
2-3 weeks between April and September
Paid by artist 

Travel, living, production costs. The accomodation rental and studios fees vary according to the type of creative residency. If funding permits, an allowance for housing & materials may be available.



Art Aia

Art Aia

Creatives / In / Residence


Art Aia - Creatives/ In/ Residence is a cultural center, a creative residency, located inside a farm in the Friulian countryside of Northern Italy, near the town of Sesto al Reghena in the province of Pordenone. Its aims are the cultural research and the artistic experimentation in the area, the circulation of information, the promotion of art and culture at a local and international level. Art Aia pursues exclusively cultural and artistic activities, guided by the idea that art can help to overcome the limitations and barriers place to communication still today, which in a way reduce imagination and creativity. For this reason, Art Aia is strongly committed to the promotion of exchange and collaboration between individual artists and groups of various nationalities and backgrounds.

The Centre organizes and hosts different types of activities : the artists may reside at Art Aia during periods of study and work, develop new projects, create performances or audiovisual work, attend courses, seminars and workshops on different techniques, present their work within Festivals and exhibitions and carry out activities aimed at the development of their artistic skills and creative process. Art Aia is also an ecology center, immersed in the nature of the Friulan territory, where it is possible to get familiar with sustainable agriculture and innovative practices of eco-therapy. Over the past five years, one of the main activity of Art Aia has been the higher education, with courses taught by international artists, and the center is also willing to enlarge the proposals of projects to the various fields in a logic of resilience. Several groups have also been hosted in the structure to carry out creative residencies, aimed at the preparation of new art projects. The spirit of Art Aia is to develop creativity, understood as a cultural resource and potential for growth, within a natural setting where it is possible to establish a new relationship between humanity, art and nature.

Accommodation Information 

The guest house Art Aia is the structure that houses the people involved in the projects during their stay at Art Aia . There are 3 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms , a living room , a kitchen for a total of 9 guests .

Groups can be accommodated.

Studio Information 

Art Aia offers several spaces for artist to create. Check out the Venue to see the spaces.

via Banduzzo 31
33079 Sesto al Reghena PN

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