Station to Station

Station to Station

DutchCulture | TransArtists is pleased to announce its new online publication, Station to Station. The first issue is all about the favorite dirty talk - Money. We have compiled contributions from variety of professionals from different corners of the world and the art scene.

The general experience, starting from USA to Russia, through Europe and China, is that there is never enough money, even if the budget is with six figures. How do we as artists and organisers deal with this predicament? How creative and charming does an organization or artist need to be, to manage to complete their project while working with (minimal) budget?

With interviews and contributions by Susan Jones, UK; Boshko Boshkovic, Residency Unlimited, NY, USA; Liza Matveeva, LUDA gallery, St. Petersburg, RU; Marie le Sourd, On the Move, Belgium and many others.

Station to Station is an online publication, that is personalized for each reader. Curious to see how that will look? Stay online and stay tuned for 28th September!

Artist talk

An offline launch will take place in our office on September 28 at 17h30 in the form of an artist talk. It is your unique chance to get a printed copy in limited edition. More details will follow soon.

Interested ? Rsvp to [email protected] with subject line “RSVP Artist Talk Station to Station”.

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