Reshape network

Reshape network

Ideas and instruments proposed by artists and art workers to reshape the working models in the field of arts and culture.

Reshape is a collaborative, bottom-up research and development project that proposes instruments for transition towards an alternative, fairer, and unified arts ecosystem across Europe and the Southern Mediterranean. By increasing the knowledge, competences and reactivity of intermediary organisations in relation to today’s artistic experimentations, Reshape aims to influence public policies and integrate future policy instruments.

Political, economic, technological and ecological changes in our society deeply influence the way in which arts are created, presented and experienced. Not all artists have the same opportunities to present or collaborate internationally. Public policies, industry practices and the market cannot ensure that diverse artistic voices and practices reach potential audiences across Europe. At the same time, artists work more and more across aesthetics, disciplines, national boundaries and sectors. The institutional not-for-profit arts sector – both on the national and European levels – hasn’t been flexible enough to integrate these changes.

Artists and cultural workers are innovation experts, they are the ones who should invent future models for the arts sector. Innovative structures and projects emerge across the continent. They experiment with a variety of strategies to engage diverse audiences, to connect across sectors, to be more in line with the values they defend. These initiatives, although often fragile and disconnected, are “weak signals”, the indicators of future models and possible evolutions. Reshape looks for such innovative structures, provides them with time and space to work together in a transnational context and jointly reimagine how contemporary art practices of the future will be organised.

Delve into the results of Reshape: the ideas and instruments proposed by artists and art workers to reshape the working models in the field of arts and culture at their extensive website archive here.

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