Specific information per discipline

Specific information per discipline

When it comes to disciplines, there is a general distinction to be made:

  • Centres specific to one discipline
  • Multidisciplinary centres that also offer facilities and/or programs for one specific discipline

You should be aware of this aspect when choosing your residence. The TransArtists database lists both residency types, and you can see all of them when searching by discipline.

Next to that, we have compiled some information per discipline to help you navigate through all the data available on this platform - see below for more details.​ For some disciplines we refer to partner organisations.


In recent years, many art centres, musea and galleries have started programs specific for curators. There is also the possibility to develop a curatorial research in many interdisciplinary art centres.

Check here our overview of curator-in-residence opportunities, as well as an old article on curating opportunities.

Writers and Translators

The field of residency for writers and translators is quite wide, as many interdisciplinary art centres offer time and space for writers (as long as you only need a room...). Nevertheless, there are also opportunities dedicated to writers, usually run by or in collaboration with national funding bodies for literature.

Have a look at our overview of residencies for writers and translators, as well as some information about funding for writers.

Next to that, we also made a special research on translation, with a variety of articles on the topic of translation and residencies. Have a look here!

Performing artists

Nowadays there are more residency programs that offer facilities specifically designed for performing artists (stages, professional equipment, help from technicians, etc). Have a look here for a snapshot of performing arts residencies in Europe (by On the Move, for the Korea Arts Management Service),  as well as here for some information about performing arts residencies in Asia.

We recommend that dancers also check the information compiled by the Alliance of Artists Communities here (more specific to the USA).

Musicians and sound artists

Musicians! Next to the performing arts' special, we also have some information dedicated to you! Here are residencies more specifically for musicians, and there an old article introducing "music in residence". 

Circus and street artists

The European network Circostrada worked on 3 guides for circus and street arts residency centres in UK, France and Belgium. These were published between 2010 and 2012, so some information might be out of date - but valuable resource nonetheless! Find the guides here.

Digital artists

During the ON-AiR project, we asked body>data>space to carry out a research on mobility opportunities specific to digital artists. Here you can find the outcomes of the research (published in 2012): Research on digital mobility opportunities.


In our AiR Collections, where we dive into one topic that we see coming by in the large amount of data we collect, we did a special on Film - check it out here for some special residencies dealing with film (including, but not limited to, residencies only for filmmakers).


Some residencies offer facilities dedicated to one craft - check out this listing we did a long time ago for some insights.


During the ON-AiR project, we askedDagobert Bergmans (Buitenwerkplaats) to carry out a small research on mobility opportunities specific to architects Here you can find the outcomes of the research (published in 2012): Architect in residence, not a common thing.