English, Italian
2 weeks - 1 month
Paid by host 

The host offers a subsidized reduction of 820 Euro per person (total value/cost of the residency before reduction was 2100), transportation from/to a nearby train station for arrival/departure of residents, a visit to "Museo della carte" (paper museums) in Toscolano Maderno and welcome dinner.

Paid by artist 

The residency fee is 1350 Euro for a 1-month and 700 Euro for 2-weeks. The fee is already subsidized (they are currently not offering further grants but will be happy to help with invitations letters to apply for an external ones). Flight tickets and VISAS are responsibility of the applicants, however they will be happy to help with the organization of the trip and writing a letter for a VISA when needed. Meals are up to the residents. Light cooking in the kitchen or a grocery store is conveniently located 5 minutes bike from the residency.

Application guidelines 

Send the following application material to The subject of the e-mail has to highlight your FULLNAME+SORING Residency 2017 (ex. Andrea Rossi_FALL Residency 2017). All the files must be in one single PDF except for the images which should be in jpg in a separate folder:

  • Info about the applicant: Name/ Last name/ Date of birth/ Nationality/ County of Residence and Address/ Languages spoken: (the residents must speak english or/and Italian)/  Link to your website.
  • Indicate the preferred dates for the residency you are applying for, if any: 1 month: May 2nd-30th/ 2 weeks: May 2nd-16th/ 2 weeks: May 16th-30th.
  • Artist statement (nor more than 250 words).
  • CV (Up to 3 pages).
  • List of artworks (Img.1_Title, date, media, dimension and a brief explanation of the project/piece if needed).

Visual artists: up to 10 images in jpg following this criteria: Name your file as the example: Img.1_name.lastname/ Size is 72dpi, max. resolution 1240 x 1240 pixels.
Writers: Fiction-Non fiction-Playwrights, send up to three pages of work samples can be a work-in-progress or already published work; whatever you feel will make for the strongest application. Poetry: send up to 10 poems (the maximum is three pages of length).

Benaco Arte

Benaco Arte


Benaco Arte is a residency program for visual artists, writers and curators. The organizers believe that residency opportunities nurture artist’s potential, giving them a chance to bring a new and fresh drive to their art practice through a change of environment. Engaging with a new culture in the surrounding community and Italy in general are an important part of this residency. Located in Sirmione by lake Garda (province of Brescia, northern Italy), Benaco Arte is situated in an intimate and local rural Italian community, where the residents are welcome from a small community of locals, becoming temporary part of the hamlet’s day life.

Residency periods are either 2-weeks or 1 month in duration, taking place two months per year. The building that hosts the residency, was built in 14th century and it’s the oldest building in the town of Sirmione after the Castle Scaligero. Two months of the year the residency takes over the building that otherwise function as a Bed & Breakfast “Lamagia di Corte Moronati”. Each residents is offered a modest bicycle to use for the duration of the residency. The lake, a supermarket, bars, restaurants, wine cellars and many others services are within a short bike ride from the residency’s building.

A car will pick you up and drive you to the nearest train station “Desenzano del Garda” when residents arrive and depart. Rides to the train station for personal travels though are not granted, although possible if planned ahead. Otherwise there are taxis and a bus available to and from Desenzano. They welcome the residents with an “Italian aperitivo” while everyone introduces their work, approximately the second day of arrival.

There will be two studio visits with local critic/mentors around the end of the residency period in which artists will be asked to introduce their work to. The organizers aim to facilitate exchange with the local history and community organizing small field trips and visits to museums as the “Museo della Carta” (Paper’s Museum) in Toscolano Maderno or a little wine tour of the local cellars, as the whole area is surrounded by vineyards. An important part of the residency is to facilitate an exchange with the local culture and its special geographical location. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to engage with a local community and get to know the area.


Two studio visits, cultural exchange with local community and organizations.

Accommodation Information 

They welcome 5 artists at time, each artist will be provided with a private bedroom, and a shared studio in the attic space, along with 24/7 access to the building. Four of the bedrooms are very large and they function both live-work space. The remaining is a standard size bedroom and has a dedicated separate working space on the top floor. There is a second semi-private studio space that will be awarded to an artist needing more space for his work and a shared co-working space with a coffee table and a couple of armchairs/ couch open to each residence as common area for research or writing etc. (Note- Please specify in your application if you have preferences or needs of a specific separate studio for your work).

There are 4 bathrooms and two kitchens in the building to be shared within the residents. There is also a garden just down the road with a couple of big tables where artists can draw, get together and where we have barbecues sometimes, when the weather is good. Note: the garden is landed by the neighbors and they have access to it during the residency period as well. There is no wi-fi on the garden.

Via Corte Moronati 14,
25019 Simrione BS
(+39) 348.9088981

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