AiR for Experiment - Delft Dec.2 2016

How can artist organizations, artist-in-residence programs and governments work together at local level to enhance the European cultural landscape? Artist organizations and artist-in-residence programs provide open, relational, social spaces embedded in the locality of a village or city. They connect artists and create.. read more

AiR for Experiment continues - Amsterdam June 22 2017

On 22 June artist-in-residence organizations gathered at the Tetterode complex in Amsterdam to discuss the position of small artist-run organizations operating from within the local context of small cities and villages in the Netherlands. A subject that was recently explored by Platform BK as part of.. read more



Working on the margins conference, Tilburg

Working on the margins conference, Tilburg

In Brabant and elsewhere, artist-in-residence organizations often move in and outside of institutional frameworks in order to facilitate space for the arts on their own terms. What is the urgency to do so and what are the opportunities that unfold from taking this position, in collaboration with institutions and local municipalities?

These and other questions were addressed from a local and international perspective during the conference Working on the margins, March 29 2018 at bkkc in Tilburg.


Program outline

Cracks in the state of things, in the state of norms.. Cracks leading us despite ourselves to new social practices and to new aesthetic practices which will reveal themselves as less and less separate from each other and more and more complicity.. (Felix Guattari, Cracks in the Street, Flash Art. 135 1987 p.85)

Often artist-run, artist-in-residence programs provide open, relational, social spaces embedded in the locality of a village or city. They connect artists and create communities of practitioners: to test ideas, take creative risks and explore new directions in their artistic practice. Many of these initiatives operate internationally and function as local platforms for the production and presentation of new work. They develop their own lines of discourse, knowledge and understanding and engage in an experimental manner in research related to their location, the local history, identity and other relevant topics. Experiments that also transpires in the development of structures for production and presentation of art according to one’s own terms and ideas. A condition that altogether provokes new models that, in turn, open up the existing hierarchical structures of the art world.

By addressing the notion of the margins as a lens, we explore the practice of different artist-in-residence programs: from the seclusion of a monastery in Vught to the dynamics of an artist-run space in Algiers. Together with artists, organizers, institutions and municipalities we investigate the margins as a critical space we need to continuously retrieve and advance. How can this be addressed from the practice of artist-in-residence programs today, and how can this ultimately lead to new aesthetic and social practices in the arts and society?


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Working on the margins is a program by bkkc in collaboration with Ron Dirven, director Van Gogh huis and Heidi Vogels, coordinator AiR Platform NL, DutchCulture. The program is developed after the current situation of artist-in-residence programs in Brabant and is a follow-up of the encounter - AiR for Experiment, a symposium about the impact of small, context driven artist-in-residence programs in different regions in Europe, which took place in Delft in 2016.

The conference marks the next step in an ongoing critical investigation by AiR Platform NL to evaluate together with AiR organizers and different partners pressing questions concerning the ideas and practice of artist-in-residence programs, bringing their position in the arts and in society to the fore.

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